Thursday 27 February 2014

Reiki Courses in Mumbai

Upcoming Reiki Courses in Mumbai

Reiki is a healing art as well as a spiritual practice. When I got introduced to Reiki in the year 2000 I thought I could learn Reiki by reading a book, but soon I realized that just as nobody can learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book.

Nobody can learn something as practical as Reiki because Reiki is passed from the Reiki Master to the student during a process called attunement during the Reiki course.

I was happy to discover that when you learn Reiki you are not only benefiting yourself but your family, friend circle, workplace, all people and all areas of your life. All animate beings and inanimate objects in your environment benefit from Reiki. You become one with the Universe through the Universal life force Energy - Reiki!

Reiki is learnt in 3 stages. You begin with the Reiki first degree course. During this course you learn the hands-on method of healing self and others. With this method you can not only gain and maintain good health but also progress further on the spiritual path.

In Reiki 1st degree course, besides other things you will learn more about the Teachings of Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki. His teachings are so simple and so profound: "Just for today, do not worry, do not anger, be humble, work honestly and be compassionate to others."

With these teachings and your Reiki practice your energy is balanced and you become ready for the next Reiki attunement.

With Reiki second degree course you begin to resonate with the Universal life force energy in a dynamic way. You are no longer limited to time and space and you are able to express your compassion to others by healing plants, animals, humans, etc even at a distance.

After Reiki 2nd Degree attunement many people experience the feeling  of oneness, peace and an overall sense of well-being. Your sensitivity is enhanced and you are able to be receptive to intuitive guidance from your higher self.

I have been conducting Reiki courses in Mumbai for more than a decade and I have seen that after Reiki level 2 many people realize that they are inherently spiritual being. They are not only able to grasp the spiritual teachings but also practice it practically in their day to day life.

In the Reiki Third Degree course you learn how to heal various issues at the cause level. This often produces miracles and solutions to multiple problems in one go.

Another important topic in Reiki 3rd Degree course is the understanding of the Hara point. This is a energy center located at the center of our body and it is the seat of gravity, power, balance and vitality. With this understanding you get direct access to holistic well being at all levels - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

With the teachings of Reiki third degree you experience oneness with the people around you, with nature and all living beings in your environment. This completes your learning of Reiki. By the time you complete all the 3 Reiki classes, you become a powerful healer.

At this stage many people come to the understanding that we are all connected. Some people feel the urge to give this gift of Reiki to others so that they can also understand and feel the oneness with existence. For them there is the Reiki Master Degree Training.

Reiki Healing Session at our Mumbai center:

In a Reiki session all you have to do is sit comfortably. The Reiki Practitioner/Master places his/her hand just above your body and Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner and heals you. A one hour session will leave you refreshed and energized.

If you have a physical health problem you can take Reiki healing sessions along with your Doctors prescription. It is highly recommended that you learn Reiki (at least first degree) so that you can participate in your own healing and accelerate the speed of recovery.

When you learn and practice Reiki or take Reiki healing from a Reiki Practitioner you will occasionally experience unexpected healing taking place. This is because Reiki heals you holistically. You might want to solve only problems that you are aware of but Reiki heals you completely, at all levels. This is the beauty of Reiki.

To register for any of the above Reiki Courses in Mumbai Register online or call us or WhatsApp us on 09820850475.

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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Reiki Third Degree Course

Reiki Third Degree Course

The Reiki third degree attunement opens and expands your energy channels to allow Reiki to heal you at the highest spiritual level.

The 3rd degree attunement clears any remaining blockages and can create significant energy changes in an individual to further the process of personal transformation.

Your reason for learning Reiki third degree!

There are various reasons one can have for learning Reiki third degree, check the below to find what reasons resonate with you:

  • Self actualization or Self realization
  • Enlightenment or Buddhahood
  • Desire to give powerful Reiki healing to others
  • Expand your personal growth
  • Being healed & heal others at spiritual level 
  • Expand your spiritual development
  • Transform your life totally
  • Get in touch with your life purpose 
  • Heal your past karma 
  • Improve your connection with the Universe
  • Bring total balance in all areas of life
  • Experience more miracles in life

About Reiki 3rd degree Attunement

In the Reiki 3rd degree course you will be attuned to 2 more Reiki symbols. This will give you the ability to heal anyone at the level of the soul. This is the highest level of healing.

