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Reiki Second Degree Benefits & Course Contents

Reiki Second degree Course

Reiki second degree course is for students who have completed Reiki first degree course and have been practicing Reiki at least for at least 21 days on a fairly regular basis. 

If there have been breaks in between its fine. Whats more important is how you feel when you do Reiki. Do you feel good? Positive? Relaxed? 

If the answer is yes then you are read to advance further on the Reiki path. Reiki is a system and you have to learn it in its entirety for maximum benefit.

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What's Possible with Reiki Second Degree Course

Reiki second degree gives you power to create new realities with Reiki symbols. Reiki level 1 opens up a new world for many people but you are limited to physical realities. With Reiki level 2 you break free from that and enter a new realm where you can go beyond time and space.

One of my student resolved a property dispute in her family after applying Reiki level 2 techniques. The property was very big and was worth a fortune. It was unbelievable for her to see how things changed. If was a miracle for her.

If the students practice in insufficient, I have sometimes asked students to practice self healing or some other assignment for few more days before accepting his/her request to learn Reiki second degree.

Reiki 2nd degree course should be taken once you complete your 21 day practice of Reiki first degree. You are ready for Reiki 2nd degree attunement when any of these things happen:

  • You feel more relaxed, happy, peaceful, etc during your daily Reiki self treatment
  • You notice change in your behavior, like feeling more calm, balanced, etc.
  • You have experienced peace, happiness or joy during your meditation or Reiki practice
  • You feel good when Reiki energy is flowing through you
  • You feel like doing Reiki more often
  • You can feel changes in your body and hands when Reiki energy is flowing through you
  • You have given Reiki treatment to a family member or friend and they felt better
  • You have improved your health or state of mind in some way
  • You feel you are growing spiritually with your Reiki practice
  • You feel like making Reiki a part of your life
  • You feel an inner calling for Reiki second degree course
If you feel any one of the above symptoms then you are ready to move ahead.

Reiki Second Degree Benefits:

  • Your healing power is increased 10 folds
  • Your Reiki experience is deepened
  • You can treat more that 1 person at once
  • Your touch healing becomes faster and more powerful
  • You learn to do distance healing to friends and family in other city
  • You can heal past, present and future
  • Heal the inner child
  • You develop your intuition and creativity
  • You get access to become emotionally free
  • You can heal people at mental and emotional level
  • Heal people who feel low or depressed
  • You can heal people in different time zones
  • Activate Reiki faster than before
  • and much more!!!

Reiki 2nd Degree Benefits

Reiki 2nd degree course contents

  • Quick recap and discussion on experiences of Reiki level 1
  • Expectations and goals
  • Introduction to Reiki Symbols and their uses
  • Reiki 2nd degree symbols - how to draw the symbols, their meanings and pronunciation
  • Reiki 2nd degree attunement to the energies of the symbols
  • Healing with the power of intention
  • 3 ways to draw the symbols 
  • Meditation on the Reiki symbols
  • Discuss various applications of the Reiki symbols
  • How to conduct distance healing session
  • How to give Reiki to achieve goals
  • Send distance healing to someone
  • Emotional healing of past events
  • Using Reiki to heal addictions
  • How to get rid of fear and other negative emotions
  • How to energize outcomes and goals for manifestation
  • Ethical considerations in your practice of Reiki 2nd degree
  • How to do Relationship healing with Reiki
  • Question and Answer session
  • Awarding Reiki second degree certificate of completion
  • Instruction for your 21 days practice on self and others
  • Overview of Reiki 3rd Degree contents and benefits

Upcoming Reiki 2nd Degree Course

Every week we conduct Reiki second degree course. Choose the batch that is convenient to you.
  • Online Course - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning from 7am to 9am
  • Online Course  - Thursday, Friday & Saturday morning from 7am to 9am
  • Live course - at Nalanda Reiki Center on alternate Saturday's from 10 am to 5 pm 

= = = > Click here to Register - Reiki Level 2 Course

This is followed by 21 day practice session under the guidance of one of our teachers. Once you complete the course you will get access to our monthly Reiki level 2 webinars.

  • Energy exchange is Rs 5000 or $ 80 by Paypal.
  • Indian students can register here - Reiki Level 2 Course
  • International students can register here - Reiki Level 2 Course
  • If you want to use any other mode of payment, Whatsapp me on +91-9820850475
  • You will get your Reiki level 2 manual, certificate and mp3 of all the exercises for your daily practice and lifetime guidance!

With the Reiki second degree course your Reiki training will be 66% complete. You will learn to heal at mental and emotional level. You will also be able to heal individuals and groups and help them act for the highest good of all.

You will be able to heal upcoming events of life like an interview or an important meeting and much more!

About the Author: +Sachin Bangera

Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Pune, Thane & Navi Mumbai. His mission is to spread Reiki to 1 million people each year through his blog, workshops and team of Reiki Teachers. He is an expert in remote Reiki healing for relationship issues.

He holds a Masters degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology. He is also a certified Master Coach. He is committed to spreading Reiki and create health, wealth and happiness for everyone he comes in contact with.

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