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Best Time To Practice Reiki

Best Time of the Day to do Reiki

I got an email this morning from someone who has been following this blog and recently completed Reiki first degree course in Canada. Reiki is so simple but when someone is new to anything you are bound to have questions. She also had many questions. Some personal, some general.

Her question that inspired me to write this post was this 'What is the best time to do Reiki self treatment?' The answer is subjective. What is true for me, may not be true for you. But let me share my thoughts from my 15 years of Reiki practice.

For many people the best time of the day to do Reiki is in the morning. I personally like to do Reiki self healing in the morning. Reiki kind of centers me. Reiki practice makes me feel calm and in control. Reiki fills me with positive thoughts and feelings of gratitude.

I have many students who tell me that in the morning they are in so much hurry to go to work that the only time they find to do Reiki self treatment is in the evening. It works for them. They are growing in their Reiki practice. Their healing ability is expanding. They are experiencing miracles. That's what is true for them.

For many years I felt that morning is the best time. It was only after I took Reiki Master degree and started teaching students that my views become more flexible. I saw students who practice Reiki in morning and students who practice Reiki in the evening, both were making progress.

I came to the conclusion that it does not matter what time you practice Reiki. When you practice Reiki consistently you will get results. There are many students who do Reiki after going to bed to get better sleep.

Consistency in Practice vs Timing

I have a student from Andheri, Mumbai. She has completed Reiki second degree and is very consistent in her practice. She does Reiki every evening. Her healing ability has made her popular in her friend circle.

She had so many issues in life when she first came to learn Reiki. Now, things are becoming smooth for her. There are many Reiki practitioners who are consistent in their practice. They have many success stories to share.

I sometimes come across Reiki practitioners who stop practicing Reiki when things are going good. The moment they face a crisis or a problem or when a Relationship needs healing in their life, they start their Reiki practice again.

It is not bad to start Reiki practice again. There is a lost opportunity. The momentum of positive energy that can be built in life is lost when there are long breaks in Reiki practice.

Is it OK to miss Reiki practice for a day?

If you miss a day's practice, its fine. The important thing is, to get back to your daily routine as fast as you can. There is power in following a daily routine for important goals in life.

Staying healthy, balanced and peaceful in important in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. Reiki helps you stay in charge of your life.

You have to be flexible. If I miss my morning Reiki practice, I catch up during the day. I like to do Reiki in the evening as well. I spend my travel time to do Reiki.

Many a times I get a call from someone for distance healing. I take out a few minutes to do Reiki.

Anytime is best time to do Reiki

Apart form my morning schedule, I do Reiki many times during the day. It may be for 2 minutes or 5 minutes. I take time to be grateful to Reiki for miracles I experience during the day. I take time to ask for miracles.

I take time to release stress with Reiki. I take many Reiki breaks. Many times I have visitors who are in need of healing. So these are times I get to practice Reiki. This is what I teach my students as well.

My approach to teaching Reiki is to help students make Reiki a part of their life. Reiki becomes so much a part of your life that you don't even think that you are doing Reiki. It just feels like, 'that's the way it is'.

That is real success. That is when your practice become beautiful and effortless. I teach with this intention. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts...

I am thankful for all the questions, comments, etc. from those who follow this blog regularly and also from those who bump into it out of Google search.

Well, that's the purpose of this blog. To spread Reiki knowledge, to share best practices and to answer questions. When I teach, I learn more. That is my philosophy. Hope you enjoyed this post and got some new thoughts!


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+Sachin Bangera
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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Reiki and Cancer Healing

Reiki for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a leading cause of death all over the world. Thanks to medical technology, cancer can be detected in early stages and also thanks to complementary therapies like Reiki that can help cancer patients to be emotionally balanced and recover faster with the strength derived from spiritual practice of Reiki.

In Reiki we do not claim that it directly cure cancer but Reiki does helps the cancer patient to courageously confront the reality. Reiki self healing and healing from family members or a Reiki Practitioner does make the person relaxed and they get the determination and positive vibes required to overcome the illness.

How can Reiki help cancer patients?

