Monday 24 February 2014

Attract Abundance Through Reiki

Using Reiki to attract abundance

Reiki has many applications. Once you learn Reiki first degree you can start using Reiki for any purpose you desire. If you wish to use Reiki to attract abundance you can try this exercise:

Notice the abundance in the universe and in yourself in various forms. Notice the abundance of trees on land, stars in the sky and water in the ocean. Then, close your eyes for a moment and notice the abundance of thoughts and ideas that cross your mind each day.

Thank the Reiki Energy for the abundant thoughts and ideas that enrich your life in ways that are meaningful to you. Imagine that these thoughts and ideas are bringing you benefits and gifts you desire.

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If there is something specific that you want in your life right now, thank the Reiki Energy for bringing that in your life in some surprising way and you can draw the distance Reiki symbol (if you have completed Reiki second degree) with the same intention and notice the thoughts, images and ideas that arise after that.

Just be in this space of abundance. Let the feeling gratitude fill your heart and just enjoy this moment.

Experiment for attracting abundance with Reiki

  1. Pick an affirmation on abundance like 'I have abundance of love, money, friends and time in my life.' 
  2. Draw the power symbol on the palms of your hand (if you have done Reiki 2nd degree or above.
  3. Place your hands around your third eye chakra
  4. Thank the Reiki Energy for installing the affirmation in every cell of your body
  5. Repeat the affirmation as many times as you enjoy
  6. Fee the abundance of Reiki Energy flowing through you
  7. Be thankful for this wonderful experience.

The Gratitude Exercise

Reiki teaches us the attitude of gratitude. Being Grateful is one of the five Reiki principles.

Gratefulness brings many positive changes in ourselves. It makes us more happy, satisfied, content and peaceful.

I would like to share with you a practice that is very very powerful. It will make you full of gratitude before you go to sleep so that you can be in that state all throughout the night.

Just before you go to sleep write down three things that you are grateful for today on a piece of paper. Put the chit into a glass jar and keep it next to the bed.

When you wake up will notice the Gradtude jar and remember things you were grateful for yesterday. As you continue the cycle, the feeling of graditude becomes more and more dominant in your life.

The moment you see the gratitude jar every morning and evening you start to feel grateful for all the good things that happened recently.

Once in a while you can also read some of the chits that you have written few days back. After a few day you will notice that your days are getting better and better.

Do this for a few days. Notice and acknowledge the changes happening in your life. If this exercise help you attract abundance through Reiki then please come back to this blog to share your experience.


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