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Reiki Relationship Healing with Symbols

Reiki Relationship Healing to live a Life full of Joy and Happiness.

Our life is meaningful because of loving relationships. The moment we start to learn Reiki our relationships start to get better. In the first degree course we learn to heal ourselves.

Our mind becomes calm. We become less reactive. Our mind becomes more balanced. Anger subsides. All this is bound to reflect positively on our relationships, isn't it?

When you recite the Reiki Principles as part of our daily Reiki practice it helps us in being more loving and kind. This goes a long way in maintaining healthy and positive relationships.

But sometimes due to misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations or some other cause, we may experience relationship issues. Relationship problems can give us a lot of stress and anxiety. This is when the need for using Reiki for Relationship healing arises.

Can Reiki Real Relationships?

Yes Reiki can heal relationships but since relationship is a concept and not a physical thing, you need to at least learn Reiki second degree to do healing at this level effectively. As a second or third degree practitioner, you can use the Reiki symbols to heal the important relationships of your life.

When you have identified a relationship which you want to restore to the same or higher levels of satisfaction and love, you can work on it just after your daily Reiki practice. Your commitment to bring back the love and sweetness in that relationship contributes a lot in making it happen.

Can we do Reiki healing for relationships without permission?

Usually when we do specific Reiki healing for a problem faced by a person, we take permission of the person to be healed. In case of relationship healing things are different.

In this video I have explained this topic in more detail.

Since it is partly in Hindi I will summarize it in English here. When we are healing our relationship with someone for the highest good of all there is no need to take permission. We can heal relationships between 2 or more person with Reiki. Reiki being an intelligent energy will do the needful for us.

If you don't know Reiki, I recommend that you learn Reiki because Reiki has many benefits and is useful in all area of life. You can also take the help of an experience Reiki Practitioner or a Reiki Master for sending Reiki to heal a relationship.

I have myself used Reiki for broken relationships or in couple relationships where things are good but not as great as they can be.

I have students who have used Reiki to improve relationships with their better half, mother in law, business partner, friend, etc. I have done distance Reiki for healing relationships, including love relationships, family relationships and business relationships.

I have parents who have improved their relationships with their children. I have a student who had a very bad boss but after Reiki she became very friendly and cooperative. I have seen couples improving their relationships with Reiki. So Reiki works on all types of relationships.

Follow these steps to heal your relationship with Reiki:

    Reiki Symbol Sei He Ki
  • Step 1 : You can start with sending some Reiki love light to the person. If you are a visual person you can see yourself and the person in your minds eye and see the white light surrounding both of you. 
  • Step 2 : Just be aware of the emotions and images from the past that arises. When they do arise just allow the images to appear and then draw the Sei He Ki symbol for emotional healing of that past event. You will feel the negative emotions releasing if you are aware and you notice the changes that are taking place in your mind and body.
  • Step 3 : Once you are free from all negativity. You can see the person from points of view other that you have had till now. When you see the person, situation and events from various perspectives you are able to find things for you can acknowledge and appreciate the other persons involved in the healing process. 
  • Step 4: You can mentally thank and express your gratitude for being there in your life. End by energizing positive thoughts with the Cho Ku Rei power symbol. Draw and repeat the words 3 times and notice the positive sensations and the flow of Reiki energy. If you are Reiki first degree Practitioner you can do this healing without the Reiki symbols.

Thank the Reiki Energy, your Reiki Guides, all people involved in the healing, your Reiki Masters and yourself for being a channel of Reiki for improving relationships and making this world a more loving place. Let the Reiki Energy flow through you as long as you wish and end your session.

Many people have used Reiki to improve relationships with success. If you are willing to share your experience for the benefit of others, please do share in the comments section below.

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Posted By +Sachin Bangera:

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