When the mind is at peace, cancer patients are able to stay mentally strong and deal with the situation effectively. As the positive thoughts and expectations rise, there is a increase in biochemicals that help in faster recovery.

Reiki helps in regaining the balance between the mind and body. Reiki can help reduce the pain and stress associated with any time of cancer, including Kidney cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer, prostrate cancer or skin cancer. Reiki works in conjunction with regular medical treatment and help reduce the side effects.

Since Reiki does not require any equipment, it can be easy learn. It is also very easy to practice and can be done even while lying down on the bed. For this reason many people practice Reiki while dealing with illness.

Ideally, the cancer patient should learn Reiki as soon as cancer is detected so that Reiki can be done before any kind of operation and during the chemo treatment as well as the to recover from the side effects of the treatment. The best part of Reiki therapy for cancer patients is that it helps people release fear, anxiety and pain and experience a deep state of relaxation and enjoy sound sleep too.

Reiki and Cancer Research: According to a research done at Hartford Hospital, Connecticut, Reiki helps improve sleep patters of cancer patients and also helps reduce the pain experienced during treatment period. Due to such good results, Reiki is being used to improve patient care all over the world. 

What are the benefits of Reiki on cancer patients?
Reiki helps relieve tension and anxiety associated with cancer. Reiki also helps you face the fears and fight back. Reiki makes the person so relaxed and peaceful that it really helps to clear the thinking and take effective action. Reiki also allows you to get good sleep so that healing can happen at night and the person can get up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to take further steps to recovery. So in short, Reiki improves the quality of life for cancer patients and increases their chances for survival.

How useful is Reiki during cancer treatment?

Reiki can help during all stages of cancer treatment. Reiki helps a person to prepare for the surgery with a peacefully and positive mind. Reiki after surgery also helps the person to recover and heal faster by supporting their body's healing ability.

It is very nice when you have a family member or friend around who is also a Reiki practitioner and who does healing from time to time. This is helpful when you are not in the mood to do Reiki self treatment or when you are taking rest. Reiki gives you the strength to deal with the challenges of cancer and its treatment.

What are the effects of Reiki healing for cancer patients?
As reported by Radiology Today in May 2003, The American Cancer Society acknowledges that Reiki helps in speeding up the healing process as well as increases the feeling of physical and spiritual well being. Reiki also reduces the intensity and frequency of nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

If you are a Reiki practitioner and if you have used Reiki for cancer treatment or if you are a cancer survive and used Reiki successfully to heal yourself, please share your experience in the comments section below...

If you have any other question please feel free to email me or WhatsApp me on (+91)-9820850475.

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+Sachin Bangera 
Reiki Master / Teacher
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Reiki and Stress Management

Does Reiki relieve stress?

Friends, Before I say anything on on Reiki and stress, I must admit that am writing a new post on this Reiki blog after a very long time. I have been travelling extensively. Last month I was in Lonavala. After that I am back in my office, finishing some pending work, but on weekends I'll be busy taking Reiki courses in Mumbai.

One thing I have noticed, in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc. many students want to know how to reduce stress, besides other things. It could be because life is hectic. People are in a mad rush. There is traffic, responsibilities, deadline and what not? Thank god there is Reiki.

Actually, Reiki and stress management go hand in hand. The moment we 'On' Reiki, Reiki energizes our cells, tissues, muscles and recharges our entire body. I can feel the effect of Reiki on stress. I can feel as if steam is evaporating from my body. I can feel the nerves relaxing. I can feel the waves of Reiki energy flowing through me like a river. It's a beautiful feeling. That's why I love Reiki.

How does Reiki treat stress? You see, stress is stored on our body and it makes our body stiff. Reiki just washes away the stress by recharging and relaxing our body. That is the reason almost everyone reports feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a Reiki session or Reiki self healing.

You must use Reiki to reduce stress daily. Don't let the stress accumulate. I keep track of how I am feeling thorough the day. The moment I feel stress accumulating, I take a Reiki break. I get connected with Reiki.

How do you know when to start using Reiki for stress relief?

When you start feeling stiff, tired, fatigued or foggy, just do Reiki. When that ease is missing. When you find yourself getting irritated, frustrated or angry. That's the time to take a 5 minute dip in Reiki.

