Sunday 20 October 2013

Reiki Healing Boosts Immune System

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Studies have confirmed positive effect of Reiki on the immune system. Today lets look how with the help of Reiki healing you can give a boost to your immune system.
  • Nutritious food can be charged with Reiki to make them even more nourishing. Eating a variety of Reiki charged fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts is a easy, natural and healthy way to strengthen your immune system. Avoid junk/fast food and Sugar.
  • Nutritious food supplements: These come in various forms like multivitamins, Chyawanprash, Probiotics, etc. They help you build a healthy body and mind. 
  • Natural Reiki healing: Reiki nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a natural, cost effective and safe way to enhance health, physical growth as well as mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

There have been many experiments that have validated the positive effects of Reiki healing on the immune system. One such study at the Helfgott Research Institute shows that Reiki increases the number of white blood cells, thus enhancing the immune system.

Another study by Dr. Bengssten demonstrated that Reiki treatment increases hemoglobin levels. Another study shows that Reiki treatment changes the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

These studies make it very clear that Reiki brings about measurable improvements in health and well being of the practitioners.

How Reiki strengthens the Immune System

Stress disrupts the flow of energy in our body. The practice of Reiki reduces stress levels as it relaxes you and builds your ability to handle stress. Reiki brings energy balance in our body.

The magnetic fiends around the hands of Reiki practitioners produce alpha and theta waves. These waves are associated with healing, relaxation and good health. These waves are similar to those produced when we are in deep sleep during which the body restores itself to regain the balance, vitality and good health.

Reiki lets you get a sound sleep and let the hormones heal the body. Becoming a Reiki practitioner also lets you contribute to others and this gives you an opportunity to socialize with more people and make more friends. Socializing is yet another stress buster and helps you strengthen your immune system.

Building An Immune India for our Future Generation

Knowing the above facts, it is our duty to not only stay healthy but to build an environment where children can also learn how to stay healthy and build an immune and strong nation.

When plants can grow faster, stronger and better with Reiki, why not give Reiki to children for their all round development?

I urge parents to understand the nature of Reiki and learn Reiki so that they can themselves validate the benefits of Reiki and make everyday life for themselves and their children healthier and stronger.

Many parents are already using Reiki to help children be more creative, have better memory, strong teeth & bones and stronger immune system.

Due to the growing number of studies indicating the efficacy of Reiki as a natural treatment method, more and more people are learning Reiki for self treatment and treating near and dear ones.

It is a know fact that Reiki treatment can significantly reduce pain along with bringing improvements in the functioning of the immune system and the nervous system.

As we see more and more hospitals and doctors accept the reality of Reiki healing it makes a lot of sense for individuals to take responsibility of their own health and well being by learning and practicing Reiki for themselves and their family.

Many people who practice Reiki will tell you that they are less prone to illness and that they have gotten rid of common cold, etc due to the boost they got to their immune system from their Reiki practice.

Learning Reiki makes sense because even a single Reiki practitioner impacts the life of many people around - including family members and friends. They become a source of health and happiness for everyone around.

With regular Reiki practice the all the organs get adequate supply of energy and the body is able to restore itself to optimum capacity and functioning. Lets learn Reiki and spread the message of Reiki to Build an Immune India.

About the Author: +Sachin Bangera

Sachin is a Reiki Master from Mumbai. His mission is to spread Reiki to 1 million people each year through his blog, workshops and team of Reiki Teachers. He holds a Masters degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology.

He is also a certified Master Coach. He is committed to spreading Reiki and create health, wealth and happiness for everyone he comes in contact with.

He can be contacted on +91 9820850475 for organizing Reiki Training for individuals, groups or companies.

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