Tuesday 20 September 2016

Crystal Healing Courses in Mumbai

Crystal Healing Courses in Mumbai

Reiki crystal healing course is amazing. We regularly conduct crystal healing courses in Mumbai. This course is meant for Reiki practitioners who have completed at least Reiki second degree course. Although those who have done Reiki first degree course will benefit from this course, those who have done second or third degree course will benefit more. Some time back I had shared the benefits of Reiki and Crystal healing. 

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an ancient technique for healing. When we add the power of Reiki to it, it becomes even more powerful. Crystals can be used in healing yourself and others in many different ways. You will learn many things in the crystal healing course that will make you an even more powerful healer.

To find out about the upcoming crystal healing courses in Mumbai just WhatsApp or call us on 9820850475.

The crystals we use in crystal healing are those that are naturally available under the Earth. You will learn how to clean and charge these crystal. You will then learn how to heal the people around you with your new found healing abilities of crystal healing. Crystal healing opens up a new world of possibilities for healing self and others.

Crystal Healing Courses in Mumbai

Crystal healing course contents

  • The crystal healing course starts with a proper understanding of what crystals are and the history of crystal healing.
  • Crystals come in various shapes, sizes and colors. We will learn how that corresponds with the human body and the chakra system.
  • We will look at gemstones and crystals and types of healing that is possible with both. 
  • We will look how crystals affect the human aura. 
  • We will learn practically how crystal can be used to feel the aura and feel the Reiki crystal healing happening to you and to others.
  • We will then cover the practical aspects of choosing the right crystals, cleansing and clearing them the right way and then putting them to the right use.
  • We will learn how to attune and program a crystal for the highest good of the intended user.
  • We will learn the various uses of crystals based on the chakra system.
  • Then we will learn how to balance your chakras with special purpose crystals and heal various issues with the help of these healing crystals.
  • We will learn a intuitive method of healing ailments with crystal healing.
  • We will learn how to use crystals to deepen your meditations, to remember your dreams and achieve your goals.
  • We will also learn to use crystal layouts for healing self and others.
  • We need to know how to take proper care of the crystals and how to keep them safely.
  • We will also learn to sense the energies of the crystal.
  • We will look at various popular and useful crystals and their healing properties

Reiki crystal healing course is very popular in India, especially in the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. In this crystal healing courses you will learn the theory as well as you will get opportunity to do it practically. So Reiki crystal healing course will be an experiential learning.

After the course I will share with you the crystal rock shop in Mumbai from were I buy my crystals. You can also buy your crystals from there but don't forget to bargain for the best deal. If you are all excited about crystal healing then probably I will see you soon in the next crystal healing workshop in Mumbai.


Reiki is a beautiful thing to learn. Please be in touch on WhatsApp. +91-9820850475 (Do mention your name and city when you WhatsApp me.) Please feel free to get in touch with me and like this Reiki Facebook page for regular updates.

Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center


About Sachin: Sachin is a Reiki Master / Teacher. He has been teaching Reiki since 2005. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. He has also conducts Reiki, Mind Power & Tarot card reading classes in Mumbai, Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

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