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How to Use Reiki to Get Married

4 Ways to Use Reiki to Get Married

Love is one of the most profound of all human experiences. Marriage is the fulfillment of real love and the commitment to be together forever. Today I will tell you how to use Reiki for marriage. I will also share a testimonial from a student who used Reiki to get married.

Reiki can clear all the obstacles in the way to your marriage and help you lead a pleasant and happy married life together. The power of true love and the divine power of Reiki can make anything possible.

There are five simple ways in which Reiki can be adopted to lead a successful married life and ultimately a successful, pleasant and beautiful family life with your beloved.

4 beautiful ways to make your marriage successful

  • Regular self healing with Reiki
It is the most simplest and vital way to make your marriage successful. Although some people who are attuned to Reiki they do not practice self healing regularly. Regular Reiki self healing cleans your energies and keeps it clear. Also it heals all the personal baggage, which obstructs your path to successful marriage.The self healing also allows the new energies to enter into you and keep your path clear for the marriage.

  • Use of Reiki Symbols for happy marriage
There are ways in which Reiki symbols can be used to make your love stronger and to clear he barriers on the way of marriage. Reiki second degree practitioners can use the Reiki symbols.

  1. Reiki symbols can be used to bring unity in both families so that all members agree for the marriage. 
  2. Reiki can make a bond stronger between the couple and and all family members. 
  3. Reiki helps the couple to get social acceptance for marriage.
  4. Sei he ki symbol can be used to strengthen the bond between the couples and the family members
  5. HSZSN Reiki symbol can be used to help you to find the perfect match for you and guide you each step forward and also overcome all difficulties that come on the way.

  • Reiki charged crystals
An experienced Reiki Master or a Reiki third degree practitioner can recommend and charge crystals for a happy marriage or for someone who wants to get married. These crystals are usually in combination based on the need of the individual.

Based on your date of birth and your goals we give a set of crystals that can help you manifest your marriage or solve the problem in marriage. These Reiki charged crystals will protects you from all negative energies and develop positive energies in your house. It will charge the body and the chakras of the user.

For example, the black stone absorbs the negative energies from the surrounding, the rose quartz spreads love and the crystal tree emits the power of all the planets.

The combination of these unique Reiki charged crystals helps to bring harmony in the relation and helps in love marriage.

Sometimes marriage does not happen due to problems at spiritual level. This can not be solved by a first or second degree practitioner because it needs spiritual level healing which is learned only in the third degree course of Reiki.

  • Reiki Distance healing for marriage:

One can take distance Reiki healing from experienced Reiki Masters to solve problems on the way of marriage and to empower the relationship.

The Reiki energy has the power to make the positive energy to flow among the lovers, which will balance and harmonize the relationship and improve the relation by solving any problems.

Many people want to get married as early as possible and start their new life with their beloved ones but for some reason they are not able to find a partner.

Reiki Testimonial for marriage

There was one student who was looking for a life partner but somehow it was not working out. Once she came to meet me along with her mother. Her mother told me that the girl has given up on her marriage.

I told her not to lose hope and do Reiki regularly. I along with Reiki Grand Master Sudhir Damania started doing distance healing for her. Once in a while she would come and meet us and update us on her Reiki practice. Then one day she came with a box full of sweets and gave us the good news. Watch this video.

The above video is a testimonial of the power of Reiki.

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About Sachin Bangera: He is a Master in Educational and Counseling Psychology. He is a soft skills trainer and a Reiki Grand Master. He has trained and developed more than 15 Reiki Masters in Mumbai, Thane, Dubai and Navi Mumbai. He is a gifted tarot card reader and a Mind Power Trainer.

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Reiki for Inner Peace and Tranquility

Reiki for Inner Peace and Tranquility

We humans have a thirst for truth. Till we find the truth we are satisfied. We are like the river which will not stop until it reaches the ocean.

The Sutra from the Vedas 'Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya' is an expression of this thirst for truth. And it is rightly said that the truth will set you free.

How do we know if we are walking on the right path?

In our spiritual journey, with our day to day Reiki practice when we feel that we are becoming more and more peaceful then we are going in the right direction.

Peace of mind is indication that we are on the right track.

If we are not engaged in any spiritual practice, or we are not regular in our spiritual practice and your mind is disturbed then we are not in the right track.

Peace of mind is a result of certain spiritual activities that you do on a daily basis. This can include your meditation, 7 chakra healing, Reiki self healing, etc.

When we are connected to the Source, the Existence, the Universe you are peaceful and and when you are disconnected with the Universe you are disturbed.

Watch the Webinar conducted on this topic

Peace of mind is nothing to do with the money you have in your account.

Look at spiritually grounded poor people closely. They may be finding it difficult to fulfill their daily needs. Their life may be full of struggle and difficulties. They may be working day and night to fulfill the basic necessities of life, but they are happy.

On the other hand, people who have all the luxuries of life but not spiritually connected find something missing in their life. They may have the latest smartphone, lavish house, big cars, big bank balance but many people feel certain kind of emptiness inside.

Many such rich and famous people realized that even though they are able to accumulate more and more money with the passing of each year, they are not able to fill the emptiness within.

