Tuesday 10 December 2013

Learn Reiki in Mumbai

Learn Reiki in Mumbai - The Japanese System of Natural Healing

Most people hear about Reiki from a friend or relative. Then they want to learn Reiki. But it is said that Reiki chooses people. So some people end up learning Reiki immediately. And some people get busy in life and get a chance to learn Reiki after many years.

If you want to want to learn Reiki in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Ahmedabad or Dubai, you can join the Reiki first degree course at Nalanda Reiki Center.

In the Reiki first degree course you will learn about the history of Reiki, the 5 principles of Reiki, how Reiki works and what Reiki can do for you.

You will also be attuned to the Reiki energy. After the Reiki attunement you can activate Reiki for healing yourself and your loved ones.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual energy that is channeled through the Reiki practitioner to heal a person at all levels.

The ability to channel Reiki energy is activated by the Reiki Master in a process called attunement.

Although practicing Reiki brings a profound sense of relaxation and restores the body and mind to good health, its main purpose is spiritual growth.

In Reiki first degree course you will learn how to use Reiki energy in your daily life. You can use Reiki to progress in all areas of life.

Your Reiki Master will be your spiritual guide. He or She will help you progress in this healing art. He will also guide you and answer all your questions.

Students stay in touch even after 5 years  of completing all the levels of Reiki. This is because life situations change and you have have questions. The Reiki Master is always there to guide you at any stage of life.

After all its a spiritual relationship. So you can feel free to contact me and your Reiki Master anytime after you complete your Reiki courses.

Many of my students have completed Master Degree level. We often discuss specific applications of Reiki for a specific problem or discuss various other topics related to Reiki.

Stress reduction, anxiety relief, etc are some of the benefits of Reiki. Many more benefits of Reiki come to you with your regular Reiki practice.

After Reiki 3rd degree many students have found that their life has become more aligned to their life purpose and there is prosperity in all aspects of life.

You have the ability to fulfill all your dreams and also contribute to the world. You can help hundreds and thousands of lives with your Reiki practice. With your daily Reiki practice you can activate all your powers and live a life that inspires others.

Whatever dreams you have, you can achieve them. You can definitely transform your life and that of your family members. You may even transform thousands of lives in future. What ever you choose to do you can achieve.

When you learn Reiki and practice it for 20 minutes in the morning or evening, you gradually activate the powers associated with each of the 7 major chakras. With these powers you can accomplish things that look like magical to others.

Reiki is a spiritual practice but it is not associated with any religion. People from all religions learn and practice Reiki.

When you put your hand on yourself you start to feel the mild warmth of Reiki. Then you start to feel the stress dissolve. Your body begins to relax and you enter a deep state of mind. Different people experience different things but it is truly a beautiful experience.

If you are thinking 'where can I learn Reiki in Mumbai?' The answer is simple. You can learn it in the comfort of your home or you can join a upcoming open course at Nalanda Reiki Center.

If you want to learn Reiki in Mumbai either in a one to one session or in a upcoming Reiki class call or WhatsApp us on 9820850475. If my phone is busy just sms or WhatsApp me.

Lets have an informal chat about what you want to accomplish out of learning Reiki so that the Reiki Masters at Nalanda Reiki Center can help you achieve your goals.


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About the Author: +Sachin Bangera
Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master in Mumbai. His mission is to help people Learn Reiki through his Reiki blog, Reiki courses and his students who have taken Reiki Master degree. He is committed to spreading Reiki all over the world to create health, wealth and happiness for everyone.

To learn Reiki in Mumbai you can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475. He conducts Reiki Training, Mind Power Workshop & Tarot Classes in Mumbai for individuals, groups or companies. He also provides Life Coaching to individuals. His 1 year life coaching brings profound transformation in individuals.

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