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Benefits of Reiki Third Degree

Benefits of Reiki Third Degree

Sometime back I wrote about the preparation for Reiki third degree attunement and today I am going to share some of the benefits of Reiki third degree attunement. If you are planning to register for the  upcoming Reiki third degree course can WhatsApp me for details. 

Reiki 3rd degree benefits

  • With the Reiki third degree the practitioner since the journey of continuous spiritual growth.
  • With the opening of the higher Chakras the practitioner is now able to access the limitless potential of Reiki.
  • In the third degree the practitioner develops the ability to heal almost all illnesses know to man. 
  • The Reiki practitioner experiences love, joy, peace, happiness, wisdom and abundance in all areas of life.
  • With regular practice of the techniques of Reiki third degree the practitioner feels completely secured in all situations of life.
  • The Reiki practitioner gains an inner confidence that Reiki will do whatever is necessary to him pass through all of life situations effortlessly.
  • The mysteries of the Universe become available to the Reiki practitioner through meditation.
  • New opportunities for personal growth will present itself to you in various ways.
  • Life situations will change and your life will become more meaningful, giving you more satisfaction, peace and joy.
  • You will be able to manifest things in your life with greater amount of ease and grace. 
  • Your intuitive abilities will be heightened. 
  • You will get deeper insights into any subject that you put your mind upon. 
  • You will get divine guidance to improve every aspect of a life.
  • You will be more intuitive and more creative in conducting healing sessions.
  • Your relationships will go to the next level and you will be able to connect to people easily and the right kind of people who will support you in your spiritual progress will enter your life.
  • The universe will be aligned to your life purpose, of which you will have greater awareness and miracles in your life will be dime a dozen.
  • With the practices of third degree of Reiki will enable you to be in a positive, healthy and happy state of mind, most of the time during the day.
  • You will have greater awareness of the consciousness within from which you will operate your life and create your reality.
  • You will be able to solve multiple problems with one solution.
  • After Reiki 3rd degree attunement the Reiki practitioner is on the path to enlightenment. 

Upcoming Reiki 3rd degree course at Nalanda Reiki Center

We conduct live Reiki 3rd degree course on every alternate Sunday. We also have online courses for international students. You can choose the batch that is convenient to you:
  • Online Course - Weekdays - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning from 7am to 9am
  • Live course - at Nalanda Reiki Center on alternate Sunday's full day - 10 am to 5 pm

This course is followed by 21 day practice session under the guidance of one of our teachers.

Once you complete the course you will get access to our monthly Reiki level 3 webinars where we expand your understanding of the practices of this degree.

Energy exchange for Reiki third degree course is INR 10000 for Indian students and $ 180 (By PayPal) for students from other countries.

  • Indian students can register here - Reiki Level 3 Course
  • International students can register here - Reiki Level 3 Course
  • If you want to use any other mode of payment, Whatsapp me on +91-9820850475
  • You will get your Reiki level 3 manual, certificate and mp3 of all the exercises for your daily practice and plus you will get lifetime guidance!

Each degree of Reiki comes to us only by the grace of God. And this is especially so for the third degree of Reiki.

We are guided by Reiki to the next available third degree course of Reiki automatically. Nothing is a coincidence.

Just will this form and join our Reiki community!

These matters are of experiential nature so it is not enough to conceptually understand this. We have to go through the experience of attunement, exercises and practices of this degree to realize them.

Reiki is unlimited. The truth is much bigger then us. It is impossible to comprehend it in its entirety. But after the third degree attunement of Reiki we get glimpses of the ultimate reality of the supreme truth.

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