Tuesday 6 April 2021

Spiritual Courses by Zennii Adesara

Spiritual Courses by Zennii Adesara

I'm happy to share that after a break Reiki Master Zennii Adesara has started conducting spiritual courses on Reiki and tarot card reading in Gandhidham, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. She is also conducting these courses online.

Reiki Courses in  in Gandhidham / Online

The word ‘REI’ – means God's wisdom or higher power and ‘KI’ means life force energy. Thus, REIKI is a spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique which helps us to heal at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is healing through universal energy. It helps in stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes healing at all levels. It helps us to balance our main 7 energy centres known as ‘7 Chakras’. When they are balanced, we invite health, happiness and abundance into our lives. 

Reiki Level 1

In Reiki 1st degree you learn to heal yourself and others by ‘laying on’ hands. In Reiki Level one you will: - Learn about Reiki and it's history.  You will get attunement and after that you can start practicing Reiki. Learn to practice Reiki on yourself and others. Get certificate for completion and manual for reference. 

Benefits of Reiki Level 1

You can heal yourself and others. It promotes self-healing. You will feel refreshed after practicing daily. Your 7 chakras will start healing and balancing thus inviting more miracles into life. You can be free of stress by practicing daily. Your aura will start getting cleansed daily thus removing negative energies from your life.  You will feel more relaxed and more positive in life. Your body learns to heal itself. The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.

Reiki Level 2

In Reiki 2nd degree, you learn to heal yourself and others with the help of Reiki Symbols which are helpful for boosting your energy.   In Reiki Level 2 you will: - Learn to heal yourself and others at a physical, emotional and mental Level. Get attunement for practicing Reiki with Symbols. Get certificate for completion of 2nd level and get manual for reference. Learn to practice Reiki with the help of symbols. Learn to heal others from distance.

Benefits of Reiki 2nd Level

After learning 2nd degree, you can heal yourself and others at an emotional and mental  level. You can give distance healing to your loved ones and pets as well. You can heal situations and relationships also. Healing with the help of symbols increases the power of the energy. You can heal anxiety, depression and other emotional and mental problems Your chakras get more healed and balanced as they are charged with symbols. Invite miracles and many more benefits into your life through Reiki. Heal past events so that you can release them which are no longer required.   The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.

Reiki Level 3

In l Reiki evel 3 you learn more symbols which helps you heal yourself and others at holistic level. The healing is done at soul level.   In Reiki level 3 you will: - Enhance your spiritual development as you will be able to heal at all levels.  Learn to heal even your past life karma. You can choose to become a Reiki Healer professionally. Become more aligned with your life purpose. Get attuned with symbols which will boost the energy and learn to heal yourself and others.

Reiki 3rd Degree benefits

It will be more helpful for your spiritual development as you can give healing at all levels. You can also give healing to your past life karma. The reiki practitioner experiences more love, joy and positivity into one’s life. Bring more harmony and miracles into your life. Reiki helps you get aligned with your higher self. You can heal others also at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. You can give healing to situations and relationships. The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.            

Tarot Beginner’s Course Online

Learn to use tarot cards for your own guidance and your loved ones. Do you often feel you predicted something and the same thing happened? Have you completely learned to trust your intuition? Do you know when you meditate daily you can be more aligned with your intuition.   

In this course I will teach you: 

  • To Meditate and connect more with your intuition. 
  • Basic meaning of all cards 78 cards. 
  • How to do you reading with 2 Cards and 3 Cards Spread 
  • How to understand Yes/No answer from Cards. 
  • How to Cleanse your Cards. 

Time Duration 1 Hour 4 – 5 Days   

Once you start connecting daily with your intuition Tarot Reading will be easier for you. 

You can also Become a Professional Tarot Reader after learning Basic Course. 

So, Schedule for Beginner’s Course Now. Original Price Rs.8888 Offer Price Rs.4444. The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.  

Contact Zennii Adesara: 9998527120