Thursday 14 November 2013

How to Start Reiki Circle?

5 Tips to start and conduct a Reiki Circle

Reiki Circle is a kind of get together of Reiki practitioners for healing each other and sharing knowledge & personal experiences. Reiki practitioners also discuss recent trends and various topics on professional development. 

Reiki Circle is also known as Reiki Share or Reiki Exchange. Reiki Circle helps you improves your Reiki knowledge and healing experience. Reiki circle helps you become a better healer and spread Reiki to more number of people in your community. 

Reiki Healing Circle

At Nalanda Reiki Center we conduct Reiki healing circles every Sunday. Reiki Practitioners come and practice Reiki healing on each other. We do meditation together and we share our experiences. 

In the practice of Reiki It is very important to meet meet your teacher regularly and learn from him or her. So the Reiki circle is an opportunity to ask questions so that you have a deeper understanding of Reiki.

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How to organise a Reiki Circle

If you are a Reiki Therapy practitioner and want to organize a Reiki Circle then you make use of the tips in this post. These tips will definitely help you to make your Reiki Circle successful and long lasting. 

  1. Determine the budgetFor all the arrangement money plays a vital role. So you have to determine your budget to organize a Reiki Circle. To cover the expenses of the Reiki Circle the host may collect some registration fees. Sometimes Reiki practitioners willingly contribute to the event. You can arrange some sponsorship also. Many people have a desire to sponsor for such events. You can contact them. 
  2. Determine the Eligibility of the delegatesYou have to determine the eligibility of the delegates. You have to decide whether only renowned practitioners will be the delegates or the beginners too. Even most of the physicians, physiotherapists, osteopathic physicians, chiropractic practitioners and other alternative medical practitioners along with other health practitioners are willing to take the advantages of Reiki for better result in their practices. You may invite them for your Reiki Circle.
  3. Do the advertisementTo make your Reiki Circle more highlight and successful you have to think about the advertisement of your Reiki Circle. You can use your friend circle to spread the news of such kind of program. Even you can use the benefits of the social medias like Facebook and twitter. You can distribute leaflets. By this way you can bring the attention of other practitioners, students of Reiki therapy and the public also.
  4. Determine the agendaBefore all you have to prepare the blueprint for your Reiki Share.  What are the things you want to include in it? You can take the advice of other Reiki professionals having experiences in organizing such kind of program. You may include the personal experiences of professionals in the practice, discussions on recent trends of Reiki therapy, question answer session, practical session and discussions on the development of the Reiki Circle. As meditation is the undivided part of the holistic approach you have to include meditation definitely. 
  5. Determine the venueYou have to choose a suitable venue which will be in a calm atmosphere to discuss and other activities of the program like meditation. That place should be easily reachable for all the delegates. Better to arrange the Reiki Circle in a known place like local hall, community center  temple hall. For small number delegates you can also arrange it in your own home also. If you want to add the practical session then you have to choose the place which can accommodate the required number of practical tables.
Some more tips to make the Reiki Circle more meaningful and attractive:

  • Enlist the required materialsWhat are the materials are required you have to do the list for smooth running of the program. You should arrange materials for all the sessions of the Reiki circle. Chairs, tables you have to arrange according to the number of delegates. You have to arrange practical tables, bed sheets, pillows for practical sessions and mats for meditation.
  • Do arrange inside the hallYou have to arrange the seats in such a way that each delegate will feel comfortable for the discussion with other delegates. Appropriate light arrangement you have to do in that hall. Arrange the tables with bedsits and pillows for the practical session. Make different groups among the delegates and provide one table to each group with all the arrangements. You have to determine the delegate and table ratio.

Activities for your Reiki Circle:

  1. Sharing by each delegatesEach and every participant should get chance to share his personal views. So that, every participant will feel included in the discussion.
  2. Question and answer sessionIn this session participants may ask questions among themselves or they can ask questions to the renowned Reiki practitioner coming as guest.
  3. Reiki group healing / practicalHere all the participants should try to solve each other’s ailments by giving Reiki healing. This practical session helps the participants to achieve their goals.
  4. MeditationMeditation is the undivided part of spiritual activities. It plays a vital role in a holistic approach like Reiki. All most all the Reiki practitioners practice meditation. It improves the quality of the Reiki Circle.
  5. Announcements of future eventsAt last you have to announce the date, time and the venue of the next Reiki Circle. The suitable time should be decided for the next circle. Even you can include the information of other Reiki related program.
  6. Refreshments & networkingArrangement of refreshment is a good idea. You can offer tea, coffee or healthy snacks to the delegates. During this time students can interact with each other

About the Author: Dr. Priyabrata Kalikinkar Ojha
Dr.Priyabrata is a Physiotherapist from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He has completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) from Utkal University, Odisha with honors in Alternative Medicines and Orthopedic Physiotherapy. He is also a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and life time member of Manual Therapy Foundation of India (MTFI).  He has interest in writing articles on Physiotherapy and medical conditions  as well as on  alternative therapies like Reiki. 

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