Monday 1 June 2020

Reiki for Everlasting Happiness

Reiki for Everlasting Happiness

Today lets explore the source of everlasting happiness. Millions of Reiki practitioners have accessed this kind of happiness during their Reiki sessions. After discussing various aspects of Happiness I would like to invite you to join me in my daily Happiness Meditation practice!

It is clear that ultimately we are in search of happiness in all of our undertakings. But where to find this happiness? Does it come from pursuit of goals? Can we experience it anytime? Does it depend on external causes?

People in all ages have been asking these questions implicitly rather than explicitly. It is many times in the background, unexpressed. But I can see it when people come with their set of problems looking for solutions from Reiki.

Some days back while I was contemplating on this topic I dosed off to sleep. Then I saw a dream. I saw hundreds of butterflies. They were so colorful and beautiful. I wanted to catch them. I was easily making them sit on my palms. I was blissfully happy. (I enjoy lucid dreaming because of the richness of the images.)

In my dream I then reached a stream of water with wonderful fruit bearing trees all around. I sat under a tree to relax. It was a very peaceful experience. That morning I woke up feeling as if I was reborn.

I experience many such things while lucid dreaming. And many a times there is a deeper message that my subconscious mind communicates to me. So after I woke up I meditated for a while to reflect on the message from this dream.

The message was...

'In life we work towards fulfilling our desires, goals, dreams and ambitions and we experience happiness when we achieve our goals. This is conditional and experienced when external goals are achieved.

There is another kind of which comes from within. It is unconditional, without cause and is available to us all the time. Humanity must learn to access this inner happiness more often'

Where Does Happiness Live?

All our life we keep achieving different goals, experiencing temporary happiness when a goal is achieved and then we start running behind something else.

Many people do not realize that we can experience happiness daily. Who put the condition that we can experience happiness only when we achieve something? We ourselves have!

Among the last few words of Steve Jobs, Co founder of Apple, "... I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impeding death."

People who do not access the happiness within on a daily basis feel that it was all worthless at the end of life. Lasting happiness that is not to be found outside. Happiness always alludes them because they never look within. And happiness dwells within.

Happiness is Here and Now!

We can learn from other people's experience that there is no point in only running behind goals and thinking that their achievement alone will make us happy.

When you sit with eyes closed, meditating in silence or doing your Reiki self healing, you can access that source of unending, eternal happiness.

Can Happiness be Bought?

Imagine you are a Prince or Princess. Do not have to put any effort to achieve anything? No, because all that money can buy is already within your reach.

Some people are born in families where they have all the riches of the world. They have already unlimited money. They can buy anything, go anywhere and do anything.

For a Prince or Princess, it is very easy to realize that money and all the things that money can buy does not necessarily bring happiness.

Gautam Buddha was a Prince. He had everything that you can imagine and so for him it was easy to realize that happiness is not derived from outside.

But for many who are not born rich it is natural to think that riches will bring happiness. It is an illusion that is difficult to realize. Like Steve Jobs, many people realize it when its too late.

Can Happiness be Taught?

For most people it is not easy to understand this. Most people work hard to achieve all those goals and desire to become happy.

Smart people can learn from other people's experience and realize that happiness is within.

Every day for sometime, stop your mind from running. Look within for a space of happiness. This happiness is without cause, because it is your nature. You will realize this as you do this meditation.

I have created a guided meditation which you can listen to everyday for 10 minutes. Follow me on Instagram @sach1111in and in my bio there is a link to join my Reiki Telegram Group. From there you can download this and many other guided meditations.

As you listen to this guided meditation After some time your mind will become still. In that stillness of your mind you will access pure consciousness and true happiness. Happiness is without cause, unlimited and everlasting. 

This inner happiness has nothing to do with your goals and desires. This Happiness is your basic nature. Inner happiness is not derived from pursuit of goals, desire and ambitions. 

Happiness is Within!

To find happiness you need to stop running and look within. Sometimes the mind will argue. How is this possible?

Consider that there is no logic in this and you can discover the truth only when you experiment with it.

We are looking for happiness in 10 different directions. But happiness is in the 11th direction, that is inside!

I have been practicing Reiki since 2000 and teaching Reiki since 2005. The practice of Reiki allows us to stop the mind from going into the past and the future and be in the present.

While doing Reiki your mind just stop and you are conscious of Reiki energy flowing through you. Once the mind stops you reach your destination.

What you could not find by running behind and even achieving worthy goals, you will find within.

How Happiness Happens?

When you are totally relaxed and doing nothing, it will happen. But first you have to give your best. Just drop all your dreams, desire, ambitions and expectations for a moment. Then suddenly in a moment you will experience inner happiness.

In those moments of meditation, when you drop all your expectations, desires and dreams. You are not in a state of wanting. You are in a state of acceptance. In that state you see your true nature.

Once you realize this all struggle ends. When you sit in deep meditation and you look inside and see your expectations, desire, dreams and ambitions fall off like a dry leaf from a tree you discover to happiness.

Just experiencing this in a meditative state is more than enough. There is nothing to do and you will be self realized.

Happiness is a Choice

As human being we will continue to have desired, dreams, ambitions and goals in life. And we can continue to pursue our goals.

When you understand that the pursuit of these goals will bring happiness but we need not wait for their fulfillment. Because real, lasting, true and unlimited happiness is inside and you can access it anytime.

With this understanding you are transformed person. You don't have to wait till you accomplish your goals to be happy. You can be happy now. How beautiful is that?

You can float like a river through time in this meditation, easily and effortlessly. Experiencing the process and experience of life as you move through time. This is the meditation that will take you into deep Samadhi.

Happiness Meditation WhatsApp Group

Join this group and practice happiness meditation with like minded people. You can share your experience and ask questions to experienced meditators.

In this meditation you experience a deep acceptance for yourself and life itself. You need not go anywhere. There is no effort required. Just accept your Buddha nature.

This meditation is pure simple easy and effortless. Do this meditation for the next 21 days and see what changes it brings in your life.

It easy to progress in meditation in the association of like minded people. Since it is a inner journey you need the guidance of people who have progressed on that path.

In meditation you just need to surrender 100% and dive into it. Trusting the guidance of the Universe.

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If you have questions or something to share on the topic of Happiness or Reiki, please share in the comments below. Namaste!

+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher


About the author: Sachin Bangera holds a Master's Degree in Psychology. He is the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center. He is a Reiki Master and a Happiness Coach. He travels extensively to spread Reiki. He conducts online Reiki classes regularly. You can follow him on Instagram @sach1111in and Twitter @sachinnow or WhatsApp on 9820850475.

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  1. Very beautiful article.Reiki indeed helps to relax the mind from all worries. Thank you Sachin Sir.