Many students report just after a few days of Reiki practice they they are feeling better, lighter. Just last week one of my student came for the second degree Reiki course, and there was visible difference on her face. She is a Senior Manager in a leading private sector bank. You can imagine how much pressure she has to manage. But she said she is able to handle everything with more ease and less stress every since her Reiki first degree attunement.

One other thing she mentioned was a miracle she experienced. See, I have worked in a corporate environment and we know there are people waiting to put you down. She had a colleague like that. After going through Reiki crystal healing course she charged a crystal with Reiki energy for positive energy at work and surprisingly the first person to ask her 'what's that?' was the same guy who was a source of stress and anxiety for her. She kept her calm and told him 'It's a gift from someone.' Miraculously, after that he stopped troubling her.

Now coming back to the topic of Reiki for stress reduction, I must say that you must learn Reiki to reduce stress because stress is a cause of many other diseases. Now, if you have not learnt Reiki and you still have a question, 'Does Reiki relieve stress?' then I invite you to learn Reiki because unless you swim in Reiki you wont know what it feels like. Reiki has many benefits, once you learn Reiki, you can use Reiki for stress reduction, healing, meditation, goal achievement, helping someone, etc. The list is endless.

My last word on this topic of Reiki and stress relief. Reiki and stress are both opposites. When you are doing Reiki, stress will go. They can not exist together. Where there is Reiki, there is no stress. So use Reiki to reduce stress and enjoy life.

If you are a Reiki practitioner and if you have used Reiki for stress relief, please share your experience in the comments section below...

If you have any other question please feel free to email me or WhatsApp me.


+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Reiki Courses in Rajkot

Reiki, pronounced as Ray-Key, is a Japanese technique for healing yourself and others at all levels. Reiki helps in stress reduction and promotes the healing of Body, Mind and Soul. Reiki energises every bone, muscle, tissue and cell of your body, restoring the energy balance and natural state of health.

There are 3 levels in Reiki. In the first level you learn to practice Reiki on yourself, your friends and family. You can use Reiki for plants and even your pets. You will learn the history of Reiki, how to activate the Reiki energy, how to do intuitive healing with Reiki, how to make Reiki a part of your life, how to do a Reiki healing session for friends and family, how to do Reiki meditation, Importance Reiki principles and much more. You will receive your Reiki level 1 attunement and complete a Reiki practice session. A full manual is included, along with ongoing lifetime support from me.
If being healthy is at the top of your priority list, then learning Reiki is a great next step to take for regaining one's health and wellbeing. 

Taking a class in Reiki may be the single best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones, whether they walk on two legs or four, swim or fly. The ability to facilitate Reiki is the gift that keeps on giving, it is easy to learn, and offers a lifetime of benefits. Imagine being able to accelerate healing when sick, being able to relieve the pain of an injury, heal feelings of anger, fear, grief, or decrease discomfort after surgery! 

Any student who has completed Reiki level 1 course and made Reiki a part of his life with the 21 days practice and formed the habit of daily sadhana, is ready to increase the vibration further and amplify the Reiki healing ability with Reiki Level 2 course. 

In the Reiki Level 2 course you will learn the Reiki symbols for distance, mental and emotional healing of any person or group and heal the condition or situation in any time frame - past, present or future. You should send Reiki healing for the highest good of all concerned every time you do group healing.

You will also gain the ability to cleanse a physical space or the energy field of any person. The second degree Reiki attunement widens your energy channels and makes your Reiki practice more dynamic and versatile.

After the second degree Reiki course, you can give Reiki treatments to clients as a professional Reiki Practitioner. For more information about Reiki Third degree and Master Degree please get in touch with me on 09820850475.

For upcoming Reiki level 1 course, Reiki level 2 course, Reiki level 3 course in Rajkot and Reiki Master degree course, call or WhatsApp me on +91-9820850475.

Love & Light,

Reiki Grand Master

The purpose of Nalanda Reiki Center is to provide the pure teachings of Reiki as taught my Sensai Mikao Usui and create powerful healers who will heal people of all disease and teachers who will create more and more healers to make this world disease free, peaceful and full of love and care!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Learn Reiki Online at Home

Want To Learn Reiki Online?

