Thursday 27 February 2014

Reiki Courses in Mumbai

Upcoming Reiki Courses in Mumbai

Reiki is a healing art as well as a spiritual practice. When I got introduced to Reiki in the year 2000 I thought I could learn Reiki by reading a book, but soon I realized that just as nobody can learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book.

Nobody can learn something as practical as Reiki because Reiki is passed from the Reiki Master to the student during a process called attunement during the Reiki course.

I was happy to discover that when you learn Reiki you are not only benefiting yourself but your family, friend circle, workplace, all people and all areas of your life. All animate beings and inanimate objects in your environment benefit from Reiki. You become one with the Universe through the Universal life force Energy - Reiki!

Reiki is learnt in 3 stages. You begin with the Reiki first degree course. During this course you learn the hands-on method of healing self and others. With this method you can not only gain and maintain good health but also progress further on the spiritual path.

In Reiki 1st degree course, besides other things you will learn more about the Teachings of Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki. His teachings are so simple and so profound: "Just for today, do not worry, do not anger, be humble, work honestly and be compassionate to others."

With these teachings and your Reiki practice your energy is balanced and you become ready for the next Reiki attunement.

With Reiki second degree course you begin to resonate with the Universal life force energy in a dynamic way. You are no longer limited to time and space and you are able to express your compassion to others by healing plants, animals, humans, etc even at a distance.

After Reiki 2nd Degree attunement many people experience the feeling  of oneness, peace and an overall sense of well-being. Your sensitivity is enhanced and you are able to be receptive to intuitive guidance from your higher self.

I have been conducting Reiki courses in Mumbai for more than a decade and I have seen that after Reiki level 2 many people realize that they are inherently spiritual being. They are not only able to grasp the spiritual teachings but also practice it practically in their day to day life.

In the Reiki Third Degree course you learn how to heal various issues at the cause level. This often produces miracles and solutions to multiple problems in one go.

Another important topic in Reiki 3rd Degree course is the understanding of the Hara point. This is a energy center located at the center of our body and it is the seat of gravity, power, balance and vitality. With this understanding you get direct access to holistic well being at all levels - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

With the teachings of Reiki third degree you experience oneness with the people around you, with nature and all living beings in your environment. This completes your learning of Reiki. By the time you complete all the 3 Reiki classes, you become a powerful healer.

At this stage many people come to the understanding that we are all connected. Some people feel the urge to give this gift of Reiki to others so that they can also understand and feel the oneness with existence. For them there is the Reiki Master Degree Training.

Reiki Healing Session at our Mumbai center:

In a Reiki session all you have to do is sit comfortably. The Reiki Practitioner/Master places his/her hand just above your body and Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner and heals you. A one hour session will leave you refreshed and energized.

If you have a physical health problem you can take Reiki healing sessions along with your Doctors prescription. It is highly recommended that you learn Reiki (at least first degree) so that you can participate in your own healing and accelerate the speed of recovery.

When you learn and practice Reiki or take Reiki healing from a Reiki Practitioner you will occasionally experience unexpected healing taking place. This is because Reiki heals you holistically. You might want to solve only problems that you are aware of but Reiki heals you completely, at all levels. This is the beauty of Reiki.

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