This course will also help you be even more effective in healing at all other levels, the mind, body and emotions because when healing happens at the highest level, the are multiple positive effects at all levels.

Meditation on Reiki third degree symbols allows you to experience the increased flow of energy and the power of these symbols.

You will also be learning a Reiki technique that the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui Sensei used to grow spiritually.

You will experience what it feels like when you perform treatments using this technique, for healing self and others.

You will not only learn new symbols and be attuned to them but you will also become familiar with their energies and learn how to use them in your life.

You will enjoy chanting and meditating on the mantras in a new way and add a new tool for treating yourself and others while doing healing in person as well as distant healing.

If you have a question about Reiki level 3 or Reiki in general, write to me on  Or on WhatsApp +91-9820850475 Or on Facebook

Register for Reiki Third Degree Course

Every week we conduct 2 batches for Reiki third degree course.

You can choose the batch that is convenient to you:
  • Weekdays - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning from 7am to 9am
  • Sunday full day - 10 am to 5 pm

This course is followed by 21 day practice session under the guidance of one of our teachers.

Once you complete the course you will get access to our monthly Reiki level 3 webinars where we expand our understanding of the practices of this degree.

Energy exchange for Reiki third degree course is INR 10000 for Indian students and $ 180 (By PayPal) for students from other countries.

  • Indian students can register and  - Reiki Level 3 Course
  • For PayPal and other modes of payment Whatsapp me on +91-9820850475
  • You will get your Reiki level 3 manual, certificate and mp3 of all the exercises for your daily practice and lifetime guidance!

With the Reiki third degree course your Reiki training will be 100% complete.

After you practice for 3 months you with outstanding results you can apply to become a Reiki Master with Nalanda Reiki Center.

If you have any questions regarding your registration in this Reiki third degree course please call or WhatsApp on +91-9820850475.


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Monday 24 February 2014

Attract Abundance Through Reiki

Using Reiki to attract abundance

Reiki has many applications. Once you learn Reiki first degree you can start using Reiki for any purpose you desire. If you wish to use Reiki to attract abundance you can try this exercise:

Notice the abundance in the universe and in yourself in various forms. Notice the abundance of trees on land, stars in the sky and water in the ocean. Then, close your eyes for a moment and notice the abundance of thoughts and ideas that cross your mind each day.

Thank the Reiki Energy for the abundant thoughts and ideas that enrich your life in ways that are meaningful to you. Imagine that these thoughts and ideas are bringing you benefits and gifts you desire.

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If there is something specific that you want in your life right now, thank the Reiki Energy for bringing that in your life in some surprising way and you can draw the distance Reiki symbol (if you have completed Reiki second degree) with the same intention and notice the thoughts, images and ideas that arise after that.

Just be in this space of abundance. Let the feeling gratitude fill your heart and just enjoy this moment.

Experiment for attracting abundance with Reiki

  1. Pick an affirmation on abundance like 'I have abundance of love, money, friends and time in my life.' 
  2. Draw the power symbol on the palms of your hand (if you have done Reiki 2nd degree or above.
  3. Place your hands around your third eye chakra
  4. Thank the Reiki Energy for installing the affirmation in every cell of your body
  5. Repeat the affirmation as many times as you enjoy
  6. Fee the abundance of Reiki Energy flowing through you
  7. Be thankful for this wonderful experience.

The Gratitude Exercise

Reiki teaches us the attitude of gratitude. Being Grateful is one of the five Reiki principles.

Gratefulness brings many positive changes in ourselves. It makes us more happy, satisfied, content and peaceful.

I would like to share with you a practice that is very very powerful. It will make you full of gratitude before you go to sleep so that you can be in that state all throughout the night.

Just before you go to sleep write down three things that you are grateful for today on a piece of paper. Put the chit into a glass jar and keep it next to the bed.

When you wake up will notice the Gradtude jar and remember things you were grateful for yesterday. As you continue the cycle, the feeling of graditude becomes more and more dominant in your life.

The moment you see the gratitude jar every morning and evening you start to feel grateful for all the good things that happened recently.