Here are some frequently asked questions about online Reiki classes that I have come across by students who want to learn Reiki online in the convenience of their home. Hope my answers will prove to be a helpful guide for those who are looking for online Reiki training for some reason.

1. Can You Learn Reiki Online?

If it is a instructor led course you can learn Reiki online. Reiki is a healing technique discovered by Mikao Usui in Japan. It is a simple, easy to learn, natural and effective method of healing your body, mind and spirit. If you want to learn Reiki online you must ensure that the course contains the following topics:

  • What is Reiki?
  • What are the benefits of Reiki?
  • What is the history of Reiki?
  • Reiki Distance Attunement
  • The Five Reiki Principles
  • How to do Self healing
  • How to heal others
  • Other applications of Reiki
  • Q & A session
Read this post to find out more about Attunement: What is Reiki Attunement?

2. Which is the best Reiki online course?
The best Reiki course online will have some characteristics mentioned below:

  • It will have a live person, a Reiki Master on the other side who can answer your questions and understand you and your needs as a person.
  • You will be able to get support even after you complete the online Reiki session.
  • Usually you develop a nurturing relationship with your Reiki Master.
  • You can read Reiki articles by the teacher and get a sense of his/her knowledge on the subject beforehand.

3. Can I get Reiki education online by reading books and articles?
You can get some knowledge by reading Reiki articles or books online but nothing can beat practical one-on-one learning from a Reiki Master online or offline. Nothing can substitute learning from a Reiki Master because the Reiki Master can personalize the course as per your needs and will continue to guide you as you progress on the path.

4. How does Reiki Online Attunement work?

  • Just like a Second degree Reiki practitioner can do distance healing, a Reiki Master is able to do distance attunement. Reiki is beyond space and time.
  • When its time for your attunement, just take off your shoes and sit comfortably on a chair and close your eyes and listen to the instructions of your Reiki Master.
  • You may feel various sensations like warmth, vibrations, heavy, light, cold or see white light, colors, images, etc. Some people feel nothing, especially if they are expecting some special kind of feeling or are busy concentrating on something else.
  • What you experience during attunement and during your subsequent Reiki practice can be different each time so do not compare your present experiences with your past experience or with other peoples experience.

Also Read: Time Between Reiki Attunements

5. What are the requirements of online Reiki workshops:

  • An open mind
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Good Internet connection

6. How Can I Learn Reiki Online?

  • To learn Reiki online you need to register yourself with with a Reiki Master who offers Reiki courses online.
  • You can feel free to contact us by sending us an email on or by calling us on +91-9004580740 to schedule your online Reiki class.
  • Once we set up an appointment when we can be available online then on the decided day and time we will conduct the Online Reiki Course.

7. What's next after your Reiki Attunement Online?

  • Reiki balances your energy body and energy centers known as chakras.
  • You may experience miracles as your chakra system gets healed during the 21 day cleansing period.
  • Just follow the tips you will be given to aid the cleansing process and benefit most from it.
  • Find out more about Reiki Second Degree and Reiki Third Degree

8. What if I want to learn Reiki (Online) in Hindi?
For those who want to learn Reiki online in Hindi we conduct one-to-one Online Reiki Training in Hindi as well.

If you have any other question or comment about Reiki Training Online please feel free to write a comment below...

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+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Grand Master
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Friday, 7 November 2014

Can Reiki Heal Arthritis?

My Experience of Reiki for Arthritis

As I journey towards my Reiki Second Level attunement today, I thought it would be quite interesting to recount my experiences with Reiki as a Level One practitioner. For those unfamiliar with the healing benefits of a Reiki Level One practitioner, well, the practitioner primarily is able to address physical ailments through touch healing.

I shared this blessing of being a channel for the infinite source of universal energy to flow and address physical ailments, with my mother-in-law. Considering the sanctity with which women adhere to maintaining the anonymity of their age, I shall describe her as a working woman that has seen the marriage of 3 daughters and is a grandparent to an 8 year old. During the past few months she has been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knees. Being an active individual this condition has been a painful irritant in her daily routine.

