Monday 25 November 2013

Reiki and Vipassana Meditation

Is Reiki compatible with Vipassana?

My personal view is that Reiki and Vipassana are not in conflict but have different purposes so they should be practiced accordingly. Vipassana is the fundamental meditation for attaining enlightenment. Reiki is extension of one of the practices within Vipassana known as Metta.

The purpose of Reiki is to clean the chakras, heal people physically, mentally and emotionally so that they can practice Vipasana or other meditation and gain the ultimate freedom.

Remember that Reiki founder Mikao Usui was a Buddhist Monk. He was practicing Vipassana or similar meditation. Like many other Buddhist Monks he wanted to help people. His intention was to find a way to help more people, faster.

People get attracted to Reiki for various reasons. Many people learn about Reiki because they want to solve a physical health issue. They they get interested in the spiritual side of Reiki. Then they learn Reiki level 1 and the journey begins.

Resolving Vipassana - Reiki Conflict.

Reiki is not incompatible with Vipassana because they both have same origin. In both the practices you are an observer. Even in Reiki we acknowledge that we are not the doers. The only difference is when you practice Reiki you have a goal or intention. The intention could be to heal yourself or others at the level of body, mind, emotions or spirit.

In Vipassana, you do not have any intention other than Nirvana. To become free of all the vikaras by observing whatever is arising in your body / mind in this moment. Vipassana is the purest form of meditation. No meditation is as pure or as scientific as Vipassana.

Why the Buddhist Monks practiced something similar to Reiki? Buddhist Monks are only interested in Nirvana. Which is the fruit of the practice of Vipassana meditation. Sometimes when the body is not in optimum health, Reiki is used to get the body back in good shape. Then the monks get back to the practice of Vipassana meditation with full determination.

The second reason Buddhist Monks used Reiki was to bring serious students to a higher level of consciousness faster. Students who are struggling on the spiritual path due various issues like health, self control, survival etc. find it difficult to practice Vipassana meditation. If they are left on their own they will take a lot of time to reach higher level and may not attain Nirvana in this lifetime.

Monks who have transcended to higher levels, (maybe even attained Nirvana) feel compassion for these students who are struggling on the part of freedom. Out of compassion they give Reiki to their chakras so that they can move to higher levels quickly. They can then focus on their spiritual goals and not get distracted by health and wealth issues.

The great Buddhist Monks and even many senior Reiki Masters have the same intention when giving attunement to their students. They want them to be healthy and wealthy so that they can practice meditation better and progress on the spiritual path.

Use Reiki & Vipassana Meditation appropriately

Vipassana and Reiki are not in Conflict. I encourage all Reiki fans to learn Vipassana. While learning Vipassana do not practice Reiki. In my Reiki Courses I encourage my students to learn and practice Vipassana. Reiki is a helpful tool to resolve problems that come on the spiritual path. Vipassana is the ultimate meditation for spiritual progress. From this point of view you can see how Reiki and Vipassana go hand in hand.

Every one may not get attracted to Vipassana immediately. Only after resolving the basic needs and having the time & resources to be able to spend 10 days for the Vipassana course, some fortunate souls are able to experience the beautiful Vipassana meditation. But many people who are busy in achieving their worldly goals don't end up at the Vipassana course.

They come across Reiki, because Reiki helps them achieve or solve immediate goals & problems at physical, mental & emotional level. In 1 day they can learn how Reiki works and start practicing. After resolving the immediate issues these souls take on the spiritual path and progress on it. Reiki is a door opener to the spiritual realm for many people.

After learning and practicing Vipassana for your own growth if you are interested in helping lots and lots of people, learn Reiki level 1, 2, 3 and become a Reiki Master and teach others how to grow holistically and make this world a better place for everyone.

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Today I will release anger & worry as they arise, I will be honest in your work and I will be humble and compassionate with everyone I come across.

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