Monday 12 June 2023

Reiki for Stiff Neck: Jayshankar's Journey to Recovery

Reiki: A Natural Solution for Stiff Necks, Shoulder Pain, and a Life Restored

In a bustling city like Mumbai, where stress and physical ailments are commonplace, Jayshankar's story stands as a testament to the incredible healing power of Reiki. 

Plagued by a stiff neck and excruciating shoulder pain that rendered his right hand immobile, Jayshankar's quest for relief led him to a chance encounter with Reiki. 

Through a series of transformative Reiki healing sessions, Jayshankar experienced a remarkable journey towards complete healing, regaining his freedom and embracing a normal life once again. 

Jayshankar is a CA and has his own practice in Borivali. I want to sheds light on the challenges Jayshankar faced, highlights the therapeutic potential of Reiki, and encourages those who are suffering from stiff neck or shoulder pain to explore the path of Reiki healing.

Jayshankar's struggles began when the stiffness in his neck and the searing pain in his shoulder intensified, leaving him unable to perform even the simplest tasks. Something as basic as raising his right hand became an insurmountable challenge. 

The agony not only limited his physical mobility but also cast a dark shadow over his emotional and mental well-being. The conventional treatments he had sought yielded minimal relief, leaving him disillusioned and yearning for a solution that addressed the root cause of his suffering.

The Gift of Reiki Healing

In his desperate search for relief, Jayshankar stumbled upon the world of Reiki. He read my article on Reiki Healing for Arthritis. Driven by hope, he called me and came to my Reiki center in Mumbai. He was hopeful to find solace in the healing hands of a skilled practitioner. 

In his very first Reiki session, Jayshankar felt a profound sense of calm enveloping him, as if a gentle wave of energy washed away his pain and tension. I have done reiki healing for neck pain or stiff neck many times so the skilled touch and the powerful flow of life force energy initiated a profound healing process within Jayshankar's body. 

I recommended him to take at least 2 session per week and he trusted me and decided to go for it. He asked me how long will I have to take Reiki healing. I said I can’t gaurantee  anything now and we will have to see how things progress with each session. He said ‘its fair enough’. 

A Path to Recovery

Determined to regain his freedom, Jayshankar committed himself to regular Reiki sessions, attending twice a week. With each subsequent session, the pain gradually diminished, and his mobility began to return. 

The holistic nature of Reiki allowed Jayshankar to experience not only physical relief but also emotional and mental rejuvenation. As weeks turned into a month, Jayshankar found himself on the path to complete recovery, able to live a normal life once again, unencumbered by pain and limitations. 

He decided to learn Reiki and work as a volunteer on weekends and help people who are facing similar problems.

The Healing Potential of Reiki

Reiki works on a energetic level, addressing imbalances and blockages that contribute to physical ailments. By channeling healing energy through gentle touch, Reiki helps to restore harmony within the body, promoting natural healing processes. 

For individuals like Jayshankar, Reiki provides a holistic solution that not only alleviates physical pain but also addresses the underlying causes, resulting in profound and lasting transformation.

Jayshankar's inspiring journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of Reiki. His story offers hope and inspiration to those burdened by physical suffering, encouraging them to explore the potential of Reiki healing for themselves. 

The gentle touch and powerful energy flow of Reiki have the capacity to unlock one's innate healing abilities, providing a path towards liberation and embracing a life of normalcy once again.

Jayshankar's remarkable healing journey through Reiki serves as an uplifting reminder of the incredible potential that lies within each of us to heal and overcome adversity. 

Reiki's ability to address physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances offers a holistic approach to healing, allowing individuals to regain their freedom and embrace a life of vitality. 

By sharing Jayshankar's story, I want to emphasise the transformative power of Reiki, so that it inspires hundreds of people who have neck pain, stiffness or shoulder pain to embark on their own path of healing and well-being.  

I have trained many of my students as Reiki Master so now Nalanda Wellness has many Reiki healing centers in Mumbai. If you know anyone who needs Reiki healing do get in touch with us on 9820850475 on WhatsApp.

Sachin Bangera

Reiki Grand Master


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