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How to use the Reiki box

The Reiki Box Technique

Reiki is a peaceful and the most serene way of infusing positive energies and composure into all aspects of life. You may have discussed how to create your own Reiki box and energize it for various things in your Reiki first degree class.

The impact of Reiki box has been immense on many Reiki practitioners and has proven to make lives more productive, happier, healthier and content.

In the last post we discussed the various benefits giving Reiki to our goals. Today we will go futher and see how the Reiki box technique can bring magical or miraculous results in our lives.

You can really enjoy the process of creating your very own Reiki box and using it to heal the various situations of your lives. The Reiki box uses an extremely simple technique in the Usui System of Natural Healing It is indeed considered to be one of the finest practices in Reiki to bring in more harmony and peace.

How to make a Reiki box?

Any box can become a Reiki box. To start with even a box made of paper will do. Then you start decorating it. What makes a Reiki box different is the purpose we use it for. Usually we use the Reiki box to achieve our dreams, goals and desires so we can decorate it as beautifully as we can because our dreams are most dear to us.

The next step is writing down your goals on a piece of paper and put it in the Reiki box. You can actually ask anything you desire. A Reiki box is a small place where you can send all your energies and then use them to make things and situations better in life. Even family members can write their goals and put the chits on the Reiki box even if they are yet to learn Reiki and be attuned to Reiki.

How to send Reiki to your Reiki Box?

  • Now that you have everything ready and prepared inside your Reiki Box. It’s time to charge it with the supreme power of Reiki.
  • You just need to place your hands on the Reiki Box and let the positive Reiki energy flow in, call for the positive energy, just like you usually do. 
  • Let the energy get infused in the box naturally and just let it flow. 
  • Just be positive, clear your thoughts and let the magical wonders of Reiki flow in.
  • Empower the Reiki Box with Reiki and the rest would happen all by itself.
The basic idea in the Reiki box method is to use the positive Reiki energies to reach all the goals in your life. There are many things a Reiki box, also known as Reiki manifestation box, can hold, like your requests & prayers, photos to whom you wish to send Reiki, future dreams, goals & aspirations, healing for your job or business, healing relations, performance, productivity and much more. Basically, anything under the Sun.

You can use this simply amazing Reiki box to achieve success in the various aspects of your life.
The Reiki wish box is is your own gateway to happiness, growth and accomplishment in life. The more you use it the better it gets. While doing distance healing it makes a huge difference when you make a Reiki distance healing box to add up the positive powers of Reiki.

The Reiki box method has been followed in numerous cultures and traditions. You can charge your Reiki box as per your convenience, in the best of your mood and time available.

Once you have energized the currents set of intentions in the box, you can keep adding newer things in the Reiki intention box. Daily add even more positive energy in your intentions. 

I like to write 'Thank you Reiki' and keep the written notes after I have successfully been able to achieve the goals written on them. This way you make newer and better things to come in to your life faster and spread happiness all around your life.

The Reiki box method is a easy technique for wish fulfillment and goal manifestation. For this reason Reiki wish box is extensively used for multiple intentions, including distance healing.

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+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center


About Sachin: Sachin is a Reiki Master / Teacher. He has been teaching Reiki since 2005. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. He has also conducted Reiki courses in Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

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  1. Why do Reiki Masters call themselves Reiki Grand Masters?
    When we learnt Reiki years ago, we were told that the Reiki Grand Masters were the ones you really rediscovered Reiki, and brought it to the rest of the world.
    For us they are the only Reiki Grand Masters, and we all are Reiki Masters/ Teachers.

    1. I believe Spiritual growth matters more than title. The title Reiki Grand Master is used mainly in India to denote someone who has considerable experience in teaching Reiki and is capable enough to guide and coach new Reiki Masters. Reiki Grand Master also refers to those who have trained many Reiki Masters. The term Reiki Grand Master is not used in India at least, to denote someone who rediscovered Reiki. Because in that sense, the only person who rediscovered Reiki was Mikao Usui.