In osteoarthritis, the cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber, gradually wears away, thus losing its elasticity. A stiff cartilage becomes easily damaged and the tendons and ligaments stretch painfully. In its extremity, the cartilage, unable to protect the bones from rubbing against each other brings on intense pain.

Her visit to a fine orthopaedic had led to the diagnosis a few months ago. Medication was prescribed along with certain physiotherapy exercises. But, as his won’t in this busy city and along with the many demands on ones’ time, adhering to the prescribed regimen and medication on a consistent basis is quite challenging. Many of you might have been prone to this. She had introduced certain changes in travelling to and from work that had brought her relief. But, they helped only to a degree.

On the day I offered her Reiki across all the seven chakras, she had complained of cramps in her legs starting below her knee extending all the way to the toes, along with pain in the knees. Post the Reiki session she expressed many benefits, but staying on the topic of relief from arthritis, she recounted that during the Reiki session she experienced flow of blood into her legs. In her words, “It felt blocked over there earlier.” She reported a sensation of lightness in her knee that had replaced the earlier pain. Later she went on to display her increased agility in both legs by folding her legs at the knee joint, without feeling any pain, and flexing her toes, both of which she couldn't do earlier.

So, can Reiki heal Arthritis? Reiki can heal Arthritis. I believe that accepting Reiki healing consistently, along with the prescribed regimen and medication of the doctor, could help reverse the condition of Osteoarthritis towards complete wellness rapidly. I have been able to practice only this one session of Reiki on her and at times she still recounts its benefits. I shall document other experiences that I have felt, or patients have expressed over the coming days.

Paul Thoppil
Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Learn Reiki in Udaipur

Hi Friends,

It is my desire that at least 1 person in every family on this planet should know how to do Reiki healing. This will help them to stay healthy and help those around who are in need. I try to visit a new city each month with this purpose in mind.

I will be traveling to Udaipur this weekend. I will be conducting a couple of Reiki courses in Udaipur. My student has organized these for Reiki enthusiasts in Udaipur.

I invite everyone to join us. Those who live in nearby towns and villages can take advantage of this opportunity and learn Reiki in Udaipur!

If you have already completed some levels, you can come a refresh the course. If you have completed the 3rd level and you want to contribute to society, then I would invite you to consider becoming a Reiki Master in Udaipur and serve the community there by spreading the knowledge of Reiki.

For new students, Reiki first degree course is an excellent way to begin your journey with Reiki and experience the wonderful healing that Reiki provides!

Read : Reiki First Degree Course Contents & Benefits

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing method through which you can heal yourself and others.  This ability is passed on by the teacher to the student in a process called 'Attunement'. As soon as you are attuned, you can do Reiki healing. Reiki is easy to learn.

Reiki is pure spiritual healing. Reiki is not dependent on an individual's talent or ability because the healing is done by Reiki energy and we just need to act as a channel of this pure spiritual energy called Reiki.

In Usui Reiki (Reiki as taught by the founder Mikao Usui) there are 4 levels. Here is my schedule for this visit:

  • 20th October - Reiki Level 1 ~ Shoden (Basic Teachings)
  • 21st October - Reiki Level 2 ~ Okuden (Inner Teachings / Reiki Practitioner)
  • 22nd October - Reiki Level 3a ~ Shinpiden (Advanced Teachings / Reiki Master Practitioner)
  • 23rd October - Reiki Level 3b ~ Shinpiden (Reiki Master Teacher)

Suggested Reading:
How To Become A Reiki Master

Reiki class consists of discussions, theory, practicals, demonstration and assessments. During each class you will also receive Attunement for that level of Reiki.

Come and receive the loving energy boost of Reiki and start your journey. We support you at every step to ensure you are progressing and getting ready for the next level.

Please call for more information & registration on 9004580740. Hope to see you in Udaipur soon!

If you have any other question or comment please feel free to write a comment below... and follow our Facebook page for interesting Reiki articles!


+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Grand Master
Nalanda Reiki Center

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