Wednesday 11 December 2013

Using Reiki to Find Lost Objects

Reiki for lost things

Here is a question to all new visitors and everyone who is following this Reiki blog - Is there something that you think you have lost? Maybe you kept it somewhere in your office or home and you cant find it now... Try this Reiki technique for finding lost objects. Many people get surprizing results when they use Reiki for lost things.

The only thing necessary here is that the object you are looking for must be something that you really want. Don't do this exercise to 'try it out' or to 'test it'. If it is a real problem for you then you will find the object.

Take a glass full of water and hold it with both your hands. If you have done your Reiki first degree you can just activate Reiki energy and charge the water with Reiki energy. If not, just say 'I thank the Universal life force energy for flowing through me and energizing this water to help me find the object I have in mind'. Think about the object and thank Reiki energy for guiding you and helping you find the object in the next 24 hours. 

One of the following will happen:

  • You might visualize the object while you were meditating with the glass of water in your hand.
  • You might accidently discover the object during the day or someone else might find it suddenly.
  • You will see a dream that will tell you where you might find it.

I have used Reiki for lost objects and it has worked for me and that is the reason I am sharing with you. It may not work only if finding the object is not in your self interest or its not the right time or the object is destroyed. You can confirm what actually is the case using the same process.

You will get the answer in the form of an insight, image, dream or instruction form someone, etc. The answer comes in various ways. Just be aware and you will get it.

Once you success in using Reiki to find the lost objects, thank the Reiki energy for guiding you and if you have not yet taken your first step in Reiki, go ahead and learn Reiki first degree because there are many more benefits you can get for the rest of your life with Reiki.

If you are from Mumbai you can learn Reiki from me face to face and if you are from some other city you can learn Reiki online with me and receive a distance attunement.

If you can use Reiki for lost things then I am sure we can use Reiki for lost people as well. Reiki is a Universal life force energy which is all pervasive and all intelligent.

When you drink Reiki charged water, all your cells are attuned to Reiki energy and your enhanced intuitive abilities help you get the object. Do share with other readers if you found this post useful and if you found some lost object with this Reiki process.


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About the Author: +Sachin Bangera
Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master in Mumbai. His mission is to help people Learn Reiki through his Reiki blog, Reiki courses and his students who have taken Reiki Master degree. He is committed to spreading Reiki all over Mumbai, India to create health, wealth and happiness for everyone. To learn Reiki in Mumbai you can contact Sachin on +91 9820850475. He conducts Reiki Training for individuals, groups or companies.

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