Tuesday 27 March 2018

Reiki Courses in Basingstoke

Reiki courses in Basingstoke

Nalanda Reiki Center is happy to announce Reiki courses in Basingstoke, Buckinghamsire & Berkshire in the UK.

Reiki is a natural healing art. Those who believe in natural living are easily attracted to Reiki.
The purpose of Nalanda Reiki Center is to create powerful healers and Reiki Masters all over the world and make this planat a healthy and happy place for all its inhabitants.

Reiki is beautiful because from the very first level of Reiki you gain the ability to heal yourself and your loved ones by gentle touch.

Reiki relaxes your body and calms your mind. You can feel the effects of Reiki immediately.  This is the reason why it is becoming so popular all over the world.

It is a must for anyone who wants to progress on the spiritual path and at the same time Reiki can also help you achieve your material goals. Its fun to manifest your dreams with Reiki.

The thing that surprizes many people is that Reiki is so easy to learn and apply in your daily life.
Sometimes people wonder if they can learn something that has so many benefits in just one day...???!!!

The truth is that when you surrender to the Divine, many things in life become easy and effortless. This truth is only realized as you progress on the spiritual path.

Wouldn't it be nice to learn Reiki from a teacher who has 18 years of experience in Reiki? And imagine how it will be to use Reiki to attract abundance, health and better relationships in your life?

This month we are going to conduct a number of Reiki courses in Basingstoke, Newbury and Thatcham. We will have Reiki first degree and second degree courses in small groups on weekends.

 During weekdays we will one to one sessions for Reiki third degree (3A) as well as Reiki Master degree (3B). The experience of Reiki attunement and Reiki self healing is wonderful!

We have plans to conduct Reiki training in small groups in Aylesbury, Wooburn Green, Hazlemere, Bourne End, Marlow, Taplow, Wendover, Ascot, Cookham, Princes Risborough and Buckinghamsire. Those who would like to host Reiki courses can contact us and help is spread Reiki in your neighborhood!

Hosting a Reiki course for your community can be greatly satisfying and rewarding experience!
Please note: Reiki is a spiritual healing art and is not a substitute for medical care. In Reiki we do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Reiki can be helpful to everyone but those who have a medical condition should consult a health practitioner and follow their advise.

We are based in Basingstoke and many students from London, Oxfordshire, Amersham, Berkshire, Thame, Watlington, Chesham, Henley and Great Messeden find it convinient to attend our Reiki courses.

If you want to learn Reiki level 1, 2, 3A or 3B, you can feel free to contact us on WhatsApp on +91-9820850475.


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher


About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Grand Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels to many cities to spread Reiki including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik, London, etc. He is a Master in Educational Psychology. He is in to corporate training as well as open workshops like Mind Power Workshop, Past Life Regression workshops, etc.. He uses most of his weekends in training Reiki Masters

Thursday 22 March 2018

Reiki Healing Crisis

Reiki Healing Crisis

Reiki healing crisis can be experienced by new Reiki first degree practitioners. The Reiki energy flows into the body and heals us at all levels, including the physical, mental and spiritual level.

During Reiki healing toxins are released from the body and this can cause loose motions or vomiting or in some cases, when someone is taking Reiki treatment it may seem that the symptoms are increasing. This is known as the Reiki healing crisis.

We should not be discouraged by this. Once I conducted a Reiki course in Bandra West. There were 4 students from the same family and one of them was feeling feverish after the course. It happens sometimes. Reiki practitioner as well as for the person who is taking healing need worry about it. I just told her to drink more Reiki charged water and she was fine after that.

This is perfectly normal. Reiki healing crisis can also be experienced by few people immediately after being attuned to Reiki. It is not a sign that something is going wrong with the Reiki treatment or attunement. It is not that the healing procedure or the Reiki treatment is not working. It is in fact quite the opposite of this.


This Reiki healing crisis can be experienced by anyone undergone the treatment or the attunement with Reiki. However, it does not happen with everyone.

It happens to few people who have recently started Reiki treatment and have lots of toxins accumulated in the body. It may also be experience by people have not done a Reiki treatment in a long time.

Some individuals may not have healing crisis at all and some may experience healing crisis after several treatment sessions and even some may experience healing crisis with regular Reiki treatments for years.

What causes a healing crisis?

Some people may have several blockages in their bodies. When such a person undergoes a Reiki treatment, their blockages are released at a faster rate.

These old toxins which have been released from the blockages make the person experience healing crisis. Sometimes this rapid release of blockages and toxins produces discomfort.

Drinking sufficient water allows the toxins in coming out of the body easily.

Signs and Symptoms of healing crisis

The healing crisis is experienced in 3 major levels such as physical level, mental level and the spiritual level. Healing crisis is mainly manifested on one of these 3 major levels. This healing crisis lasts for 48 hours to 72 hour.

Symptoms of healing crisis in physical level may include symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headaches, muscle fatigue or other mild flu-like symptoms. Symptoms like sore throat or cough may be experienced for one or two days which is self limiting in nature.

These symptoms can be managed by taking some additional amount of water with appropriate rest and warm water bath. Water facilitates the maximum excretion of toxic materials through urination.

Symptoms of healing crisis in mental level

When these symptoms are associated with mental level it may produces emotional outbursts. These coming up for clearing so one need to be a silent observer of the same.

In such cases a person may cry, get angry, feel sad or may want to release the accumulated grief. The person may recall old events and may feel better on forgiving, letting go, doing Reiki self healing and meditation. are washed out from the mind by crying or mediation or Reiki healing.

You can also do meditation as given in this video:

Symptoms of healing crisis in life situation

Sometimes some bigger changes occur in the life during the healing process. The symptoms like shifting to a new city, job transfer to a new place, etc.

This kind of change in life actually offers the opportunity to clear out the old ways of thinking and to see the life in a new way. Though this kind of healing crisis seems to be more frightening, still it offers new ways for change and progress.

Healing crisis may produce symptoms, which make people frightened. But all these symptoms which are experienced are the symptoms of release of negative energies.

As the negative energies are released from the body during the healing process it creates room for the positive divine energies to enter into the body, mind and life.


+Sachin Bangera


About Sachin Bangera: He is a Master in Educational and Counseling Psychology. He is a soft skills trainer and a Reiki Grand Master. He has trained and developed more than 15 Reiki Masters in Mumbai, Thane, Dubai and Navi Mumbai. He is a gifted tarot card reader and a Mind Power Workshop Facilitator.
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