Thursday, 22 March 2018

Reiki Healing Crisis

Reiki Healing Crisis

Reiki healing crisis can be experienced by some first time Reiki clients or some new Reiki practitioners. The Reiki energy flows into the body and heals us at all levels, including the physical, mental and spiritual level. During Reiki healing toxins are released from the body and this can cause loose motions or vomiting.

When someone is taking Reiki treatment in some cases it seems that the symptoms are increasing. This is known due to the healing crisis. We should not be discouraged by this. Reiki practitioner as well as for the person who is taking healing need to have patience.

This is perfectly normal. Reiki healing crisis can also be experienced by few people immediately after being attuned to Reiki. It is not a sign that something is going wrong with the Reiki treatment or attunement. It is not that the healing procedure or the Reiki treatment is not working. It is in fact quite the opposite of this.

This Reiki healing crisis can be experienced by anyone undergone the treatment or the attunement with Reiki. It does not happen with everyone. It happens to few people who have recently started Reiki treatment and have lots of toxins accumulated in the body. It may also be experience by people have not done a Reiki treatment in a long time.

Some individuals may not have healing crisis at all and some may experience healing crisis after several treatment sessions and even some may experience healing crisis with regular Reiki treatments for years.

What causes a healing crisis?

Some people may have several blockages in their bodies. When such a person undergoes a Reiki treatment, their blockages are released at a faster rate. These old toxins which have been released from the blockages make the person experience healing crisis. Sometimes this rapid release of blockages and toxins produces discomfort.

Signs and Symptoms of healing crisis

The healing crisis is experienced in 3 major levels such as physical level, mental level and the spiritual level. Healing crisis is mainly manifested on one of these 3 major levels. This healing crisis lasts for 48 hours to 72 hour.

Symptoms of healing crisis in physical level include symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headaches, muscle fatigue and other mild flu-like symptoms. Symptoms like sore throat or cough may be experienced for one or two days which is self limiting in nature.

These symptoms can be managed by taking some additional amount of water with appropriate rest and warm water bath. Water facilitates the maximum excretion of toxic materials through urination.

Symptoms of healing crisis in mental level

As these symptoms are associated with mental level it produces some of the emotional outbursts coming up for clearing. The person may cry or want to release the grief. The person may recall old events and may feel better on forgiving Past regrets are washed out from the mind by crying or mediation or Reiki healing.

Symptoms of healing crisis in life situation

Sometimes some bigger changes occur in the life during the healing process. The symptoms like shifting to a new city, transfer to a new place, etc. This kind of change in life actually offers the opportunity to clear out the old ways of thinking and to see the life in a new way. Though this kind of healing crisis seems to be more frightening, still it offers new ways for change and progress.

Healing crisis may produce some of the symptoms, which make the people frightened. But all these symptoms which are experienced are the symptoms of release of all the negative energies. As the negative energies are released from the body during the healing process it creates room for the positive divine energies to enter into the body, mind and life.

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+Sachin Bangera


About Sachin Bangera: He is a Master in Educational and Counseling Psychology. He is a soft skills trainer and a Reiki Grand Master. He has trained and developed more than 15 Reiki Masters in Mumbai, Thane, Dubai and Navi Mumbai. He is a gifted tarot card reader and a Mind Power Trainer.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Reiki for Chronic Stomach Pain

Reiki for Stomach Pain

Today I want to share with you a Reiki healing success story. One month back I received a call form a young lady who had learnt Reiki more than 10 years back. She wanted to know if she can use Reiki for chronic stomach pain that she was experiencing since many months.

When she had learned Reiki some years back, she had done her Reiki practice for 21 days. After that she had used Reiki on several occasions with good results. But as time passed her Reiki practice was less frequent.

Then she got busy in her career and there was a long gap in her Reiki practice. She had forgotten almost everything.

What was the cause of her stomach pain?

She was having stomach pain since many months. She was not able to sleep properly. She was also experiencing emotional ups and downs. All this was due to stressful relationships.