Once in a while you can also read some of the chits that you have written few days back. After a few day you will notice that your days are getting better and better.

Do this for a few days. Notice and acknowledge the changes happening in your life. If this exercise help you attract abundance through Reiki then please come back to this blog to share your experience.


If you have a question about Reiki, write to me on Or contact me on Skype. My id is makefortune28. Whenever you travel to Mumbai, you are welcome to visit my Reiki Healing Center in Mumbai.


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About the Author: Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master. He loves to teach Reiki. Mumbai is the city where he started his mission is to spread Reiki through Nalanda Reiki Center, Reiki blog and through his Reiki Masters in Mumbai and other cities. You can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475.

Friday 21 February 2014

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Some days back I shared my thoughts on the ideal time between Reiki Attunements and today I am going to share something about the Reiki Attunement ceremony.

The Reiki Attunement Ceremony is the heart of all the Reiki courses. It is during this attunement ceremony that the abilities of the respective Reiki levels is passed on to the student by the Reiki Master.

Reiki is a spiritual energy. Watch this video....

Before the attunement ceremony begins the Reiki Master will tell you what to expect during the Reiki attunement session. Reiki Masters will prepare themselves for attunement by practicing Reiki and meditation along with other processes to prepare the room for this event.

Usually there is soft music playing in the background while you sit comfortably with closed eyes. The Reiki Master will begin by a small prayer, asking for guidance and blessings from Usui Sensei and other spiritual guides.

Your hands will be in prayer position as ask your Reiki Master for the particular Reiki degree. Sit with your back straight and your hands resting in your lap and your feet flat on the floor. Notice your breathing, thoughts, sensations, feelings, vibrations, etc. Let your mind wander on these things freely. No need to focus or concentrate on anything. Just be in the moment!

After some time you will sense your Reiki Master's hand on or above your crown chakra, your head, neck shoulders and back. You Reiki Master will walk around you activating your 7 chakras on your spine and the 2 chakras in your hands.

Different people experience different things in different parts of the body. Some feel heavyness, some feel lightness, some feel a breeze of heat or cold. Some people experience a mild heaviness in the head and other regions, some see a white light, while others see colours and even images of Gods and Goddesses. Some experience ticking or vibration in different parts of the body including the third eye chakra. Some experience movement in one or more of the chakras. Many feel sleepy and most feel relaxed and calm. Some rare people are also there who don't feel anything or who are busy chanting or doing something else while the attunement process so don't notice these experiences.

Once the attunement process is complete your Reiki Master will indicate to you my taping your right shoulder or by ringing a bell. Thank the Reiki energy and your Reiki Master for passing on the abilities associated with the Reiki level that you have been attuned to.

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After the Reiki attunement ceremony you can share your experience with your Reiki Master and other students. Each and every person has a different experience. Do not compare your experience with others. If you feel warm and the other student felt cold, it does not mean you have not been attuned.

Some people who do not meditate regularly may be able to be aware of and acknowledge all that they experienced during their attunement but that does not stop them from getting the full benefits.

Some people may not be able to articulate their experience effectively because it is an inner exprience. Many people are not able to identify all the subtle changes because they are not so sensitive to inner processes due to lack of regular meditative practices.

There are always some students who are  busy expecting some unusual sensation and miss out on their actual experience. Irrespective of the experience, the ability is activated in all the students who go through the attunement process and it is for a life time. 

For some people it may be beneficial to get a reattunement after a year, especially if there is a long break in your Reiki practice. Those who practice Reiki regularly do not need reattunements because they can easily feel Reiki flow and they get results when they do their touch and distance Reiki sessions.

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Have you been attuned to any of the levels of Reiki? What was your experience during the attunement ceremony? Would you like to share it with us?

If you have a question about Reiki, write to me on or WhatsApp on 9820850475


Reiki Grand Master

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About the Author: Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master. He loves to teach Reiki. Mumbai is the city where he started his mission is to spread Reiki through Nalanda Reiki Center, Reiki blog and through his Reiki Masters in Mumbai and other cities. He is committed to spreading Reiki all over the world to create health, wealth and happiness for everyone. To conducts Reiki training online and in person, at the Reiki Center or individual session in Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Colaba, etc. You can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Ideal Time Between Reiki Attunements

Ideal Time Between Reiki Attunements

Dear Readers,

Hope you enjoyed reading my last post on 'How to increase your intuition with Reiki?' Today I am going to share with you the purpose of the gap between Reiki attunements.

