Thursday 12 September 2019

Reiki for Inner Peace and Tranquility

Reiki for Inner Peace and Tranquility

We humans have a thirst for truth. Till we find the truth we are satisfied. We are like the river which will not stop until it reaches the ocean.

The Sutra from the Vedas 'Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya' is an expression of this thirst for truth. And it is rightly said that the truth will set you free.

How do we know if we are walking on the right path?

In our spiritual journey, with our day to day Reiki practice when we feel that we are becoming more and more peaceful then we are going in the right direction.

Peace of mind is indication that we are on the right track.

If we are not engaged in any spiritual practice, or we are not regular in our spiritual practice and your mind is disturbed then we are not in the right track.

Peace of mind is a result of certain spiritual activities that you do on a daily basis. This can include your meditation, 7 chakra healing, Reiki self healing, etc.

When we are connected to the Source, the Existence, the Universe you are peaceful and and when you are disconnected with the Universe you are disturbed.

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Peace of mind is nothing to do with the money you have in your account.

Look at spiritually grounded poor people closely. They may be finding it difficult to fulfill their daily needs. Their life may be full of struggle and difficulties. They may be working day and night to fulfill the basic necessities of life, but they are happy.

On the other hand, people who have all the luxuries of life but not spiritually connected find something missing in their life. They may have the latest smartphone, lavish house, big cars, big bank balance but many people feel certain kind of emptiness inside.

Many such rich and famous people realized that even though they are able to accumulate more and more money with the passing of each year, they are not able to fill the emptiness within.

Money is a means to an end.

Money must be earned but to think that money will give us happiness is erroneous thinking. Money is not the end in itself.

Poor people have a difficult life struggle for the basic necessities of life. All the basic necessities of life are taken care of for the rich. But what about the mind?

The mind looks for novelty.

Once our physical needs are met, we want to fulfill the needs of the mind.  We want to experience new things, you want to go to new places, you want to listen to music, etc.

The mind does not like repetition. Mind gets bored with routine. The Mind looks for new kinds of entertainment. People get bored with the kinds of entertainment that they have already experienced. Then seek newer and newer pleasures.

We want to experience states beyond the mind. 

Adventure activities provide such an opportunity to some extent. So people go for bungee jumping, etc. But you cant be bungee jumping all day long. Boredom sets in again.

Then people want to go to the extreme. There are people who have all the riches, who have achieved all their goals one by one and who have experienced all kinds of entertainments. Still their mind is bored and unhappy.

They have tried everything and the only unknown thing for them is death. The mind wants to engage in dangerous games. Games that can be fatal. This is also one of the causes of suicide.

People who are considering suicide should explore the path of spirituality. On this part you have to to kill the ego instead of killing yourself. It is a better option as well as the path to get what they really want - True happiness!

All this because they do not know that they can go beyond the mind and access eternal happiness through meditation. Eternal happiness is not at the mind level.

True peace and happiness is at the spiritual level.

The happiness of the body and mind is transient. Happiness at the spiritual level is eternal and everlasting.

You can access this happiness in deep meditation and Reiki. You can reach this spiritual level only when you transcend the mind with your daily spiritual practice. It is an adventure of inner spaces.

Meditation is a path which leads you to soul level happiness which is eternal and does not depend on your possessions, money, the social status, power and position.

The mind is like a cloud. 

The clouds don't allow you to see the clear sky. With the practice of Reiki, you get a glimpse of your soul. And you start to experience eternal happiness with your regular daily practice.

True happiness comes from within. You have to learn to enter within and access these deeper states of being. Under the guidance of an experience Reiki Master you can learn and practice Reiki for inner peace and tranquility. 

When you start to see the light of Reiki, all fears disappear. 

While practicing Reiki you enter state of timelessness. Just a few minutes of Reiki practice relaxes you so deeply that even hours of sleep is incomparable to it.

People who have regular practice of Reiki start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And they enter into a whole new world which they have never seen before.

Once inner peace enters your life and then even in seemingly disturbing situations the mind is peaceful and calm. You find yourself connected deeply to the source of happiness and bliss every moment of life.

The biggest mistake people make is to search for peace at the mental level. 

Inner Peace and Tranquility can only be attained by going beyond the mind. It is a spiritual experience which can only be obtained at the soul level.

It is beyond understanding. To experience it you just have to follow the instructions your Reiki teacher. You have to do your daily Sadhana or practice every single day. Even if you do not understand the significance or impact of your daily Sadhana on immediate basis you have to enjoy your daily dip into the unknown depths of your consciousness.

Over a long period of time (1 year or so) the impact will be seen. You will start to notice your inner transformation as time passes. It will expand more and more with the passing of each year.

Just like a person who is smoking everyday may not see the impact of smoking until a few years have passed. Similarly, daily Reiki practice has a profound impact on your life but you will only be able to see it's effect after a few years.

The treasure is hidden inside you.

The source of eternal pleasure and happiness is within. In fact it is your true nature. I invite you to walk on this path and learn the 3 basic levels of Reiki; Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden.

In these courses you learn how to walk on this path. The inside journey is different from the outside journey. The Reiki teacher is your guide to help you access this source of inner peace and eternal happiness.

Once or twice in a year I conduct Reiki retreats. This is for Reiki Practitioners who want to explore deeper levels of consciousness. It is also a time to share your experiences and ask questions.

If you are going from New York to London many people can guide you. However, in this inner journey only people who have walked the path can guide you. Reiki Retreats are an excellent opportunity to get more clarity on your inner journey.

The methods of spiritual growth are very easy do. But our ego makes things difficult because the ego finds satisfaction in doing difficult things. We have to learn how to let go of our ego and identity to  access the depths of our consciousness.

Some people who find it difficult to be consistent in the practice of Reiki because subconsciously they consider it to be too simple or easy.

Our ego is not satisfied by doing simple things. 

Our ego finds satisfaction in doing difficult things. But the secret is in doing the simple things over a long period of time.

The simple practice of Reiki self healing over a long period of time can give miraculous results.

Most Reiki practitioner are stuck at the mental level due to lack of proper guidance. Only a few fortunate people have the glimpse of the eternal life. For them Reiki is not a thing to do.

Reiki is a part of their life. They are always connected to the Universe and the entire existence. They are the blessed ones.

Intellectual understanding is not enough. 

You have to experience the depths of your consciousness. The Reiki course has all the exercises which open doors to higher when done under the guidance of a spiritual master. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel and enter the spiritual realm.

Just keep walking on this path. Once you reach the Source, you can keep drinking the water of eternal joy and happiness from this spring source of eternal inner peace, joy and happiness.

Please do share your experience in comments, questions, etc below.

Post by Sachin Bangera

About the Author: Sachin Bangera holds a Masters degree in Psychology and he is a Reiki Grand Master currently based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is originally from Mumbai. He travels frequently to Delhi, Mumbai, London and many other cities to spread the pure teachings of Sensai Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. Nalanda Reiki Center is run by experienced Reiki teachers trained by Sachin Bangera.