Saturday, 4 March 2023

Attitude of Gratitude in Reiki

Importance of Attitude of Gratitude in Reiki and in Life

Gratitude is as real as the other Universal Laws like the "Law of Gravitation", "Newton's Law of Motion" etc. It is a Universal law that governs your whole life! 

You might have come across this famous saying, "You reap what you sow" which can be translated as, 'if you are grateful you will attract more things that you can be grateful for. 

If you are complaining, which is being ungrateful; even what you have shall be taken away from you. Similarly, Reiki is a subtle energy that comes from the Universe. By using this divine power of Reiki and being truly grateful for it, you can create a miraculous life of your desires. You can attract abundance through Reiki when you understand how gratitude works.

In simple terms, imagine gratitude to be a magnet. If you are grateful for your current relationships, you will 'attract' even more good relationships. If you complain about your job, you will 'attract' more difficulties in your job. 

When you are grateful that you have a job and grateful that you are learning new things in your job. You will be motivated to do better and get better opportunities or promotions. Whatever want in your life, you can receive it by practising gratitude.

Count Your Blessings

One simple way to practice gratitude is to count your blessings before you go to bed. There are infinite things you can be grateful for in your life. As you look deeper, you will find so many things which are so important to you but you might have failed to notice them. 

The air we breathe, the garbage pickers, the farmers etc. Just imagine if one of these weren't there what would have been the result! So when you get up in the morning, count at least 10 blessings. Genuinely be grateful for them. It will also intensify the powers of your Reiki practices.

Gratitude for Past, Present and Future

One of my colleague thought he had a miserable job. He felt he was taken advantage of and felt humiliated on many occasions. He complained a lot and hated his workplace. I introduced him to my teacher Reiki Grand Master Sachin Bangera. He was started to learn Reiki. Gratitude is among the 5 core principles of Reiki. 

So slowly he started practising gratitude in his daily life and his life began to change. Today he works in a renowned company earning a handsome amount. 

At Nalanda Reiki Center we have a weekly Reiki circle where all Reiki practitioner meet. He made many firmed there and he is surrounded by positive people who inspire him. 

He is grateful for his past which taught him not to be overburdened or exploited and also inspired him to read and improve his knowledge.

Being grateful for what you already have, will bring in what you want. The universe works in miraculous ways that can astonish you. Be grateful for your health, relationships, job, business, education, passions and everything you are blessed with and then see your life change for good. 

In fact, if you be grateful for something in advance, it can give you unbelievable results. Let's say, you wish to live in a lavish home with beautiful future. Just being grateful for it now and saying things like, " I am truly grateful to live in this beautiful home with all the luxuries, etc" and imagining yourself in this luxurious home will make it happen faster. 

In this way you can do Reiki for achieving goals. Think of all your goals as if you have already achieved them and feel joyful about it. This is gratitude in action. 

This is the exact deal! Just saying 'Thank You' is not enough. You need to 'feel' it. The more you are consciously greateful, the more abundance you will attract in your life. In this way you will attract all that you desire.

Written by

Binita Shah
Reiki Practitioner

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Hatsurai Ho Meditation Technique

Hatsurai Ho Meditation Technique

Today I am going to share with you a very important Reiki technique which is known as the Hatsurai ho Meditation technique. It helps you to become a powerful Reiki healer. It helps you to connect with Reiki and open up the channels and pathways in your body through which the Reiki energy passes.

Now let's understand the meaning of Hansurai ho

  • Hatsu Means to bring forth something 
  • Rei means spirit 
  • Ho means technique or method

The Hansurai ho meditation has slow hand movements and body gestures along with rhythmic breathing. Now let's look at the steps involved in Hansurai ho. 

The Steps involved in Hatsurai Ho Meditation

Step 1

The first step is called Mokunen in Japanese. Here, you need to sit in a comfortable position and place your hands on your lap, with your palms facing the sky. Then close your eyes, invoke Reiki and bring your attention to the Sacral Chakra. Allow yourself to breathe normally and relax the body as much as you can. Then state in you mind that you are now ready to begin Hatsurai ho

Step 2

The next step is called Kenyoku in Japan and it means Dry Bathing. To do this, take a deep breath and slowly move your right hand towards the left shoulder. Then as you exhale, heal your left hand with your right hand. Then take another deep breath. Slowly move your felt hand to your right shoulder. Then as you exhale, heal your right hand with your felt hand. Repeat this procedure two more times.

Then as you inhale, take both your hands above your head, as if you're holding a pot of water on your head. Hold your hands in this position and let the Reiki energy continue to flow through you like a waterfall. Breath normally for a couple of breaths and then put your hands down. 

Step 3

The next step is called Joshin Kokkyu Ho in Japan. In this technique place your hands on your lap with your palms facing the sky, relax and breathe slowly. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, all the while keeping your attention on the Tanden or Sacral chakra. Imagine and intend that the Reiki energy is touching the Tanden with every incoming breath and spreading in all directions. Reiki spreads into every cell of the body energizing all the cells, tissues, muscles and organs of the body.

Step 4 

The fourth step is known as Gassho in Japan. And this you fold your hands in prayer position and bring you attention to the heart Chakra. Imagine that Reiki energy is flowing through the heart Chakra in all directions and your heart Chakra is expanding and you can feel love, compassion and forgiveness flowing to everyone in your life.

Step 5

The 5th step is known as Seishin Toitsu. Seishin Means a pure mind or spirit. And Toitsu is bringing the mind and body together into the act, into the here and now. In this state your mind and body is completely aligned, focused and concentrated on the task at hand. Here your total attention is in your breathing and the flow of Reiki. This allows your mind to be completely free. Reiki flows through you healing all the energy pathways and energy centres of the body

Step 6 

The step 6 is known as Gokai Sansho in Japan. In this step you recite the Reiki principles in your mind.

Step 8

The next step is again Mukunen. For this you bring your hands back on your lap, palms facing down and you say to yourself that you have completed the Hatsurai ho technique.

You can practice this technique whenever you feel tired or exhausted during the day and I highly recommend you to practice Hatsurai ho technique before you do Reiki healing to someone. 

This is especially beneficial when you are doing Reiki distance healing because this technique will help you energize your body as well as relax and focus your mind for a powerful healing session. 

About the author

This post is written by Sachin Bangera who is a Reiki Master Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of Nalanda Wellness and has inspired thousands of people in activating their natural healing abilities with the help of Reiki. 

He and his team of teachers teach Reiki online and offline in more than 20 countries of the world. He travels extensively and conducts Reiki and Meditation Retreats near Mumbai in many beautiful locations.

You can connect with him on WhatsApp on +91-9820850475