If you don't know what is Reiki Attunement, the read this article first: What is Reiki Attunement?

As you are aware, once you complete your Reiki first degree course you are told to practice Reiki for 21 days or observe a 21 day cleansing period. There are multiple purposes behind this:

  1. When you learn something new its important to allow some time so that you get comfortable doing the new activity.
  2. During these 21 days your body goes through a cleansing process, during which toxins are released and your chakras get cleaned, balanced and energized.
  3. During this period you accommodate the new spiritual practice in your daily life so that you can continue to practice Reiki and get more and more benefit from it with the passage of time.
  4. With this 21 days you form a new habit. This is the reason why it is important. This is the spiritual discipline. This is the beginning of your journey.

When you understand the purpose behind something, things become clear. We are not rigid with the number 21. The underlying intention is to help you form a new habit. So if you are able to make Reiki a part of your daily life before 21 days, that would be even better, isn't it?

How to do a 21 day Reiki practice after Reiki level 1

  • Start with a recitation of the Reiki principles two times a day. There is a beautiful video of the Reiki five principles. It is a guided meditation which can listen with stereo headphones for the next 21 days. If you do this consistently you might be able to recite the Reiki principles in Japanese as well after 21 days. You will love it.

  • Then proceed to healing of the seven chakras with your hands. If you if you wish you can download the guided meditation for 7 chakra healing from this Reiki  meditation Telegram group
  • At the end of each day write down your experiences of the day in a diary or a journal. Write down five things for which you are grateful for today. Write down your experiences, coincidences or surprises that you are very experienced, your dominant feeling of the day, the sensation of vibration we experience while doing healing to sell for others,
  • Drink lots of water. Eat fruits and drink juices throughout the day. Include a lot of RAW food in your meals. Include a green smoothie in your diet.
  • Some hand Mudras can be very helpful when used in combination with Reiki. Check my Mudra Therapy course for Reiki practitioners for more details.
  • Charge your food and water with Reiki so that it nourishes you physically as well as spiritually.

Read one article everyday during your 21 day practice

This can help you increase your knowledge about Reiki and learn how to apply Reiki in different situations. Here is a list of 21 articles:
Most of the students are so regular in their practice because they feel very positive after doing Reiki. Many students feel like jumping to the next level of Reiki. They are wondering 'if Reiki 1 is so powerful, how would life be after Reiki 2?' The excitement keeps building. Most students are so excited by the time their Reiki second degree course is due.

If they have had good practice they teacher will allow the student to go to the next level. It is up to the teacher to decide when the student is ready for the next level in Reiki. In some cases the teacher may recommends some more practice, student should just follow it.

Some students go into a pitfall. They try to 'be perfect' in their practice of Reiki first degree. Nobody can be perfect. After a reasonable amount of practice one should move on to the next levels of Reiki because you are introduced to more tools and techniques in second and third degree of Reiki. And the Reiki training is incomplete till the student completes Reiki 3A.

Its important to learn new skills, practice those skills and more ahead to learn new skills. This is as true in Reiki as in life, isn't it?

As you can see in the picture, I recommend a gap of 21 days between Reiki level 1, 2 & 3 for practicing Reiki on self and others. This I feel is the ideal time between Reiki Attunements.

Some Reiki Masters recommend a longer period of practice between attunements. I think 21 days is more than enough but if someone recommends more than that, it will be for a good reason that the teacher knows better. In any case, there is no harm in practicing Reiki for more number of days.

So if your Reiki Master wants you to practice more than 21 days before you move to the next level you should follow his/her instructions. There is no harm.

A person learns Reiki by the grace of Reiki Energy

Each of us is guided by Reiki Energy intuitively to a Reiki Master. The teacher knows what is good for you and when you are ready for the next level. As a Reiki teacher I follow the general rule of 21 days unless I find someone with special needs. I am sensitive to the needs of the students because I feel each individual is different. As Reiki Teachers we must understand the needs of each and every individual.

