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Uses of Sei Hei Ki Symbol in Reiki

Uses of Sei Hei Ki Symbol in Reiki

Sei Hei Ki pronounced as 'Say Hey Key'  is also known as emotional healing symbol. This is one of the three symbols which a student is attuned to in the 2nd degree of Reiki. 

Your Reiki Master must have told you some uses of Sei hei ki symbol but I am sure you realize that the uses are unlimited. So lets look at some of there here.

Laws of Universe are real. The law of gravitation states that if you jump off a tall building, whether you are a good person or bad person; you're going to fall down! Similarly, the Universal force of Reiki, is actual and absolute.

As Reiki is a universal energy, there are many ways of using Reiki symbols. Reiki is a divine power and just as different people pray in different ways, one can use one of the many procedures to practice Reiki as per your comfort level.

Sei Hei Ki helps in channeling the Reiki rays to bring together the mind and the body. Just visualize it mentally or say Sei hei ki in your mind or imagine it in your mind - choose any method you like, but the results will be same.

Various Uses of Sei Hei Ki Symbol

  • Sei Hei Ki symbol is also known as the symbol of balance and harmony. The Sei Hei Ki symbol helps in balancing the two hemispheres of the brain. The left brain, which works on reasoning, rational and logical ideas and the right brain, which works on imagination, intuition and feelings.
  • Many doctors now believe that physical illness to great extent might be depended on mental and emotional disturbances in a patient. Sei Hei Ki focuses on mental and emotional chakras of the body and hence helps in eliminating the physical illness as well.
  • It can be used to find lost items. Just close your eyes and imagine you have already found your missing item, draw Sei Hei Ki, repeat it verbally thrice and thank Reiki for helping you find what you were searching for. Eg. "I am so glad that I have found my cupboard keys. Thank You, Reiki!" Just let go of trying hard to find the missing thing and soon the answer will pop up!
  • Use Sei Hei Ki to get rid of addiction of alcohol, smoking, drugs or any other vices. Draw the symbol on the root chakra and sacral chakra of the person and do the healing.
  • Sei Hei Ki can be used for acquiring ideal weight! Mostly weight issues are results of our wrong thinking habits."If I eat more, I'll get overweight", "I have to fast to reduce my weight" etc. So whether you need to put on weight or reduce it, this symbol of Reiki will make weight loss easy and possible. You will naturally begin to have right food habits and voila! Your goal is achieved!
  • As Sei Hei Ki is a mental and emotional symbol, it can obviously be helpful for students and for improving memory power. Students can either draw the symbol on the pages as they read or invoke Reiki before and after reading. Try anything which is beneficial to you.
  • Read this article to learn how to use the Sei Hei Ki symbol for relationship healing.

You can starting utilizing the powers of the Reiki symbols as soon as you are attuned to the 2nd degree of Reiki. You can check out the schedule of upcoming Reiki courses or WhatsApp me on 9820850475 for details.

The uses are infinite. Use your own intuitions of where else you can use the Sei Hei Ki symbol and make the shining bright light guide you! You may have used the Sei hei ki symbol in some more innovative ways.

If you would like to share your experience for the benefit for other Reiki practitioners, please do leave your comments below...

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+Sachin Bangera


Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds Masters degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology. His mission is to have a Reiki practitioner in every home on this planet by 2022 in collaboration with Reiki Masters all over the world. 

He has trained and developed more than 36 Reiki Masters in Delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Dubai and Australia. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai as well as online Reiki courses.

Friday 20 April 2018

Manifesting with Reiki

Manifesting Goals with Reiki

As human beings we have never ending wishes, goals and desires. Life is about manifesting these goals progressively. If we have a technique that can help us in manifesting what we want in life, it becomes a big boon in our life. 

Reiki is such a technique. That is why I recommend everyone to learn Reiki. When we learn Reiki, manifesting things become easier for us. No matter where you are today, no matter who you are,  you can change your life by applying Reiki in all aspects of you life. 

I purchased my dream house with the help of Reiki. I am now living my dream life. This is also due to Reiki blessings. I have seen many of my students manifesting various things in life with the help of Reiki including better jobs, marriage and opportunity to settle down in another country. 

