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Using Reiki to Get a Job

How to use Reiki to get a Job

I am back from Goa. It was a great experience to conduct Reiki courses in Goa. During the course one student asked me how to use Reiki for getting a job. I shared with her how I used Reiki to find a new job in 2009.

I thought of writing this post because I often get this question 'how to use Reiki to get a job?' from Reiki practitioners who are looking for a new job. So I am going to share with you the same.

How Reiki helped me get my dream job

I wanted a job as a Training Manager in a MNC. I wrote all the criteria that I wished in my job. I wanted better salary, opportunity to travel, better work environment and work life balance. It took me a couple of months as the interview process was quite long. I got a job in a Fortune 500 MNC. I had to travel all over India. My boss was based in Australia. I had full freedom to express my creativity. It was exactly what I wanted!

There are plenty of job opportunities out there for first time employees as well as for those who are experienced. But how to you get the job that suits you the best? We need some divine power to guide us. Reiki is that divine power.

Reiki for a better Job

Some times we are not happy with the job we are having currently and we want to look for a better job. Reiki can guide you in that case as well. People who are dissatisfied with their jobs, unhappy with their salaries and wish to change things for good can definitely try Reiki.

I have a student who wanted a new job as her boss was very harsh on her. She was learning Reiki because of health issues which was mainly due to long working hours and job stress. As she progressed from Reiki level 1 to 3 she had improved her health condition considerably. I was healing her once a week and rest of the days she was doing her self healing at home.

She shared with me that she wants a new job and on my suggestion she agreed to go for 21 days distance healing for the same. After about one week, out of the blue, someone from her circle shared about a job opportunity. This job was not only having a better salary but it was nearer to her house.

My students keep in touch with me long after they have completed their course so when she called me last she shared with me how satisfied she is with the job change. The stress is less and she spends more time with family now.

Reiki healing for Job Interview

Reiki can be helpful in finding a job and also during the job interview. Mrs Mehra wanted her son to get a good job in a law firm. I was distance healing for him and he got a couple of offers. One of the job offer was from a very good firm in Delhi. Mrs Mehra was a Reiki practitioner. Her son wasn't a Reiki practitioner but was very open to receive Reiki healing.

When his interview was schedule Mrs Mehra informed me about the day and time in advance. I did Reiki distance healing for a seamless interview and she later reported to me that the interview went very well and they also gave him the offer letter. Many Reiki practitioners have taken help of Reiki for getting a job and many of them have had amazing experiences like this.

Reiki helps in reducing job stress

The immediate benefit of Reiki is relaxation and stress reduction. No matter how stressful your job is you can learn Reiki and start using Reiki to deal with the challenges you face in your job. But if the stress levels are very high it is better to find another job.

Raman was a IT professional. When he came to Nalanda Reiki Center he shared how hard it was for him to cope up with the stress in his current job. He wanted to quit immediately but I told him that his Reiki practice will help him withstand the pressure and meanwhile he must look for a job in which he can enjoy his work. When you love what you do, there is no stress.

Stress can drain out the energy and affect the quality of life. Initially he was taking healing once in a week from me in addition to his daily practice and he was gaining his confidence back as days passed. After a couple of months he found a job which did not require him to go to office daily. He now works from home 2 days, 3 days and sometimes even 4 days a week. How does it get better than that?

As you progress from Reiki first degree to second and third you get more and more aligned to your life purpose and thus your life get better and better. In order to make things better in life, Reiki is something that can be very useful!

We are talking about the incredible benefits of introducing Reiki healing to improve our life. Reiki is a healing technique that has helped millions of people throughout the world to cope up better with their jobs, have more courage and lead a better life.

Reiki is an ancient art that heals the various problems like stress at work, finding the right job, being happy in life, being productive in your job, etc. When Reiki is applied to your situation (finding a new job) the universal life force energy of Reiki heals us from within and makes us open to better jobs or whatever else that we want. Reiki can also help us perform better at our current job.

Benefits of Reiki Healing for Job

  • Once the Reiki energy starts working on individuals, their stress level automatically comes down. Reiki heals the person internally, brings in positivity energy and relaxes the mind.
  • Once you are stress free, you start to feel more positive about yourself. There are many things in life that you can do better. A healed and healthy person can enhance its confidence, bring in positivity around, grab better opportunities, portray himself better and so much more!
  • Once you are confident about yourself, your mind is stress free, then you can think about doing so much better in life.

Reiki techniques you can use to help you get a good Job

  • To start with, write down what kind of job you desire. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can give Reiki to that paper and keep it in your pocket. Reiki starts working with this for manifestation in reality. This is a technique to attract the right job to you. Reiki guides you in miraculous ways towards the right job. It is one of the most powerful techniques that heal the subconscious mind through meditation, seeding, affirmation, visualization and many more elements.
  • If you have done Reiki second degree, you can use the Reiki Symbols to get guidance, get help in making your thinking better, heal physical job stress and make you a better, healthier and more focused person. These techniques begin to work and the universal forces start changing all aspects of your life and people around you. Reiki guides you towards your goal and you start to get closes to achieve them with the passing of each day, and ultimately you get your dream job.
  • If you have not learnt Reiki you should definitely learn Reiki because you can use it for many other things besides finding a job. 
  • While you are learning Reiki or if you don't plan to learn Reiki, you can take Reiki distance healing for find a better job. The healing certainly works for the highest good. People start feeling positive changes in their life and the positive energy around you increases day by day as you get closer to your goals.
With the consistent application of Reiki any outcome you want for yourself and your life becomes possible. Read my other articles to find out how Reiki can help you in other areas of life. You will get the best job you are capable of. Be open to miracles. Many times the way Reiki works can surprise you.

Please do share your thoughts and experiences. If you have any questions please feel free to mention them in the comments section below or feel free to email me or WhatsApp me on (+91)-9820850475.


+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center

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