Saturday 23 April 2016

Reiki Energy Ball Exercise

How to Make Reiki Energy Ball

In the earlier posts you have seen the way Reiki can brings in an inspiring difference in our lives in achieving our goals such as using Reiki to get a job or using Reiki for Stress Management. So you have seen many ways in which we can actually benefit from Reiki healing.

We will today see how Reiki energy ball exercise helps us use the power of Reiki in a new way. So let's explore this beautiful Reiki technique.

The Reiki ball exercise is very simple yet it brings the great difference in our ability to do Reiki healing and can bring amazing new changes in our lives. We have see various positive impacts of this powerful technique and the amazingly positive feelings it bring in everything we do.

Reiki energy ball exercise is indeed a very supportive method that creates positive changes. It is powerful way to support the various goals in our life. I use this Reiki energy ball to makes wishes.

The energy ball can be used to heal the problems in our lives, be it related to mind, body or the soul. Once I used it to heal knee pain of a client who came for a Reiki healing session at Nalanda Reiki Center. She was a young girl who had a knee injury. A 30 minute Reiki healing with the energy ball made the pain disappear.

How the Reiki Energy Ball works

Today, we are going to talk about the power of a Reiki energy ball exercise. It has some of the most incredible effects and brings constructive changes in our lives, if done in a correct manner.

Do you know that you can make your own Reiki Energy ball? Read through to know more.

  • Invoke Reiki and start by keeping your hands a foot apart from each other.
  • Bring them together slowly.
  • Feel the resistance in between the hands.
  • There is so much of energy being generated in this process between your hands.
  • This  energy is certainly the energy ball.
  • Now you can use it to heal any body part
  • You can make a wish and send the energy ball to the universe or
  • You can send it to heal someone
  • There are some more secret techniques that you will learn during your course

Reiki Energy ball exercise is the simplest way to get closer to the energies around you. As the energy you feel is like a ball in between your hands, hence it is named so. You would actually feel the energy in between your palms that is truly extraordinary and life changing.

By making and using this Reiki energy ball, any person can acquire positive energy and use it to make the wishes for various  things in life. This Reiki energy ball can also be used to make the other changes for the benefit of the other people around you.

The miracles of Energy Ball

I got a call from someone who was working in a IT company. Her boss had just called her his office because someone had made a complaint against her. She was nervous. She requested me to do Reiki distance healing for the same. I tool all the details from her and started the healing. 

I started to make a Reiki energy ball. As you continue gathering the energy between your hands, slowly and gradually you will start to feel the Reiki energy ball is becoming stronger and stronger. Once is was strong enough, I sent it to cool him down and dissolve the issue.

I told her, 'You will start experiencing the positive effects of that energy. You can think about what you want and all the problems will be solved and so you can relax.' She was surprised that her boss was so cool and did not even discuss anything negative. 

When you are connecting with the pure spiritual heart and directing your thoughts towards a positive outcome for all, it works. I sent the Reiki energy ball with a holistic approach, feeling positive, energised, relaxed and refreshed.

This Reiki energy ball exercise makes a huge difference in your life. You would feel more balanced, emotionally strengthened and strong. 

All of these aspects will definitely add on strength to your aura, on the whole making you a better person, calmer and more productive in life. Try these simple yet particularly effective remedy to infuse optimism in your life.

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+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center

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