Tuesday 8 July 2014

Reiki and Smoking Cessation

Want to use Reiki to stop smoking?

There are hundreds of people who quit smoking after learning Reiki. You may ask, 'How does Reiki help in quitting smoking?'. There are many reason for this:

  • Reiki balances your energy field
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Enhances your body's ability to heal itself
  • Relaxes your mind and body
  • Eliminates stress and much more

Some people stop smoking spontaneously, after a few days or weeks of Reiki practice. Although this is not the case with everyone, the people who do drop the smoking habit do so naturally, as they just don't feel the need to smoke anymore.

They feel so calm, cool and clear in their mind that smoking doesn't interest them as much as it did in the past. They do not experience the withdrawal symptoms either.

Reiki gives them inner strength and it seems as though you are no longer addicted to smoking. It is something that happens to them rather than any effort from their end to quit smoking.

  • Reciting the Reiki Principles daily is very helpful in quitting smoking. Listen to this guided meditation daily for 21 days with headphones. 

If someone wants to take the benefits of Reiki practice to quit smoking, here is my recommendation:
  • Learn Reiki for your all round development not just to quit smoking.
  • Practice Reiki daily morning and evening
  • Take Reiki Healing from an experienced Reiki Practitioner / Master
  • Introduce Reiki in your family and friend circle and let your environment support you.

Don't limit the use of Reiki to quit smoking alone. Reiki can help you in your personal growth. Reiki can heal your body, mind and spirit. Reiki can bring many unexpected benefits that you can't think of at present.

In my personal opinion, Reiki and addiction to smoking can't go on for long. There are many stories of people who quit smoking with Reiki.

You can quit something easily when you develop some other habit like Reiki which gives you more more pleasure and satisfaction.

Reiki works exactly in that manner. It gives you many benefits at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Gyan Mudra and Pran Mudra should be practiced for 15 minutes 3 times a day while doing Reiki. With this one can quickly control or quit any habit.

Useful Resources to stop smoking:

  • If you are a Reiki practitioner will find many guided meditations in my Telegram Group. Follow me on Instagram and the link is in the bio of my Instagram account
  • If you wish to learn Reiki live in an online face to face session, you can connect with me on WhatsApp on +91-982080475
  • Shoot your questions about Reiki on our Facebook Group or visit Facebook Page or WhatsApp me on 9820850475
  • If you wish to learn Mudra Therapy you can check my online Mudra Therapy Course


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