Sunday 8 December 2013

After Effects of Reiki Attunement

Want these after effects of Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful gift for humankind. This gift not only changes your life for better but also the lives of all the people around you. You would have made a very good decision by learning Reiki first degree and taking the first degree attunement.

With this attunement you are now directly connected to the unlimited source of divine healing energy of Reiki. You can call upon this energy anytime, anywhere to accomplish anything you want at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki is being practiced all over the world and literally millions of people have experienced the power of Reiki healing.

The fact is that Reiki is so easy, so safe and so effective, that once someone learns this powerful way of channeling the divine Reiki energy for healing self and others they share it with their loved ones.

They are even ready to help anyone who needs help. This is the reason why the message of Reiki is spreading faster and faster.

After the Reiki first degree attunement you become a channel of Reiki energy. You can now activate the flow of Reiki energy anytime. The energy starts flowing from the Universe, through you and through others and finally rests into mother Earth. Reiki heals everyone and everything on its way.

The more we channel the Reiki energy the more balanced we become. We experience more joy, happiness and inner peace with Reiki. This is the after effect of Reiki treatment when done on a regular basis.

With the daily morning recitation of the Reiki precepts we become more self aware. We are able to let go of anger, worry, self doubt, etc. easily and effortlessly. This is a side effect of Reiki treatment.

The more we release the negativity that arises due to the cleansing process, the more we become free from all that was holding us back. We experience more freedom, more power and more happiness in daily life. This is the ultimate benefit of Reiki treatment.

Reiki is a boon. Reiki is all positive. Reiki does what is good for us. There are no negative side effects of Reiki treatment. Reiki can not be misused because Reiki acts only to manifest the highest good for all concerned. You can not make mistakes while practicing Reiki because Reiki is an intelligent and intuitive energy. Reiki creates balance where ever balance is needed.

As other after effects of Reiki you may notice that some of your old beliefs and attitudes dissolve. You attain greater wisdom. Your love for people and all living beings expand in new ways as you continue to practice Reiki.

For some Reiki treatment given by a Reiki practitioner proves to be the beginning of their spiritual journey. For some the Reiki first degree attunement turns out to be a turning point in their life.

Students get a series of spiritual insights and discovery, through their daily Reiki practice. What we see in others is actually a reflection of our own image. When we notice a pattern of negativity in others its an opportunity. Its time to notice and give up traces of those negative patterns within us and gain greater freedom for ourselves.

With daily practice of Reiki, the divine truth and wisdom of the Universe is revealed to you. Reiki is not a religion. People from different religions who practice Reiki report that they are able to appreciate and understand all the world religions better.

Our own spiritual level is enhanced by Reiki practice. As we get into balance and as blockages at physical, mental and emotional level dissolve we become fearless, powerful and unstoppable.

As you learn the higher levels of Reiki, you understand how your mind and body work. You learn how to use Reiki to heal various issues that arise in the journey of life and progress on the spiritual path.

We are guided by the divine Reiki energy all the time. As our daily practice of Reiki strengthens our connection to the Source more and more  Miracles happen in life and we progress in every area of life faster than before.

"Just for today, I will not worry, I will not get angry, I will treat everyone respectfully, I will earn my living honestly and express gratitude to all the blessings I have received in life."


Reiki Grand Master

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About the Author: +Sachin Bangera
Sachin is a Reiki Master Teacher based in Mumbai. His mission is to spread Reiki through his Reiki blog, Reiki courses and his students who have taken Reiki Master degree. He is committed to spreading Reiki all over India to create health, wealth and happiness for everyone. To learn Reiki in Mumbai you can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475. He conducts Reiki Training in Mumbai for individuals, groups or companies.

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