Sunday 28 July 2013

Learn Reiki Healing for Your Self Treatment

Learn Reiki Healing for Your Self and your family

The reason people from various religions are learning Reiki healing is because it is a pure spiritual practice. Reiki energy comes from the center of the Universe and is also know as the Universal Life Force Energy.

This Reiki Energy flows through all living beings and when it flows freely through our body we experience health and wholesomeness. You get many benefits when you do Reiki self healing or when you give Reiki to someone.

As Reiki is activated in your hands you begin to feel deeply relaxed and a feeling of peace and well being envelops your body, mind and heart.

When you learn Reiki healing, day by day you train your mind to become calm and relaxed as soon as you put your hands on your self or your loved ones.

As you practice Reiki your meditative experience deepens with each Reiki self healing session and when you go inward the Reiki Energy not only heals your body but your subconscious mind as well.

Reiki healing brings you in a state of harmony and balance.

I recommend daily practice because when your body, mind and soul is filled with Reiki energy you experience abundance, success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Your daily Reiki healing nourishes your mind and body and you can see the positive impact on your work. Reiki healing dissolves the daily stress which is the major cause of all dis-ease. You are effective in dealing with the challenges of life and produce the results you want with ease and grace.

Learn Reiki

I encourage everyone to learn Reiki and give Reiki healing to yourself on a daily basis. You can also give Reiki Healing to your family members when you complete your Reiki first degree training.

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In fact I recommend that all family members complete at least Reiki level 1 and participate in the healing of the entire family on various levels - physical, mental, emotional, financial & spiritual.

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Posted By +Sachin Bangera:

About the Author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master Teacher based in Mumbai, India. He conducts Reiki classes in Mumbai and also travels to various cities in India for teaching Reiki. He also conducts Reiki courses online.

His mission is to create 1000 Reiki Masters and teach Reiki to more and more people every year. Many of his students have taken Reiki Master Degree and in turn they are teaching Reiki to new students. He can be contacted by email on

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