Thursday 23 June 2016

Reiki Courses in Delhi NCR

Reiki Courses in Delhi NCR

Friends, there is a good news for all Reiki blog subscribers from Delhi NCR. You may be aware that once in 3 months I travel to Delhi. This time I am coming from 19th to 21st November. I have received many calls asking me when I will conduct Reiki courses in Delhi so here I am. I will be in Delhi soon.

I have lived in Gurgaon for more than a year so I am very familiar with the city. I love the people in Delhi. They are very friendly and welcoming. Very good hosts as well. So its exciting to be back.

Most of the time, I am busy conducting Reiki courses in Mumbai (my home town). The reason I travel to other cities is to spread Reiki and develop new Reiki Masters. It is not easy but I love it. And I make new friends in the process.

You see last month I conducted Reiki courses in Goa. I am still getting calls from students telling me how good they feel about it. This makes it worth all the effort.

To Register for Reiki first degree course call or whatsapp on 9820850475

During this visit I will be focused on my purpose to spread Reiki in Delhi city. With your help and support lets turn at least 10% of the population in Delhi into a Reiki practitioner. Imagine what will happen when that becomes a reality! We should have 10 times more Reiki centers in Delhi as there are now. We need many more Reiki Masters in Delhi so that we can take the mission ahead faster.

I want Delhi to have some of the best Reiki centers in India. I want the best Reiki training to happen in Delhi. I want to create more Reiki teachers in Delhi. Even though there are many Reiki masters in Delhi but its not enough. We need more Reiki teachers because there are so many people suffering from disease and stress.

While walking on the spiritual path, I want to share whatever I learn with those whom I meet during my journey. Let us make cities not only smarter but also healthier and happier. Would you like to contribute in this mission?

I invite you to talk to family and friends and host Reiki courses in Delhi in your home. It will be a more personal setting with few students and lots of interaction. This is when the best Reiki training happen.

I love conducting Reiki courses in small groups. Interested in hosting a Reiki course in Delhi? Please let me know. You can volunteer to scheduled Reiki courses in South Delhi, east Delhi, west Delhi and north Delhi.

This visit I will be able to conducting 3 Reiki courses in separate locations in Delhi NCR. So those who want to learn Reiki in West Delhi can come to the location nearest to them and same for other locations.

Reiki Courses in South Delhi

  • I wish to conduct at least 1 Reiki 1st degree course in South Delhi. Last time I conducted a Reiki Master degree course in Gurgaon. It was fun. I also conducted a Reiki 3rd degree course and Crystal Healing for a small group.

Reiki Courses in East Delhi

  • I will be conducing Reiki second degree course It will be open for all.

Reiki Courses in West Delhi

  • I will be conducing Reiki Third degree course . I am looking for a venue or host for this. It will be open for all.

Reiki Courses in North Delhi

  • I will be conducing Reiki Master degree course 4th and 5th for a student who has completed Reiki 3rd degree and has some amazing success stories so now he can become a Reiki Master in Delhi. On 6th and 7th I will be meeting old students and then I am back to Mumbai.

I want to create some of the best Reiki masters in Delhi. I invite all those who have completed 3rd degree and want to make a difference in society to join the Reiki Master degree course in Delhi.

If you are someone who wants to share knowledge with others than its time for you to become a Reiki guru in Delhi and spread the teachings of Mikao Usui.

Reiki Master degree is not for everyone. You must have the commitment to follow the code of ethics. You must have complete faith on the Usui System of Natural Healing. You must follow the Reiki principles. You must have success stories. Then you can become a Reiki teacher in Delhi and start sharing what you have experienced with Reiki.

Help me in spreading Reiki. Lets create 1,000 Reiki masters in Delhi. Delhi is a big city. These 1000 Reiki masters will create thousands of Reiki healers in Delhi and it will raise the positive vibrations in the entire city.

There are many great organizations and Reiki Grand Masters in Delhi who are already doing good work. Lets contribute in this great mission and take it further. If you have been teaching Reiki in Delhi please call me, lets discuss how we can team up in spreading Reiki faster.

If you want to become a Reiki master in Delhi, please write down your purpose on paper. This will bring your more clarity. I want to create more Reiki masters in East Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi and North Delhi. New Delhi should have the maximum number of Reiki schools or Reiki centers in India.