I don't recommend taking short cuts. I don't recommend attempting to be perfect. I recommend 21 days of practice as a general rule and more than that I recommend making Reiki practice a part of your life for the rest of your life.

Now let me present you a case study. Let me know your thoughts on this topic..

Recently, one of my student wanted to proceed to second degree of Reiki after practicing daily for 2 weeks. In fact, he was practicing 2 times daily, morning and evening. Is he clear about the principle behind the 21 day rule? Should I ask him to complete 21 days and then go for Reiki level 2? Should I teach him Reiki 2? What do you think I should do in such a case? Please leave a comment below...

  • If you would like to learn Reiki online you can get in touch with me on Skype. My id is makefortune28 
  • If you have a question about Reiki, write to me on or WhatsApp me on 9820850475.

Reiki Grand Master

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About the Author: Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master. He loves to teach Reiki. Mumbai is the city where he started his mission is to spread Reiki through Nalanda Reiki Center, Reiki blog and through his Reiki Masters in Mumbai and other cities. He is committed to spreading Reiki all over the world to create health, wealth and happiness for everyone. To conducts Reiki training online and in person, at the Reiki Center or individual session in Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Colaba, etc. You can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Using Reiki to Increase Intuition

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to receive information directly from the Universe.

How to increase your intuition with Reiki?

The answer is very simple. By being better connected to the universe you will be able to get more intuitive messages. When you are connecting with Reiki, when Reiki is flowing through you, you are connected to the Universe because Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy.

When you are connected to the universe you have access to all that is happening in the universe. You can get any information about anything within the universe.

When you practice Reiki regularly, your connection with the Universe is strengthened. The Universe send relevant information to you as an when it is available. It works just like Google Alerts.

The Universe knows your intentions, goals and desires. What ever is important for you to know the Universe will tell you.

With daily Vipassana meditation and Reiki practice you will be able to receive this intuitive messages and understand them clearly. 

Usually the first thought that suddenly comes to mind is intuitive. It has a different feel as compared to the logical thoughts that come to mind subsequently.

6 steps you can take to improve your intuition:

  1. Practice Reiki regularly, morning and evening. This is the most important step because the more you are connected with Reiki the more intuitive you will become. 
  2. Make a note of intuitive thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, etc and reflect upon how it feels like to have them as opposed to logical thoughts. This will make you more familiar with intuitive messages and you will be able to identify them more and more easily when they come next.
  3. Take a dip into Reiki frequently during the day. Communicate you intentions to Reiki and receive guidance on every aspect of life that is important to you now.
  4. You intuition keeps pointing at the same thing in different ways. When you keep a note of your thoughts, after some time when you gather all the messages, a collective picture arises. This is the answer to your question.
  5. Thank the Reiki Energy for all the intuitive messages that come from time to time. 
  6. Say the following affirmations. I am very intuitive. I know how it feels like to be intuitive. When a message comes, I have no doubts about it. I know it for what it is. 
All this comes with practice. Do the simple things mentioned above with consistency and you will me much more intuitive than before, in less than a month.

There are many benefits of developing your intuition:

  • Better health decisions
  • Better relationships choices
  • Saving time while travelling and otherwise
  • Better business decisions
  • Protecting self and loved ones
  • Avoiding negative people and situations
  • Being at the right place at the right time
  • Healing self and healing others
  • Understanding your customers
  • Making money in stock market
  • Manifesting with Reiki

If you have not started your journey in Reiki, take the first step today. If you have completed your Reiki first degree course then let me tell you that you must complete Reiki second degree soon because after 2nd degree your Reiki practice becomes more dynamic.

If you have done Reiki level 1 & 2, my advise is to use Reiki for a variety of purposes, multiple times in a day. This will help you greatly in becoming more intuitive.


Reiki Grand Master

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About the Author: Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master. He loves to teach Reiki. Mumbai is the city where he started his mission is to spread Reiki through his Reiki classes, Reiki blog and through his students who have taken Reiki Master degree. He is committed to spreading Reiki all over the world to create health, wealth and happiness for everyone. To conducts Reiki training online or in person, individual session in Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Colaba, etc. You can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475.