Friday, 12 September 2014

Reiki Classes in Nashik

Learn Reiki in Nashik

If you have been wanting to learn Reiki in Naship, its time to get ready for the upcoming Reiki class where you can relax, meditate and learn Reiki with Reiki Master Chandrakant Jadhav.

Chandrakant ji has been practicing Reiki and giving Reiki treatments in Nashik for over 5 years. He has witnessed the benefits of Reiki on self, family members, friends, neighbours, students and clients.

In the Reiki Class you will learn all about Reiki, starting with what is Reiki and how does it work and the benefits one can experience with Reiki.

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Reiki practice puts you in a state of meditation and increases your personal awareness. You can relax deeply whenever you want once you learn Reiki.

As your spiritual connection gets stronger with Reiki practice, you become more intuitive and you make better decisions. You can use Reiki for good sleep, and also to heal addictions.

As your body is energized with Reiki, all ache's and pain's dissolve and your body is able to maintain a healthy state naturally. Reiki can boost your immune system and help you become strong physically, mentally and emotionally.

There are many good Reiki Masters in Nashik but having met Mr Chandrakant Jadhav personally I can say that he is dedicated to helping people in finding inner peace and balance. He can teach students how to grow in all areas of life with the practice of Reiki.

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+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Grand Master
Nalanda Reiki Center

Monday, 11 August 2014

How To Make Reiki More Powerful

How to Get Better at Reiki

To get better at Reiki you just need to acknowledge that you are a channel of Reiki and let Reiki flow through you. You must acknowledge that Reiki Energy does the healing, not you. We are observers. We are not doing anything more than intending Reiki to flow when we are practicing Reiki.

You can not claim to be the healer or doer. If you are trying to do the healing, it becomes difficult. When you let the healing happen, Reiki flows through you and healing takes place. We just need to be in the present moment experiencing the healing to turn on the magical power of Reiki

We are like an instrument in the hands of this Divine Energy. When we act as an instrument, things become easy. You cant 'do' Reiki. You can let Reiki happen. When you are an observer, you are just being present to your experience and you can notice the flow of Reiki Energy and this makes Reiki more powerful.

How to Improve Reiki Power

The more we let go of our ego, the more we improve Reiki power and the better we get at Reiki.

The best part of Reiki is that we can not get into the ego trap as long is we don't claim to be the doer. We are facilitators. When we acknowledge the truth about our role in the healing process things become really simple and easy. Then there is no need to put effort. Healing becomes effortless.

If you want to improve your Reiki power you must stop trying to imagine things and instead notice the images that pop up automatically. You must stop trying to push the energy in a particular direction and notice where the energy is going on its own.

When you let go of your agenda, Reiki can do a holistic healing that might heal you at multiple levels and resolve several issues that you may not even be aware of. When you let Reiki do the job, Reiki resolves issue that you are conscious along with those that you are unconscious.

Reiki heals you holistically.

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Master
Nalanda Reiki Center

Monday, 14 July 2014

Reiki Healing Classes in Thane West

Attend Reiki Courses in Thane West!

On the occasion Guru Purnima on 12th June we have started Reiki classes in Thane at a new location. Students from Thane, Mulund, Bhandup, Airoli, Ghansoli, Vashi, etc. can learn Reiki in Thane by taking advantage of this facility. We thank Sensei Mikao Usui and all Reiki Masters all over the world for spreading Reiki and serving humanity on this occasion.

We will have Reiki courses in Thane every week from now on. If you would like to join the family of Reiki healers in Thane join us for the next Reiki course at this new facility near Teen Hath Naka in Thane West. We teach pure Usui Reiki as taught by Reiki founder Sensei Mikao Usui.

In the Reiki first degree course, you will learn how to give Reiki treatment to yourself and others. The highlight of this course is the 'Reiki attunement' during which your channels will be opened by your Reiki Master so that Reiki Energy can flow easily through your 7 major chakras and your hand chakras.

It is best to learn Reiki at a young age when you are enjoying good health so that you can stay healthy all your life and save on medical expenses. People with health challenges are also welcome to learn Reiki and experience the benefits while continuing regular medical treatment.

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Grand Master
Nalanda Reiki Center

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Reiki and Smoking Cessation

Want to use reiki to stop smoking?

There are hundreds of people who quit smoking after learning Reiki. You may ask, 'How does Reiki help in quitting smoking?'. There are many reason for this:

  • Reiki balances your energy field
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Enhances your body's ability to heal itself
  • Relaxes your mind and body
  • Eliminates stress and much more

Some people stop smoking spontaneously, after a few days or weeks of Reiki practice. Although this is not the case with everyone, the people who do drop the smoking habit do so naturally, as they just don't feel the need to smoke. They feel so calm, cool and clear in their mind that smoking doesn't interest them as much as it did in the past. They do not experience the withdrawal symptoms either. Reiki gives them inner strength and it seems as though you are no longer addicted to smoking. It is something that happens to them rather than any effort from their end to quit smoking.