She was in depression and she was taking lots of medicine. She felt she was experiencing side effect of these medicines in the form of stomach pain. There was no doubt that she was facing physical health issues but I told her to continue to consult her doctor and continue to take her medicine as per the Doctor's guidance.

The cause of the problem was at the mental and emotional level. The ultimate cause can also be at the spiritual level. So she needed healing at spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

The solution for stomach pain

I suggested her to do a Reiki refresher course and take Reiki healing from me. This will enable her to heal herself and also receive healing once a week. She agreed and did the Reiki refresher course. We had a long Reiki healing session as well on the same day.

During the course, she shared how she has gone through many ups and downs in her married life in last five year. That experience had drained her emotionally.

She was fighting with all this on her own. It was all caused due to relationship problems. She was very upset and she was also in mild depression. Fortunately she has learnt Reiki. She was getting benefited by Reiki. So during this session she learnt it all over again.

The Result of Reiki healing

I give Reiki for stomach pain for almost one and half hour. The pain reduced considerably. The next day she sent a message on my WhatsApp that she had a very good sleep that night. It was not a disturbed sleep. It was a good sound sleep. You see I have screenshot of the WhatsApp conversion between us.

Then we created the structure for what to do so to come out of this problem. I suggested that she has to do Reiki at least 3 times a day on all the chakras and pain areas in this stomach. She agreed to this diligently. After that course she was practicing Reiki everyday.

During the week she gave Reiki self healing to the solar practice chakra and wherever there was pain in the stomach. A lot of pain got relieved in just a few days. Reiki is very simple, wherever there is pain, give Reiki in that part of the body. After one month she share with me, that the pain she was having had completely gone.

So you can see Reiki has really helped her in coming out of these stomach problem and now fortunately these no pain accordingly to her. It's really wonderful to see how Reiki can help in solving such stomach problem.

So anyone his suffering from stomach problem can take inspiration for these success story and then can also apply Reiki for this. I hope these are will be useful for you.


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher

About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of
Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels extensively to spread Reiki to cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dubai, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing

Benefits of Distance Healing

Today lets a talk about the benefits of Reiki distance healing. We all know that Reiki can be the given with the hands on technique. Any Reiki first degree practitioner can do that. Reiki can also has given in distance to people who are at a different location or in a different city. This can be done by anybody who has done the second level of Reiki or third level of Reiki as well as Reiki masters.

The benefits of Reiki distance healing is that it can be given to anyone in any times zone. Reiki distance healing is a very powerful way of energizing someone with Reiki.

Reiki distance healing can be used to:

  1. To heal a situation in which a person is currently in
  2. To heal a relationship
  3. To heal a problem an indivitual is facing
  4. To heal a problem a group is facing
  5. Also problems in which the causes is at the mental or emotional level
In Reiki distance healing method, the root cause of whatever is the problem of solved at an energetic level. Reiki practitioners uses the Reiki distance healing symbols for this purpose. The Reiki energy is sent beyond distance and time to any location. Reiki does the healing for the highest good of all concerned.

The main benefits of Reiki Distance Healing is that:

  • You don't have to travel 
  • It can be done anywhere and any time
  • You can enjoys the same kind of relaxation as touch healing
  • You can get the same kind of feeling of well being
  • The practitioner feels the same kind of feeling of entering the zone
  • The practitioner feels the same kind of warmth that you can feel from hands of healing
  • Distance healing is used to solve relationship issues as well
  • It can be used to heal addiction of any kind. Addiction could be for substance or to a person
  • Distance healing can also be done for healing at the physical level for acne's of pain and for increase of energy
  • After distance healing person may feel warm
  • There is more clarity in thinking
  • Pain can be reduce

So all in all distance healing can be used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level healing.
The Reiki third degree practitioner (& above) can do distance healing at spiritual level. People who are not yet fully aliened to their life purpose can be come aliened to their life purpose with this kind of healing.

