Saturday 7 September 2013

Giving Reiki To Children With Due Respect To Their Free Will

Give Reiki to children because they love to receive Reiki.

When you give Reiki to children they will tend to go to sleep. The soothing vibrations of Reiki energy relaxes them and puts them to sleep. Adults need longer sessions to get that kind of relaxation. 

Haven't you experienced falling asleep either while doing self treatment or while receiving Reiki from someone. Its a beautiful experience, isn't it? Children absolutely love it.

Children love to play and when they are little tired which happens rarely but when it does happen a little Reiki will energize them and they will know when its enough and they will get back to what ever they are up to. That is a signal that they have had enough Reiki and their batteries are charged. 

At night you can give Reiki to children before they go to bed. Its good to ask them if they want Reiki or not. They will usually say yes as they know that it feels good. But if they are up to something else or if their batteries are charged enough they may not say yes. Its important to respect their choice. 

When they need Reiki they will automatically ask for it if you have made the practice of asking 'Do you want Reiki?'.

If they fall asleep while taking Reiki you can stop giving Reiki to them. When they are not well they will again come to you asking for Reiki. This may surprise you but they know that Reiki makes them feel good and they know what good health and balance of energy feels like. 

You will be surprised when they give you Reiki in turn. Their channels are open and as you know Reiki flows through all human beings but the chakras are blocked due to accumulation on negative thoughts and emotions. 

Children don't not have these negativity as much as adults do. So even though they are not attuned to Reiki if you just tell them, 'give me Reiki' they will know what you mean and you will feel as if a Reiki Master is giving you Reiki. 

When family members learn Reiki it becomes part of the culture and children catch it as they grow in that culture. Its important to respect the free will of children. Let them give and receive Reiki as and when ‍they desire.

We do not impose anything on anyone as we grow spiritually. We respect the individuality of each and every human being. We treat children with the same respect as an adult. 

If at some point of time children ask Reiki from you and you are busy doing something you can request them to wait or teach them how to do self treatment. I am not defining the age of children here. Just use your best judgement as to what you can teach and what you can not depending on their age. 

Reiki Master Teacher Sachin Bangera

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