Friday 13 November 2015

Best Time To Practice Reiki

Best Time to Practice Reiki

I got an email this morning from someone who has been following this blog and recently completed Reiki first degree course in Canada. Reiki is so simple but when someone is new to anything you are bound to have questions. She also had many questions. Some personal, some general.

Her question that inspired me to write this post was this 'What is the best time to do Reiki self treatment?' The answer is subjective. What is true for me, may not be true for you. But let me share my thoughts from my 17 years of Reiki practice.

Is morning the best time for Reiki?

For many people the best time of the day to do Reiki is in the morning. I personally like to do Reiki self healing in the morning. Reiki kind of centers me. Reiki practice makes me feel calm and in control. Reiki fills me with positive thoughts and feelings of gratitude.

For many years I felt that morning is the best time. It was only after I took Reiki Master degree and started teaching students that my views become more flexible. I saw students who practice Reiki in morning and students who practice Reiki in the evening, both were making progress.

What if you do Reiki in Evening?

I have many students who tell me that in the morning they are in so much hurry to go to work that the only time they find to do Reiki self treatment is in the evening. It works for them. They are growing in their Reiki practice. Their healing ability is expanding. They are experiencing miracles. That's what is true for them.

I came to the conclusion that it does not matter what time you practice Reiki. When you practice Reiki consistently you will get results. There are many students who do Reiki after going to bed to get better sleep.

Consistency in Practice vs Timing

I have a Reiki student from Andheri, Mumbai. She has completed Reiki second degree and is very consistent in her practice. She does Reiki every evening. Her healing ability has made her popular in her friend circle.

She had so many issues in life when she first came to learn Reiki. Now, things are becoming smooth for her. There are many Reiki practitioners who are consistent in their practice. They have many success stories to share.

I sometimes come across Reiki practitioners who stop practicing Reiki when things are going good. The moment they face a crisis or a problem or when a Relationship needs healing in their life, they start their Reiki practice again.

It is not bad to start Reiki practice again. There is a lost opportunity. The momentum of positive energy that can be built in life is lost when there are long breaks in Reiki practice.

Is it OK to miss Reiki practice for a day?

If you miss a day's practice, its fine. The important thing is, to get back to your daily routine as fast as you can. There is power in following a daily routine for important goals in life.

Staying healthy, balanced and peaceful in important in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. Reiki helps you stay in charge of your life.

You have to be flexible. If I miss my morning Reiki practice, I catch up during the day. I like to do Reiki in the evening as well. I spend my travel time to do Reiki.

Many a times I get a call from someone for distance healing. I take out a few minutes to do Reiki.

Anytime is best time to do Reiki

Apart form my morning schedule, I do Reiki many times during the day. It may be for 2 minutes or 5 minutes. I take time to be grateful to Reiki for miracles I experience during the day. I take time to ask for miracles.

I take time to release stress with Reiki. I take many Reiki breaks. Many times I have visitors who are in need of healing. So these are times I get to practice Reiki. This is what I teach my students as well.

Making Reiki a part of your life

My approach to teaching Reiki is to help students make Reiki a part of their life. Reiki becomes so much a part of your life that you don't even think that you are doing Reiki. It just feels like, 'that's the way it is'.

That is real success. That is when your practice become beautiful,easy and effortless. I teach with this intention. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts...

I am thankful for all the questions, comments, etc. from those who follow this blog regularly and also from those who bump into it out of Google search.

Well, that's the purpose of this blog. To spread Reiki knowledge, to share best practices and to answer questions.

When I teach, I learn more. That is my philosophy.

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some new thoughts!


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