How to set up Reiki Distance Healing?

What is required for a distance? You need to setup a time and date for the session. The session could be anywhere between 20 minutes to half an hour. For a small problem 1 session should be enough. For a big or complex problem healing is done for 1 or more weeks. While scheduling your distance healing session you must describe your needs or problem in detail. The full name and photos of all people involved in the problem, goal or situation will also be required.

How do people feel after a distance healing session?

  • Most people feel the flow of Reiki during a distance healing session
  • There is a different kind of feeling of joy. 
  • The day gets better. 
  • You feel good. 
  • Works get done faster. 
  • Their are more coincidences. 
  • Things workout someway or the other. 
  • Some people may experience miracles. 
  • Unexpected positive experience may happen.

All these are results of distance healing. Changes can be experienced during the days ahead. Reiki Distance Healing can be very effective in bringing positive changes in the life.

At a suitable time and date the distance healing session will be completed and you can experience all the benefits of Reiki distance healing yourself.

If you would like to share the benefits you or your client have received out of a Reiki distance healing session, please feel free to share it for the benefit of others

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+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Grand Master

About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of
Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels extensively to spread Reiki to cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dubai, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik. He also conducts Professional Tarot Card Courses, Mind Power Workshops, Crystal Healing Courses in Mumbai. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Reiki in Melbourne Australia

Reiki in Melbourne Australia

Nalanda Reiki center is proud to present Reiki training in Australia. We are starting with Reiki 1st degree course on the coming on Sunday in Melbourne Australia. The Reiki 1st degree course you learn how to heal yourself and other with hands on healing.You will be attunement to Reiki in the Reiki 1st degree course.

Reiki 1st degree course in Melbourne

In the Reiki 1st degree course you learn what is Reiki?
  • What are some of the benefits of Reiki
  • What is the history behind Reiki? 
  • What are the principal of Reiki? 
  • What are the way in which you can heal yourself? 
  • How to heal your Chakras?
  • Information about Chakras system. 
  • You will also learn how to heal others?
  • How to charge water? 
  • How to charge your belongings with the power of Reiki?
  • How to charge fruits and juices with this positive energy, so that you can drink that juice and get energize. 
  • You can energies others with the positive energy of Reiki.

Reiki 2nd degree course in Melbourne

In  Reiki 2nd degree course you will learn how to heal yourself and others at mental and emotional level. You will also learn the technique of distance healing. We are planning do the 2nd degree course in Melbourne in the 2nd weak of this month and every month.

The Reiki 2nd degree course makes you are more flexible. You go beyond time and space. The limitation of time and space is not be applicable to you. You can heal cross distances, giving you the ability to heal somebody sitting in some other city.

Reiki is a very simple effective technique. As a Reiki practitioner your Reiki is complete with the 3rd degree of Reiki. So we will conduct the Reiki 3rd degree course on the 3rd Sunday of every month in Melbourne.

Reiki 3rd degree is for those who want to heal themselves and other at the spiritual level. In this course you are healed at the level of karma. You become aligned to your life purpose and you can continue your spiritual journey with Reiki.

Reiki 3rd degree course in Melbourne

We will do Reiki 3rd degree course in the 3rd weak of every month. So in this way we going to conduct many Reiki course in Melbourne Australia every month. You will also have additional Reiki 1st degree courses in the 4th weekend for the benefit of students in Melbourne.

Those who want to learn Reiki at home can also arrange a Reiki course their own home. That is more convenient for many people and those who want to arrange a private session at other time, during weekdays, that can be work out.

So those who want to learn Reiki in Melbourne can contact us on +91-9820850475. Start to benefit from the wonderful practice of Reiki. Allow Reiki is transfer your life for the better and for the good of all.

WhatsApp us on 9820850475 for more details.