Money is a means to an end.

Money must be earned but to think that money will give us happiness is erroneous thinking. Money is not the end in itself.

Poor people have a difficult life struggle for the basic necessities of life. All the basic necessities of life are taken care of for the rich. But what about the mind?

The mind looks for novelty.

Once our physical needs are met, we want to fulfill the needs of the mind.  We want to experience new things, you want to go to new places, you want to listen to music, etc.

The mind does not like repetition. Mind gets bored with routine. The Mind looks for new kinds of entertainment. People get bored with the kinds of entertainment that they have already experienced. Then seek newer and newer pleasures.

We want to experience states beyond the mind. 

Adventure activities provide such an opportunity to some extent. So people go for bungee jumping, etc. But you cant be bungee jumping all day long. Boredom sets in again.

Then people want to go to the extreme. There are people who have all the riches, who have achieved all their goals one by one and who have experienced all kinds of entertainments. Still their mind is bored and unhappy.

They have tried everything and the only unknown thing for them is death. The mind wants to engage in dangerous games. Games that can be fatal. This is also one of the causes of suicide.

People who are considering suicide should explore the path of spirituality. On this part you have to to kill the ego instead of killing yourself. It is a better option as well as the path to get what they really want - True happiness!

All this because they do not know that they can go beyond the mind and access eternal happiness through meditation. Eternal happiness is not at the mind level.

True peace and happiness is at the spiritual level.

The happiness of the body and mind is transient. Happiness at the spiritual level is eternal and everlasting.

You can access this happiness in deep meditation and Reiki. You can reach this spiritual level only when you transcend the mind with your daily spiritual practice. It is an adventure of inner spaces.

Meditation is a path which leads you to soul level happiness which is eternal and does not depend on your possessions, money, the social status, power and position.

The mind is like a cloud. 

The clouds don't allow you to see the clear sky. With the practice of Reiki, you get a glimpse of your soul. And you start to experience eternal happiness with your regular daily practice.

True happiness comes from within. You have to learn to enter within and access these deeper states of being. Under the guidance of an experience Reiki Master you can learn and practice Reiki for inner peace and tranquility. 

When you start to see the light of Reiki, all fears disappear. 

While practicing Reiki you enter state of timelessness. Just a few minutes of Reiki practice relaxes you so deeply that even hours of sleep is incomparable to it.

People who have regular practice of Reiki start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And they enter into a whole new world which they have never seen before.

Once inner peace enters your life and then even in seemingly disturbing situations the mind is peaceful and calm. You find yourself connected deeply to the source of happiness and bliss every moment of life.

The biggest mistake people make is to search for peace at the mental level. 

Inner Peace and Tranquility can only be attained by going beyond the mind. It is a spiritual experience which can only be obtained at the soul level.

It is beyond understanding. To experience it you just have to follow the instructions your Reiki teacher. You have to do your daily Sadhana or practice every single day. Even if you do not understand the significance or impact of your daily Sadhana on immediate basis you have to enjoy your daily dip into the unknown depths of your consciousness.

Over a long period of time (1 year or so) the impact will be seen. You will start to notice your inner transformation as time passes. It will expand more and more with the passing of each year.

Just like a person who is smoking everyday may not see the impact of smoking until a few years have passed. Similarly, daily Reiki practice has a profound impact on your life but you will only be able to see it's effect after a few years.

The treasure is hidden inside you.

The source of eternal pleasure and happiness is within. In fact it is your true nature. I invite you to walk on this path and learn the 3 basic levels of Reiki; Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden.

In these courses you learn how to walk on this path. The inside journey is different from the outside journey. The Reiki teacher is your guide to help you access this source of inner peace and eternal happiness.

Once or twice in a year I conduct Reiki retreats. This is for Reiki Practitioners who want to explore deeper levels of consciousness. It is also a time to share your experiences and ask questions.

If you are going from New York to London many people can guide you. However, in this inner journey only people who have walked the path can guide you. Reiki Retreats are an excellent opportunity to get more clarity on your inner journey.

The methods of spiritual growth are very easy do. But our ego makes things difficult because the ego finds satisfaction in doing difficult things. We have to learn how to let go of our ego and identity to  access the depths of our consciousness.

Some people who find it difficult to be consistent in the practice of Reiki because subconsciously they consider it to be too simple or easy.

Our ego is not satisfied by doing simple things. 

Our ego finds satisfaction in doing difficult things. But the secret is in doing the simple things over a long period of time.

The simple practice of Reiki self healing over a long period of time can give miraculous results.

Most Reiki practitioner are stuck at the mental level due to lack of proper guidance. Only a few fortunate people have the glimpse of the eternal life. For them Reiki is not a thing to do.

Reiki is a part of their life. They are always connected to the Universe and the entire existence. They are the blessed ones.

Intellectual understanding is not enough. 

You have to experience the depths of your consciousness. The Reiki course has all the exercises which open doors to higher when done under the guidance of a spiritual master. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel and enter the spiritual realm.

Just keep walking on this path. Once you reach the Source, you can keep drinking the water of eternal joy and happiness from this spring source of eternal inner peace, joy and happiness.

