Friday 21 February 2014

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Some days back I shared my thoughts on the ideal time between Reiki Attunements and today I am going to share something about the Reiki Attunement ceremony.

The Reiki Attunement Ceremony is the heart of all the Reiki courses. It is during this attunement ceremony that the abilities of the respective Reiki levels is passed on to the student by the Reiki Master.

Reiki is a spiritual energy. Watch this video....

Before the attunement ceremony begins the Reiki Master will tell you what to expect during the Reiki attunement session. Reiki Masters will prepare themselves for attunement by practicing Reiki and meditation along with other processes to prepare the room for this event.

Usually there is soft music playing in the background while you sit comfortably with closed eyes. The Reiki Master will begin by a small prayer, asking for guidance and blessings from Usui Sensei and other spiritual guides.

Your hands will be in prayer position as ask your Reiki Master for the particular Reiki degree. Sit with your back straight and your hands resting in your lap and your feet flat on the floor. Notice your breathing, thoughts, sensations, feelings, vibrations, etc. Let your mind wander on these things freely. No need to focus or concentrate on anything. Just be in the moment!

After some time you will sense your Reiki Master's hand on or above your crown chakra, your head, neck shoulders and back. You Reiki Master will walk around you activating your 7 chakras on your spine and the 2 chakras in your hands.

Different people experience different things in different parts of the body. Some feel heavyness, some feel lightness, some feel a breeze of heat or cold. Some people experience a mild heaviness in the head and other regions, some see a white light, while others see colours and even images of Gods and Goddesses. Some experience ticking or vibration in different parts of the body including the third eye chakra. Some experience movement in one or more of the chakras. Many feel sleepy and most feel relaxed and calm. Some rare people are also there who don't feel anything or who are busy chanting or doing something else while the attunement process so don't notice these experiences.

Once the attunement process is complete your Reiki Master will indicate to you my taping your right shoulder or by ringing a bell. Thank the Reiki energy and your Reiki Master for passing on the abilities associated with the Reiki level that you have been attuned to.

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After the Reiki attunement ceremony you can share your experience with your Reiki Master and other students. Each and every person has a different experience. Do not compare your experience with others. If you feel warm and the other student felt cold, it does not mean you have not been attuned.

Some people who do not meditate regularly may be able to be aware of and acknowledge all that they experienced during their attunement but that does not stop them from getting the full benefits.

Some people may not be able to articulate their experience effectively because it is an inner exprience. Many people are not able to identify all the subtle changes because they are not so sensitive to inner processes due to lack of regular meditative practices.

There are always some students who are  busy expecting some unusual sensation and miss out on their actual experience. Irrespective of the experience, the ability is activated in all the students who go through the attunement process and it is for a life time. 

For some people it may be beneficial to get a reattunement after a year, especially if there is a long break in your Reiki practice. Those who practice Reiki regularly do not need reattunements because they can easily feel Reiki flow and they get results when they do their touch and distance Reiki sessions.

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Have you been attuned to any of the levels of Reiki? What was your experience during the attunement ceremony? Would you like to share it with us?

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