+Sachin Bangera


Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds Masters degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology. His mission is to have a Reiki practitioner in every home on this planet by 2022 in collaboration with Reiki Masters all over the world. He has trained and developed more than 15 Reiki Masters in Delhi, Mumbai, Thane, Dubai and Navi Mumbai. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai as well as online Reiki courses.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Reiki Classes in Bangalore

Reiki Classes in Bangalore

I am happy to announce that Nalanda Reiki Center is going to conduct Reiki courses in Bangalore in March 2018. As you know, Reiki is a spiritual healing method for healing the mind, body and the spirit.

There many benefits of Reiki. First of all, it helps in reducing stress. Secondly, you can heal yourself and your family members. Thirdly, you can also heal plants and animals. In fact you can heal anyone and anything under the sun.

There are five levels in Reiki. In the first level of Reiki you learn to how to heal self and others at physical level. Any aches or pains can disappear in just a few minutes of Reiki healing.

In the second level of Reiki, you learn to how to heal yourself and others at mental and emotional level. You can also heal somebody at a distance. Even in problems where more then one person or a group of people is involved, you can  do the healing.

The third level of Reiki is about healing at the spiritual level. After the third level most Reiki practitioners experience that they are more aligned to their life purpose. As time passes. things become easy for them. There is more and more grace in life.

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You are more aligned with the universe and your manifestation is fast. The moment you think something, the universe was goes on to work on your goals and realize it for you. After the third level of Reiki a person can go on to become a Reiki master. As a Reiki master you can teach level 1, 2 and 3 to others.

Its a wonderful experience to be a Reiki master because you learn lot more when you are teaching other. After a few years of teaching as a Reiki master you are ready for Reiki Grand Master level, where you can also pass on Reiki Master degree to others. For every degree there is a attunement process in which blocks are removed from the pathway through which the Reiki energy flows.

Each level of Reiki will cleans your channel and further activate higher and higher abilities. After  every level few days of practice is a must so that you master the recommended skills and abilities that you learn in each level and then move on to the next level.

Reiki has been  practice for hundreds of years and its passed from the Guru to the disciple.  When the disciple is qualified to become a Guru, he goes on the teach Reiki to other people. So in this way for hundreds of years the system of Reiki have been passed on form generation to generation. Its was only the last century that Mikao Usui thought of spreading Reiki to the common man.

Reiki started to be used for healing others. All Reiki practitioners are recommended to remind themselves and read the Reiki principles. "Just for today I will not be angry, I will not be worry, I will be grateful for everything and I will do my work properly and I will be kind to all people.

Another major part of the Reiki system is the meditation. Daily meditation allows us to be in a peaceful and happy state of mind. With meditation you can be more aware, you can be more conscious of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Rather then be reactive, you can be proactive and bring more control in your life.

Reiki is a wonderful thing to learn and everybody should learn it. It's great have to at least 1 Reiki practitioner in the family so that anyone needs healing, Reiki can be given. Many Reiki practitioners feel that their close family members and friends should also learn Reiki. So if you are from Bangalore then you can take advantages of these upcoming Reiki courses in Bangalore.

This Reiki training in Bangalore can be attended by all people who are living in Indiranagar, Vijaynagar, JP Nagar and Malleswaram. All can come and attend these Reiki courses in Bangalore. I am also planning to do Reiki master degree course. Once you became a Reiki master you can open your own institute of Reiki training and healing in your area and you can teach Reiki to others.

So I look forward to my Bangalore visit and I am really excited about the Reiki classes in Bangalore. I am going to conduct many Reiki courses in Bangalore in the future as well. If you are Reiki master and if you are thinking of becoming Reiki master, I can train you to become a ethical and powerful Reiki master. I can guide you in how to have the best Reiki classes in Bangalore by training yourself and developing yourself to be a powerful and ethical Reiki master.

+Sachin Bangera


Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds Masters degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology. His mission is to have a Reiki practitioner in every home on this planet by 2022 in collaboration with Reiki Masters all over the world. He has trained and developed more than 16 Reiki Masters in Delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Dubai and Australia. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai as well as online Reiki courses.

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