If someone wants to take the benefits of Reiki practice to quit smoking, here is my recommendation:

  • Learn Reiki for your all round development not just to quit smoking.
  • Practice Reiki daily morning and evening
  • Take Reiki Healing from an experienced Reiki Practitioner / Master
  • Introduce Reiki in your family and friend circle and let your environment support you.

Don't limit the use of Reiki to quit smoking alone. Reiki can help you in your personal growth. Reiki can heal your body, mind and spirit. Reiki can bring many unexpected benefits that you can't think of at present.

In my personal opinion, Reiki and addiction to smoking can't go on for long. There are many stories of people who quit smoking with Reiki.

You can quit something easily when you get something more out of it. Reiki works exactly in that manner. It gives you many benefits at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Grand Master

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Mind Power Course in Mumbai

Mind Power Course in Mumbai - 21 September

When you develop your mind power, you can achieve much more for the same amount of hard work you do now. In the Mind Power Course you will learn how to use your subconscious mind to achieve all the things you want in life; all the things you desire and all the things you dream of achieving. In the Mind Power workshop you will learn how to use your mind fully and control the direction of your life and create a bright future for yourself and your family.

Mind Power Course in Mumbai

During the Mind Power Training you will find new ways to use your mind to solve everyday problems as well as create positive outcomes for the future. You will be able to access your subconscious mind to find solutions to problems and be more creative in dealing with life's challenges. You can heal yourself and lead a much better life. You will be full of positive energy and you will discover your inner powers to take control of your life.

Below is the group photo of Mind Power Workshop conducted in May 2014.

Topics Covered in the Mind Power Course:

  • Conscious and Subconscious Mind
  • How to communicate to your subconscious mind
  • How to work smart by using both sides of your brain
  • How to calm your mind in less then 5 minutes anytime, anywhere
  • How to think positive and have positive things happen in life
  • How to boost your confidence and say the right things
  • How to use the power of your thoughts and beliefs
  • How to say your prayers such that they are granted
  • How to life a life that is designed by YOU
  • How to achieve your goals faster by letting your subconscious mind work on them
  • How to find and remove your negative beliefs
  • How to get support from others for achieving your goals
  • How to quality sleep at will
  • How to wake up each morning feeling fresh and energetic
  • How to free yourself from addictions
  • How to have abundance of money in life
  • How to have optimum health
  • How to get guidance from your dreams
  • How to use power nap to boost your performance
  • How to find your ideal partner / soul mate
  • How to communicate to children so that they listen to you
  • How to gain trust from others
  • How to be deeply relaxed, physically and mentally
  • How to cancel negative thoughts
  • How to give and receive love from people we care about
  • How to use your mind to give strength to your resolutions
  • How to get rid of bad habits
  • How to learn things fast
  • How to get rid of headaches
  • How to be at the right place at the right time
  • How to create miracles at will
  • How to develop your intuition
  • How to forgive yourself and others to feel good
  • How to develop your sixth sense
  • How to attract more money
  • How to live the life of your dreams

Who should attend this Mind Power Seminar / Workshop?
Students, Parents, Employees, Business People, Networkers, Managers, Marketing people, Insurance Agents, Consultants, Doctors, CA's, Salespeople, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Distributors, Builders, Retailers, Teanagers and Home makers. Everyone who is looking for more success, more peace and more happiness in life.

Prerequisites for attending the course:
Desire to learn and an open mind.
You should be at least 15 years old.

What you need to bring:
Nothing. Just come in comfortable clothing.

Key Takeaways:
Higher abilities of the Mind, Enhanced creativity and problem solving, Achieve your dreams and goals faster.
Lunch, Tea, etc. will be provided.
You will get Mind Power Manual and Certificate.

Date: 21st September 2014

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Hotel Karl Residency
36, Lallubhai Park Road,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400 058.
(5 Minute walk / 2 Minute drive from Andheri Station)

  • Mind Power Course Fee: 5000 - (Discounted fee - Rs 4000 for those who register and pay before 20th September)

How to Register:

Nalanda Reiki Center

- Reiki learning Center in Mumbai -
Shop No G-220, Raghuleela Mall, Off S. V. Road, Poisar, Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 9004580740

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Grand Master

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Reiki to Remove Negative Energy

Using Reiki to remove negative energy!

When you go out of your house you meet so many people and your aura mixes with other peoples aura. Some of them might be having negative thoughts, emotions or attitudes. To remove the influence of these negative energies you must clear your space by taking a Reiki bath. It is very important.