The change begins with "You" and Reiki can help you bring this change. Outside your conscious awareness, there is a power of manifestation within you. Reiki can enhance this power to help you achieve your goals faster. It's just like being a wizard. 

Your wishes may be materialistic, intellectual or spiritual. The procedure of achieving them is almost the same. Your daily Reiki practice helps you change your thoughts in order to attract or receive what you want. Your thoughts are like a key to start the vehicle. Your emotions and belief are like fuel. This is where Reiki can be of great help.

Last month when I was conducting a Reiki course in Basingstoke, United Kingdome, someone asked me if we can manifest other peoples goals with Reiki? Yes we can. We can surely help our friends and family members in manifesting what they want in life with Reiki. 

Once I got a call from a Reiki student, she wanted me to do healing for her sister who was jobless for more than a year. I took some details from her, like her previous job experience, skills, etc. 

This was during the lockdown period. People were loosing their jobs in this period but with the power of Reiki she landed up in a interview for an exact same job profile that she had in her previous job. I continued to do Reiki during all of her interviews and finally she got the offer letter. This is how you can help others with Reiki.

Another way Reiki helps you in manifesting is by healing your chakras and making you feel a lot more calmer and in control of your mind. You can easily focus on what you desire to manifest in terms of money, job, customers, business opportunities, health, etc. when you are calm and in control. 

With Reiki practice you tend to think more positive and thus attract positive results. You become less reactive and more proactive. You become results focused, rather that just being busy doing things. 

Steps towards Reiki manifestations

  • So whether it is Love, Relationship, Money, Prosperity or anything that you desire, be clear and write down your goals in as much detail as possible. By this, you are allowing the Universe to know what you want and how dedicated you are towards your goals.
  • Now make a small chit, and write down your wish in present tense as though you have already achieved it. Eg. "I am easily earning 50,000/- Rs per month right now. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You"
  • The colour of the paper or pen can be as guided by your intuition. When you pray to Reiki, the wish of a true heart is more important.
  • Fold this chit and either put it in a Reiki box or carry with yourself in your purse. Take care of anyone else touching it as this can hinder the flow of positive energies around. 
  • Read how to use the Reiki box for manifesting your goals
  • If you are Reiki level 1 practitioner, you can hold the chit/box in your left hand, cover it with your right hand and give Reiki. Give Reiki for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Imagine your wish being fulfilled right now in front of your eyes and feel the happy and satisfied.
  • At last, always remember to give thanks to Reiki as it is not only essential for Reiki to work but also brings in a lot more good emotions in your life which can help you achieve your goals sooner.
  • If you are Reiki Level 2 or above practitioner, you can draw the Reiki symbols for manifesting your goals on your chit. You can use the symbols that you are attuned to by your Reiki Master. 
  • Let Reiki guide you as to which symbol to draw first and on which side of the paper. Your intuition is your best guide. You will automatically draw the most appropriate symbols when you are with the flow of Reiki.

With Reiki knowledge, you become aware of which symbol is beneficial for your circumstance and you can use it accordingly. Hence do not limit to particular symbols for particular outcomes. In fact, the best practice is to use all the symbols along with your positive thoughts because you may not know which energy is lacking around you.

The Universe is endlessly abundant and endlessly creative so allow the Universe to work on the "how" of bringing your goals and wish to you. Wish you good luck for manifesting with Reiki !


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher


About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of
Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels extensively to spread Reiki to cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dubai, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik. He holds a Master degree in Psychology and is in the field of corporate training. He uses his free time to spread Reiki. You can follow him on Twitter @sachinnow

Friday 13 April 2018

Distance Reiki for Relationships

Distance Reiki for Healing Relationships

The word 'Distance Reiki' directly leads us to the distance Reiki symbol, 'Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen'. All Reiki practitioner who have completed Reiki second degree have been attuned to the power of this symbol and can do distance Reiki for Relationships.

This symbol has the power to heal beyond time and space. This means you can heal someone even if they are in another city. In the first degree of Reiki we can heal at physical level and in the 2nd degree of Reiki we can even heal at mental and emotional level as well as distance healing.

