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Reiki for Hyperactive Children

Reiki for Hyperactive Children

Hyperactive kids can be difficult to control. Many parents wonder how to calm a hyperactive child and stumble upon Reiki. Since Reiki is one of the natural remedies for hyperactive kids, parents want to learn to use Reiki for hyperactive kids. Their purpose is to make them calm so that its easy to handle them.

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Parents of hyperactive children are very concerned about them. They find it difficult to control the hyperactive child. Even to take care of them, it takes lot of energy and lots of patience.

They go all over the place, jumping from here to there. Some hyperactive kids are fond of talking all the time. When parents learn about Reiki they want to see if Reiki can help hyperactive kids.

They are willing to try anything that can help calm down the child.

Reiki for hyperactive Children

Those who practice Reiki know by their own experience that Reiki calms you down. So when Reiki practitioners see parents struggle with hyperactive kids they suggest them to try Reiki.

We know that Reiki helps in balancing the chakras. When the chakras are balanced the corresponding glands in the endocrine system are also balanced.With Reiki anyone can become more calm, relaxed and peaceful.

I suggest parents who have hyperactive children should learn Reiki or go to a nearby Reiki center or a friend who knows Reiki.

If the Reiki center is far away then best is to learn Reiki because then you don't have to travel. Also while they are awake it may be difficult to give them Reiki. While they are sleeping at home, giving Reiki to children becomes easy.

You can give Reiki on the 7 chakras and the brain. This will calm them down. There will be positive result even in the first few times you do Reiki. With regular healing will make them more and more calm, relaxed and peaceful.

Reiki is harmless. It has no side effects. I have seen many people benefit from this. That is way Reiki is becoming more and more popular, all by word of mouth.

Reiki is not being advertised on the TV. There is no Pharmaceutical company backing Reiki. Even then Reiki is spreading. Many of my students learn Reiki and fall in love with Reiki. And then they want their entire family to learn Reiki.

I have students who have given Reiki to their hyperactive children. They found some of the below results:
  • Complaints from school reduced
  • Parents not called for naughty boys meeting
  • Better marks and results
  • Eats well, feels hungry
  • Taking responsibility more than before
  • Listens to parents more than before
  • Reduced shouting

So I strongly recommend parents who have hyperactive kids and who were looking for a natural remedy for their hyperactive child to try Reiki.

How to Calm Hyperactive Children

Reiki has a calming effect. Reiki relaxes you. Reiki calms you down. Mind becomes peaceful. If adults can have this effect then why not children. Many times when Reiki is given to adults or even children, they fall asleep.

In Reiki second degree you can give Reiki to anyone at a distance or without touching. So once you learn Reiki second degree you can give Reiki to hyperactive kids without touching even when they are awake and active or when they are extremely hyperactive.

How to Treat Hyperactive Children

There are many techniques to give Reiki to children. You can give Reiki hugs to children. You can give Reiki water to children. You can do chakra healing regularly to calm them down over a period of time. Reiki makes them more balanced. The best thing about Reiki is you can see the results for yourself.

Parents of hyperactive children are so stressful. They can use Reiki to relax themselves and release all the accumulated stress. They can charge themselves daily so that they are empowered to handle the hyperactive child.

There is no loss in Reiki and there is lot to gain on personal front as well as in dealing with the hyperactive child effectively.

Reiki has many, many benefits. Suppose the child gets hurt then then you can do Reiki to heal that or relieve the pain too.

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+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher

About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of
Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels extensively to spread Reiki to cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dubai, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.