Monday, 11 August 2014

How To Make Reiki More Powerful

How to Get Better at Reiki

To get better at Reiki you just need to acknowledge that you are a channel of Reiki and let Reiki flow through you. You must acknowledge that Reiki Energy does the healing, not you. We are observers. We are not doing anything more than intending Reiki to flow when we are practicing Reiki.

You can not claim to be the healer or doer. If you are trying to do the healing, it becomes difficult. When you let the healing happen, Reiki flows through you and healing takes place. We just need to be in the present moment experiencing the healing to turn on the magical power of Reiki

We are like an instrument in the hands of this Divine Energy. When we act as an instrument, things become easy. You cant 'do' Reiki. You can let Reiki happen. When you are an observer, you are just being present to your experience and you can notice the flow of Reiki Energy and this makes Reiki more powerful.

How to Improve Reiki Power

The more we let go of our ego, the more we improve Reiki power and the better we get at Reiki.

The best part of Reiki is that we can not get into the ego trap as long is we don't claim to be the doer. We are facilitators. When we acknowledge the truth about our role in the healing process things become really simple and easy. Then there is no need to put effort. Healing becomes effortless.

If you want to improve your Reiki power you must stop trying to imagine things and instead notice the images that pop up automatically. You must stop trying to push the energy in a particular direction and notice where the energy is going on its own.

When you let go of your agenda, Reiki can do a holistic healing that might heal you at multiple levels and resolve several issues that you may not even be aware of. When you let Reiki do the job, Reiki resolves issue that you are conscious along with those that you are unconscious.

Reiki heals you holistically.

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  1. I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. I have 3 issues for which I learnt Reiki- a) my wife's eye disease b) my younger son's respiratory disease and c) my elder son's study which needs lot of concentration, focus and memory.

    Now, please enlighten me if I should not visualise their faces when sending Reiki to them (one by one). If not how can I let Reiki to heal them?