Reiki distance healing for getting a Job

You can heal your past, present and you can send healing for future events for favorable outcomes. Many times I have done distance Reiki for my students who were scheduled to go for an interview.

When you can heal upcoming events of your life or for your loved ones, you feel really empowered. You feel like you are in the drivers seat!

Distance Reiki for healing couple Relationships

All the Reiki symbols are holy and the true power lies in the intention of their use. It is something that is truly amazing when you experience it.

Once I did distance Reiki for healing a couple's relationship . In this case the guy was in a different country and had not called the girl for months. After just 3 days of Reiki distance healing he gave a call to her.

I am not saying that every time we get such quick results. Sometimes after attunement we are so open to possibilities that anything becomes possible. With the natural healing method of Reiki anything is possible!

Healing past life Karma with Reiki

The energy of Reiki can travel to the life records of the soul, that is, the "Akashic Records" which are generally believed to define the situations of your life. This can also be referred to as 'Karma'.

Last month I did a month long healing using distance Reiki techniques for a very spiritual lady who was stuck in a bad relationship. Reiki relieved her of the pain and suffering that her soul had been experiencing for probably more than one lifetime.

In this way the Reiki distance healing symbols can be used to eliminate past life trauma and provide deep Karmic healing.

There are many benefits of Reiki distance healing and I would strongly recommend Reiki practitioners to learn it from a qualified Reiki Master and practice it diligently.

Relationships are delicate bonds which are built on love, faith and understanding. Fear, guilt, anger and ego can ruin relationships easily.

With the practices you learn in the 2nd degree of Reiki you complete the process of cleansing at mental and emotional level and release all negative feelings from your heart and mind.

With the expansion of the heart chakra which begins after your 2nd degree attunement,  your relationships start to transform more and more.
Sun Rise

Healing Business Relationships with Reiki

Relationships are not only limited to family, relatives and friends but there are business relations, neighbors etc. Once there were two business partners who stopped working together due to a conflict. The moment one of the partnet shared it I started doing distance Reiki.

I continues to do distance Reiki morning and evening. The livelihood of many employees and suppliers who were associated with the firm got affected. After 5 days they got back into communication.

They decided to meet and discuss. On the day of the meeting I was doing Reiki constantly. Then finally it got resolve. The entire episode took two weeks of distance healing for better business relationship. 

When this relationship got healed it benefited the employees and supplier. I expressed thank to Reiki for the healing because it benefited many people. That's the power of Reiki. It works for the highest good of all. 

Reiki healing helps to remove the blockages, and it works on the mental and emotional level or the spiritual level which might be the root cause of conflicts in relationship. Reiki distance healing can also be used for helping someone who is in depression. 

Whether it is your friend living abroad, who had been together for years but is now miffed with you or a business partner who broke up with you on some difference of opinion, you can send distant Reiki, using appropriate symbols to heal these relations.

Reiki Healing for Relationships at Work, especially with Boss

Reiki can help heal past disturbing experiences in relationships and also minimizes their chances to occur again. Once I had done distance Reiki for a client who had a very dominating boss. During our initial discussions it got revealed that all of her bosses were like that.

She was somehow attracting such people in her life. Over many sessions of Reiki distance healing as well as in person healing sessions there was a radical shift in her boss. He became very cooperative.
Reiki Principles

How Reiki distance healing works

During this distant Reiki healing, we are surrounded by positive energy which clears away all the hindrances from our path. It may take some time to master the distance healing technique of Reiki but it is worth it. 

When you do Reiki you start to feel happy right now and there is hope in life. You start to release the feelings of hurt or guilt and just be confident and happy. You feel that you can have anything you want and nothing can stop you, with your healthy body and mind. Belief and faith in yourself can move mountains!

If someone has not learnt Reiki and is facing a relationship issues, an experienced Reiki 2nd or 3rd degree practitioner or a Reiki Master can help. 

Better still if they learn Reiki and under the guidance of the Reiki Master work on the Relationship problems, the problem will be solved and the person will have a new skill to deal powerfully with obstacles in life in future as well. 

If you are doing distance Reiki healing yourself and it is not producing the desired results. It maybe possible that you need to do it differently. So take advice or healing from an experienced Reiki Master. Your Reiki skills will improve as you practice more and more. 

