Tuesday 5 April 2022

Reiki Healing for Arthritis

Reiki Healing for Arthritis

Today I would like to share my experience about how Reiki helped one of my students in dealing with Arthritis. Arthritis is a painful condition and in traditional medicine there is no cure for this. Only the symptoms can be managed through medicine. Alternative techniques like Reiki can further improve the health condition.

When Falguni first came to my Reiki centre she was in a very painful condition. Reiki works wonders when it is done for pain management. Our Reiki healing session when on for an hour. After that she was feeling much better and was convinced that Reiki is for her. She signed up for the upcoming Reiki level 1 course.

During the course she was overwhelmed by joy as she could see that it could be possible to live without pain. Since arthritis is an illness that needs regular healing by an experienced Reiki practitioner or a Reiki Master we continued our weekly in person Reiki healing sessions. In addition to that we had out daily Reiki distance healing sessions.

Now Falguni was a Reiki level 1 practitioner. She was doing her self Reiki healing regularly. With Reiki healing, the stiffness, inflammation and joint pain she was experiencing had reduced significantly. 

When she came for her 3rd weekly Reiki healing session there were tears in her eyes because Reiki had helped her live a much improved quality of life which she doubted would be every possible due to her health issues.

She was suffering from Arthritis since 4-5 years. Her condition kept getting worse with time so she was exploring various modalities when she stumbled upon Reiki. The earlier we start Reiki treatment to Arthritis patients the better is the results. Better late than never! 

Falguni told me that the first important benefit she got from Reiki was that Reiki helped her in getting  control over the pain to a very large extent. This happened in the very first Reiki healing session and kept getting better and better with each day.

Many arthritis patients are unable to do their day to day activities and live a normal life. But Falguni's was regaining her flexibility and strength. 

With the help of Reiki as the pain reduced, Falguni was able to live a much better quality of life. She was also thankful because Reiki had also reduce her dependence on the usage of pain medication. She was finally able to stop worrying about the multiple side effects that medications could have on her body.

The second most important benefit of Reiki for arthritis patient is that they are able to overcome the stiffness of the body and the are able to move more freely than before with the help of Reiki. 

The third most important benefit of Reiki for arthritis patients is that they able to deal with their emotions and instead of going into depression they are able to maintain a positive and optimistic state of mind. 

This helps in dealing with their condition better and gives them hope and inspiration to improve their living condition with time. 

Reiki can help an arthritis patient to feel that they are in control of their life and the can do something about their health issues and their physical condition can improve. This feeling makes them feel much more positive and optimistic of their future.

Sachin Bangera

Reiki Grand Master