I have been doing Reiki training in Delhi for level 1, 2 & 3 but my focus is on creating more Reiki Masters in Delhi. Once we have more Reiki Masters in Delhi then they can focus on conducting Reiki courses in Delhi NCR area. I will do fewer Reiki workshop in Delhi in future. I love this city and I will keep coming. But most of the work will have to done by the citizens of Delhi.

If you are already a Reiki Master in Delhi and you want to meet me, please let me know. I want each Reiki Master to be the best Reiki Master in Delhi. If I can help you in any way, it will be my privilege.

Reiki is a beautiful thing to learn. Please be in touch on WhatsApp. +91-9820850475 (Do mention your name and city when you WhatsApp me. Please feel free to email me and like this Reiki Facebook page


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center


About Sachin: Sachin is a Reiki Master / Teacher. He has been teaching Reiki since 2005. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. He has also conducted Reiki courses in Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Reiki for Self Confidence

Giving Reiki to build Self Confidence

As we all know that self confidence plays a vital role in shaping our future. Self confidence gives shine to our personality. Self confidence plays a crucial role in various aspects of life. By all means we should increase out self confidence. Reiki practitioners know how Reiki works and how to use Reiki for Self Confidence.

Self confidence can change your life, make you stand out from the crowd and help you achieve greater heights in life. When you use Reiki to build self confidence we can get more success, better opportunities and help us accomplish your goals faster. It can be about getting success in exams or get a job or perform well in the interview or business deal.

Hard work and belief in oneself is an ideal combination that leads to many accomplishments in life. When life throws many challenges on us, making us ponder if we are on the right track, we can give Reiki for self confidence. With increased self confidence we can deal with the tough times and pass the hard tests of life with ease.

Can Reiki help with self confidence?

Reiki is a great and natural technique that helps in stimulating the confidence back in your life. Reiki has the potential to empower you. Reiki makes you believe in yourself and therefore support you to perform well in life.

Reiki is the most gentle and the finest way to instill self confidence. Reiki make your life peaceful and composed. Once your state of mind is healthy, you start feeling and thinking about life in more positive ways. This emotional change starts reflecting in your attitude and your aura. Reiki helps you become ready to take on the complexity of life in a better way.

Reiki to build confidence

When you use Reiki to build confidence, there is an infuse of intuitive healing energy to your brain that in turn rules the entire body. Therefore we get empowered to deal with life and its challenges with confidence and zeal. As soon as Reiki starts working on an individual, the mind gets the capacity to think better. You perform better at almost anything. It makes you way too confident when you get positive results.

Reiki always moves along with you. You carry the positive energy of Reiki everywhere you go. You deal with life and its aspects in a better and an enhanced way. You can see how well your life changes for good with Reiki practice. Your confidence levels boost and you carry the potential to act better and getting better results!

Reiki healing for confidence

All Reiki first degree practitioners can give Reiki to build confidence to self and others. The basic technique for giving Reiki for self confidence comprises of energizing the Root Chakra. Just put your hand around your root chakra and give Reiki. Continue giving Reiki as long as you feel the energy flowing through your hands. It could take anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes.

Reiki symbol for confidence

The Reiki symbol for self confidence is Cho ku Ray. While giving Reiki healing for confidence you need to charge your Root Chakra with hands on or distance healing. You can chant Cho ku Ray and the energy that you are attuned in the second degree of Reiki gets activated.

The people who have already used Reiki to heal their root chakras, have found that they were able to outshine and create amazing results in life. So, if in case you want to boost your self confidence and self esteem, juts try the simple yet effective Reiki techniques to increase your confidence.

Use this daily self treatment procedure that you can use to keep yourself charged up and high on self confidence. You can also do some aura cleansing to feel more positive.

This would certainly make you excel and perform better in your life. Confident person can outshine even the most knowledgeable ones, so make this highly beneficial tool all yours. Become all the more productive and apt in all your respective verticals of life.

Try Reiki healing or learn Reiki as soon as possible and adapt its magical elements to transform your life for the better!