Similarly you need to clear your office space and home from any negative energy that may have accumulated. Just like you can not see Reiki Energy but you can sense it, you can not see negativity but you can sense it. When you do, just activate Reiki and invite Reiki energy to flow through you, your home and office. If you have done Reiki Second Degree or above you can also use Reiki symbols to clear the space in less than 1 minute. Draw the symbols in the air and notice the impact. Positive energy removes vibrations of tension, fear, stress, etc.

Negativity can be in the form of fear, insecurity, emotional pain, stress, anger, regret, etc. When someone is charges with such negative emotions, the same emanates from the persons aura into the space around him/her. It is absorbed by the air and the objects in the room as well as the walls and ceiling. If you are sensitive you can notice how you feel when you enter someones house for the first time. They may have been times in the past when you visited some place and felt very good or very bad. This has to do with the thoughts of the people who live in or visit that place.

Notice how you feel when you enter a hotel, office or a place of worship. You can feel the positive or negative vibration of any place you want into if you pay attention to it.

The moment you sense negativity, you can activate Reiki and let it flow through you and cleanse and energise you. The more Reiki energy flows through you and envelopes around you the more immune you become to the negativity. Further you can also direct Reiki in that place to neutralize it or fill with positive energy.

One another way clearing negative energy from a room is to let fresh air enter the room and to get rid of old and unused stuff that is occupying the space. From now on whenever you feel that there is something not quite right in the space around you, take a deep breath and clear the space with Reiki energy.

One very good way to clear emotional baggage from your mind is to forgive people against whom you are holding something. Regular bathing in Reiki energy will help you remove this negative energy from your mind. During meditation people or events that pop up in your mind need your attention. This is the biggest opportunity to free yourself of negativity.

Benefits of using Reiki to remove negative energy around you:

  • You will feel less tired and more energetic
  • You will have less arguments and more cooperation
  • You will fall sick lesser and stay healthy longer
  • You will experience less stress and more spontaneity.
  • You will have more peace of mind and more prosperity
  • You will be less confused and have more clarity of thoughts
  • You will be fearless and confident
  • You will face fewer problems and better opportunities

What I have shared in this post comes from my years of working with students and clients. Often students come to my Reiki center to learn Reiki to remove negative energy from their minds and go back feeling refreshed with Reiki energy and the ability to charge their environment with positive energy.

Aura cleansing is a sure way of removing any negativity that has been absorbed by your aura while interacting with people in the outside world. Your aura is the layer of energy around you. If you defocus your eyes you can see other peoples aura with some practice. More that seeing it, its important to clean it when ever you feel the need. Activate Reiki energy and form a cup with your palms and place your hand on your crown chakra and move slowly down till the toes of your foot. Do this three times. When you clear your personal space regularly you can stay away from disease and enjoy good health physically, mentally and emotionally.

A fresh breath of energy changes everything.
Go to new places, read a new book, make new friends, try something new, buy some new stuff for your room, etc. Remove things that remind you of painful past events and bring in some new things that remind you of pleasurable events. Fill your space with motivating, encouraging and positive images and objects. Give Reiki to these things with the intention to increase the positive vibrations.

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Grand Master

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Reiki Courses in Vasai

Learn Reiki in Vasai!

After the Level 1 Reiki course in Vasai last month, I was thinking of visiting Vasai at least once a month. So for the month of April I am pleased to announce Reiki first degree course on 12th April from 2pm onwards that will continue till late evening. Students will develop the ability to do hands on healing to themselves, other people, plants and animals. Please come early because I need to spend some time to understand individual needs and expectations.

Reiki is such a positive energy because it is the spiritual energy of the Universe. Reiki energy is all around us. We can learn to use it for yourself and also offer it to others.

When we give Reiki to someone, they absorb the energy as much as it is required to balance the body, mind and spirit for the highest good. The excess energy is passed into mother Earth. Reiki flows from the Universe into the Reiki practitioner and then into the recipient.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei meaning “Higher Power” and Ki meaning “life force energy”. So Reiki is 'spiritually guided life force energy'. Reiki helps to restore balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki not only accelerates the body's natural healing process but also deep relaxation and feelings of peace, happiness and wellbeing.

During the Reiki course we will cover the history of Reiki and explanation of the Reiki practices for self treatment and treatment of other people. Reiki feels like a wonderful glowing radiance, flowing through you and around you. Reiki can reduce stress, promote relaxation and facilitate healing.

If you are from Vasai or nearby areas like Naigaon, Nalasopara or Virar you can join us for Reiki first degree course in Vasai heal your physical, mental, emotional and karmic imbalances through this spiritual healing technique.

If you enjoy seeing the positive changes taking place in the students after taking the Reiki classes, you can also become a Reiki Master in Vasai and start teaching Reiki to students who wish to learn Reiki in Vasai and nearby areas.

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Grand Master

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