Wednesday 26 February 2014

Reiki Third Degree Course

Reiki Third Degree Course

The Reiki third degree attunement opens and expands your energy channels to allow Reiki to heal you at the highest spiritual level.

The 3rd degree attunement clears any remaining blockages and can create significant energy changes in an individual to further the process of personal transformation.

Your reason for learning Reiki third degree!

There are various reasons one can have for learning Reiki third degree, check the below to find what reasons resonate with you:

  • Self actualization or Self realization
  • Enlightenment or Buddhahood
  • Desire to give powerful Reiki healing to others
  • Expand your personal growth
  • Being healed & heal others at spiritual level 
  • Expand your spiritual development
  • Transform your life totally
  • Get in touch with your life purpose 
  • Heal your past karma 
  • Improve your connection with the Universe
  • Bring total balance in all areas of life
  • Experience more miracles in life

About Reiki 3rd degree Attunement

In the Reiki 3rd degree course you will be attuned to 2 more Reiki symbols. This will give you the ability to heal anyone at the level of the soul. This is the highest level of healing.

This course will also help you be even more effective in healing at all other levels, the mind, body and emotions because when healing happens at the highest level, the are multiple positive effects at all levels.

Meditation on Reiki third degree symbols allows you to experience the increased flow of energy and the power of these symbols.

You will also be learning a Reiki technique that the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui Sensei used to grow spiritually.

You will experience what it feels like when you perform treatments using this technique, for healing self and others.

You will not only learn new symbols and be attuned to them but you will also become familiar with their energies and learn how to use them in your life.

You will enjoy chanting and meditating on the mantras in a new way and add a new tool for treating yourself and others while doing healing in person as well as distant healing.

If you have a question about Reiki level 3 or Reiki in general, write to me on  Or on WhatsApp +91-9820850475 Or on Facebook

Register for Reiki Third Degree Course

Every week we conduct 2 batches for Reiki third degree course.

You can choose the batch that is convenient to you:
  • Weekdays - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning from 7am to 9am
  • Sunday full day - 10 am to 5 pm

This course is followed by 21 day practice session under the guidance of one of our teachers.

Once you complete the course you will get access to our monthly Reiki level 3 webinars where we expand our understanding of the practices of this degree.

Energy exchange for Reiki third degree course is INR 10000 for Indian students and $ 180 (By PayPal) for students from other countries.

  • Indian students can register and  - Reiki Level 3 Course
  • For PayPal and other modes of payment Whatsapp me on +91-9820850475
  • You will get your Reiki level 3 manual, certificate and mp3 of all the exercises for your daily practice and lifetime guidance!

With the Reiki third degree course your Reiki training will be 100% complete.

After you practice for 3 months you with outstanding results you can apply to become a Reiki Master with Nalanda Reiki Center.

If you have any questions regarding your registration in this Reiki third degree course please call or WhatsApp on +91-9820850475.


Reiki Grand Master

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Shop No 171, 1st floor, Raghuleela Mall, 
Off S. V. Road, Poisar, Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 09820850475

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