Please feel free to email me or WhatsApp me on (+91)-9820850475 and like Reiki Facebook page


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center


About Sachin: Sachin is a Reiki Master / Teacher. He has been teaching Reiki since 2005. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. He also conducts, Tarot card reading courses, Crystal healing courses and  Reiki courses in Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

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Thursday 9 June 2016

Reiki and Pregnancy

Reiki during Pregnancy

Reiki is a system of natural healing without the use of any medications and obviously no side effects. The practice of Reiki, involves passing the flow of powerful positive energies through simple touch. In the past few years this technique has gained immense importance, mainly due to the ease with which it can be practiced.

The best part of this entire process is that anyone can learn this art and practice as per ones needs and gain from this brilliant form of healing. Many Reiki masters have written about the endless advantages and uses that Reiki has and how it has helped people. Today, let us look at the how Reiki can help or benefit women with or during their pregnancy.

Is Reiki safe during pregnancy?

Reiki is completely safe because it does not have any side effects. It is also very relaxing. I have many students who have found if very beneficial to practice Reiki during pregnancy.

If someone is pregnant and has yet not attuned to Reiki I would strongly recommend learning Reiki during pregnancy to anyone who is open to the idea. You can also choose to receive Reiki treatment during pregnancy if you don't want to learn Reiki.

As women all over the world have experienced that an expectant mother goes through a lot of changes during her pregnancy; this makes her in need of nourishment both emotionally as well as physically. It is here that taking a Reiki treatment helps.

Reiki benefits during pregnancy

Many Reiki practitioners and Reiki masters who have practiced Reiki before, during and after  pregnancy have claimed that Reiki has been effective in removing the physical discomforts, often experienced during pregnancy.  

Reiki massage during pregnancy has also been very beneficial. Pregnant women who are not Reiki practitioners but have experienced Reiki healing during pregnancy have also reported good results.

Due to hormonal changes in a woman’s body, majority experience gastric problems, it is at this time that a healing treatment helps in relaxing the gastrointestinal walls, and in the process reduces the nausea.

Additionally, the same treatment would be beneficial in providing relief from hip, back or ligament pain. In fact, a Reiki treatment during pregnancy can be completely relaxing, which in turn significantly reduces fatigue, anxiety and better sleep.

Reiki practitioners should continue to give self Reiki during pregnancy in consultation with your Doctor and Reiki Master.

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There are many students who used Reiki for healthy pregnancy and got very good results. One of my student wanted normal delivery and many students did distance Reiki for her and she was so happy because her wish for granted and she got delivered a healthy baby girl.

Self Reiki during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman is takes regular Reiki sessions during her pregnancy there would be many more advantages, other than an easy nine months. This age old practice would further, help make the process of delivery easier, by reducing the pain experienced in the pelvic and back area. After the delivery it helps heal both physically and emotionally.

6 Benefits of Reiki during pregnancy:

  • Reduced stress and deeper relaxation
  • Enjoy the pregnancy period with increased calmness and positivity with Reiki
  • Reduced tiredness and increased energy
  • Reduced pain, sickness and mood changes
  • Courage, confidence and emotional balance during final stages of pregnancy
  • Rieki helps in getting a good sleep
  • Helps mothers heal and connect with baby better

Women who want to practice Reiki on their own,should consult a Reiki master. The following simple guidelines can help with a pregnancy healthy and happily. It is advised that to follow ones intuition and apply this technique where it is needed most.

Reiki hand positions during pregnancy

  • Use the following daily Reiki self treatment procedure
  • For relief from strain place one hand on the base of the spine and the other hand on the base of the neck
  • For pain in the feet can cause a lot of suffering for pregnant women, treating them with Reiki can help you feel relaxed and comfortable
  • In the later stages of pregnancy the stomach often tends to feel heavy. Place both your hands on the base of both sides of the stomach – this can make you feel very comfortable
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In the end, it goes without saying that a smooth pregnancy and a less painful delivery would lead to a healthy mother and child relationship. Reiki therefore is a perfect option for all pregnant women who need an absolutely harmless remedy for both their mind and body.


Please feel free to email me or WhatsApp me on (+91)-9820850475 and like Reiki Facebook page


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center


About Sachin: Sachin is a Reiki Master / Teacher. He has been teaching Reiki since 2005. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. He has also conducted Reiki courses in Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

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