Monday 3 June 2013

Reiki for Kidney Disease Treatment

Reiki for Kidney Problems

The first time when I heard success stories of recovery from Kidney Disease by Reiki treatment I was really impressed. Now it does not seem unusual or extraordinary. Now I see it as a predictable out come of practicing Reiki.

When someone is diagnosed with kidney disease the fear of being on dialysis is just round the corner. But the first thing to remember is to be positive about the future. If you have come across Reiki then allow it to enter your life.

In addition to taking Reiki healing from a Reiki practitioner, you should also learn Reiki so that you can do self Reiki whenever possible. You can continue to practice Reiki while you take your medication and diet recommendations as usual.

People who learn Reiki often feel that they should have done that earlier in life due to the benefits of Reiki. The moment to start practicing Reiki you start becoming more hopeful and more positive. Anyone can tell you that a positive attitude can go a long way in dealing with any disease.

I always recommend that the person having the disease should learn Reiki and practice hands on Reiki self treatment. Along with this, if family members and friends can do hands on healing and / or Reiki distance healing once or more in a day, it can do wonders.

The key is consistency. A couple of times a week will also do wonders. Reiki makes you feel better more energetic and more positive. Reiki can be done for Kidney stones also. It helps.

As you continue to practice Reiki, the your body will start to normalize. Even when you start seeing improvements, don't stop your medications. Consultant your doctor regularly and keep practicing Reiki morning and evening.

Do not ignore any kind of disease. See your doctor, follow the diet plan, start your treatment and side by side practice Reiki. If you see the dialysis room you will do anything to bring back your healthy state. Embrace Reiki and practice it in the morning and in the evening and in between whenever you get time.

I recommend that you learn Reiki first degree, Reiki second degree & Reiki third degree. Once you fully recover from Kidney problem you can doing Reiki Master Degree. As a Reiki Master you can teach Reiki, share your success story with them and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people.

When you start teaching Reiki to others you will do your own good in the process. You get the blessing of so many people. And when you heal others, Reiki energy is bound to pass through you and heal you further. Also when your attention is on helping others you get better faster. This is my own experience.

Another major point is you must make a note of all improvements you notice as soon as you start practicing Reiki. The more grateful you are for your improvements the better you will get.


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher

Nalanda Reiki Center


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