If you have any questions on the subject please leave your comments below, I will be happy to answer them.


Sachin Bangera @ Krishna's Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram, India

+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher


About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Grand Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels to many cities to spread Reiki including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik, London, etc. He is a Master in Educational Psychology. He is in to corporate training as well as open workshops like Mind Power Workshop, Past Life Regression workshops, etc.. He uses most of his weekends in training Reiki Masters

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Reiki for Clearing Money Blocks

Reiki for Clearing Money Blocks

Money is a form of energy and hence when you hold any negative or limiting thoughts in your mind, you create a blockage in the flow of money. Today lets see how to use Reiki for Clearing Money Blocks.

In the Japanese language 'Rei' means universe and 'Ki' means energy. We cannot see Reiki, but this universal energy operates the entire universe.

The Yajurveda says, "Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde" Which means human body and the universe are inter-related and homologous.

These negative thoughts are like dunes or swamp in someone's life which will keep pulling a person  deeper inside.

Take these powerful steps for Reiki healing money blocks with Reiki:

First of all, clear your mind from all limiting and negative thoughts and appreciate whatever you have. Make positive affirmations, write them down in your diary and repeat them mentally while doing Reiki. Stick posters at home and even at your work place or any place where you can see them frequently. Eg. - 'I am worthy of making more money', 'Money comes to me easily, Money comes to me effortlessly' etc.

Gratitude has powers to turn any negativity into positivity and hence it is always practised before and after taking Reiki. Thank the Universe before going to bed and after meals. Start being grateful for whatever you already have in your life. Repeat the Reiki principles morning and evening. 

To have abundance in your life you should regularly practice these steps along with Reiki 7 chakra healing. Energise yourself with Reiki daily for healing money blocks.  

Although all the seven chakras need a free flow of energy but being specific about money matters, you need to focus on Root chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Root Chakra - Throughout childhood, the energy patterns of the root chakra are being formed. During childhood whatever messages are fed to you are saved in your subconscious.

"It is hard to earn money" is one such negative message which might have been stored within and which hinders your financial gains. 

Giving Reiki to root chakra helps in staying rooted and grounded so that wealth comes into our life easily and effortlessly. 

It is helpful to take a Reiki walk barefoot in the grass to stay grounded and connect deeper with the earth. This will help greatly in cleaning money blocks quickly. 

Sacral Chakra - The sacral chakra is also believed to control the flow of money. Giving Reiki to sacral chakra improves your social image and helps clear block in relationships. 

Solar Plexus Chakra - It deals with money and abundance, through your ability to create via your emotions and vibration. Giving Reiki to Solar plexus chakra improves your gut feeling for making good decisions regarding money. 

Place your hands on these three chakras one by one for at least 3 minutes and let Reiki flow into your channel for some time. Just witness the flow of Reiki and allow Reiki to do the healing.

I did a 7 day course on money recently. below is the session 1 video. If you like it, you can subscribe my channel and watch the remaining videos in the series.

Future and Distant Reiki for Money and Abundance

You can send Reiki to yourself and your friends and family members if you are attuned to Reiki levels 2 and 3.

If you have done only Reiki first degree course you can take a plain paper and clearly write your affirmative financial goal in the present tense. Eg. "I am so grateful to earn _____ (amount of money) annually." 

Reiki 2 & 3 practitioners can draw the Reiki symbols they are attuned to, fold the paper and put it in a Reiki box or wallet/purse. Give Reiki to it at least once every day for money and abundance. 

If you are not a Reiki practitioner, you can request a Reiki practitioner or a Reiki Master  to send you distance Reiki for cleaning money blocks. Learning Reiki can be very helpful to you for the rest of your life. So it is advisable to learn Reiki and benefit from Reiki in various ways. 

Make Reiki a part of your routine and it shall remove all the disturbances of your life. Stay Blessed!

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+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher


About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Grand Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels to many cities to spread Reiki including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik, London, etc. He is a Master in Educational Psychology. He is in to corporate wellness training as well as Reiki workshops and Past Life Regression workshops, etc.. He uses most of his weekends in training Reiki Masters