Please do share your experience in comments, questions, etc below.

Post by Sachin Bangera

About the Author: Sachin Bangera holds a Masters degree in Psychology and he is a Reiki Grand Master currently based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is originally from Mumbai. He travels frequently to Delhi, Mumbai, London and many other cities to spread the pure teachings of Sensai Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. Nalanda Reiki Center is run by experienced Reiki teachers trained by Sachin Bangera.

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7 Ways to Balance Your Chakras with Reiki

How to balance chakras with Reiki

There are various ways of balancing your chakras with Reiki. Today I will share with you 5 ways in which you can balance your chakras with Reiki. You can use the technique that suits you the most or depending on the time available with you.

What are the Chakras?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word which means wheel and this wheel of energy can also be felt. Many times when Reiki practitioners are doing healing they can feel the hand Chakras moving in a certain direction, clockwise or anticlockwise. Sometimes when we healing somebody, the person will tell you that the crown Chakra is moving in a certain direction or the root chakra is moving. It happens even during Reiki attunement to some people.

Secondly, the Chakra sends energy in all directions to all the organs and glands nearby. Chakras are energy centres in the body. The universal energy of Reiki enter the body through the Sahasrara Chakra and then passes through Vishuddhi Chakra, Anahat Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Swadhisthana Chakra and Moolaadhar Chakra and then passes into the Earth.

While passing through each of the Chakras the Reiki energy energizers all the surrounding glands and organs in the body.

If there is any lack of energy in any of the Chakras the Reiki energy charges that chakra and brings it into balance.

What creates energy imbalance in the body?

Imbalance can be created by  stress or it can be caused by worrying too much or by some kind of irrational fear or even a real fear.

Sometimes our energy can be depleted by being in the company of people who have low or negative energy.

One of the reason we should to our Reiki practice frequently is to be in a positive state of mind most of the time. Your state of mind tells you that your chakras are in a balanced state or not. The moment you have negative thought or emotions of fear, insecurity, et cetera then you can notice that the energy level of the body goes down. If it stays low, it can make the person sick.

Best way to keep your chakras in balance

You can keep your chakras in balance by just reciting the Reiki principles a couple of times a day.

The moment I wake up in the morning I invoke the energy of Reiki and recite the Reiki principles "Just for today I will not be angry, I will not worry, I will be grateful for everything, be kind to everyone and I will do my work honestly."

Many of my students who do the same say that they feel much better during the day when they spend the first few moments of the day in resiting the Reiki principles.

This is a simplest way of chakras balancing and keeping them balance of the day.

The second way of balancing a chakras is by healing all the seven chakras with hands. 

In this you keep your hands on each of the seven chakras and give Reiki to each of the Chakras till the time they get fully charged. You must keep your hands in each of the 7 hand positions as long as you feel the flow of the Reiki. Once the Chakra is charged, it automatically stop and that's where you move on to the next Chakra.

The Third way of balancing a Chakra is by asking another Reiki practitioner to heal your 7 Chakras by hands on healing.

This is often recommended when you are under severe stress. When you are not in a position to heal yourself it is better to approach a Reiki master or a Reiki practitioner who can do a seven chakra healing for you. It will cost you a little bit but a 1 hour healing can go a long way in helping you deal with any stressful situation at home or at work.

Sometimes people go through a stressful phase in life. In such a time it is very important to heal yourself because if your body is in a stretched state for a long time then it can cause digestive problems, aches and pains, and relationship or performance issues as well.

The fourth way of charging and chakras is by crystals. 

One of the simple technique is it keep the 7 chakra crystal set below your bedsheet. There are various ways by which you can do powerful chakra healing with crystals and you can learn these amazing techniques in the Crystal healing workshop. Check out the course schedule or whatsapp me.

The fifth way of balancing a Chakras is by chanting the Mantra of each of the Chakras. 

You have to be in a peaceful state of mind each Mantra slowly in your mind. Mantra has its particular vibrations that open up the Chakra and remove any blockage or stress.

The sixth way to balance chakras. 

If you have considerable practice in Reiki then even with your intention the all your chakras can get balanced. You need to do is invoke Reiki and have that in tension and everything will be done automatically.

The 7th way of charging the chakras is by visualizing the color of the Chakra in a meditative state.

Find the details of the characteristics of each of the seven chakras in this article.

How much time do you need to charge your Chakras?

To be consistent in your practice of Reiki. Some days if you have less time you can do chakra healing in 10 minutes. And sometimes we have more time you can take as long as 30 to 40 minutes.

Best time to do Chakra healing

One of the best time to do chakra healing is the moment you wake up. My students take just 5 minutes to do a quick Reiki bath as soon as they wake up. Here we are just letting the Reiki energy flow through all the chakras and let the intellegent energy of Reiki charge all the Chakras automatically.

After refreshing yourself we can do a proper 7 chakra healing by keeping our hands on each of the Chakras. This can be done anytime during the day as well.

The last chance for doing chakra healing is at night before going to sleep. If you could not find time to do Reiki during the day then you must do your chakra healing before you go to sleep at night. If you fall asleep midway while doing a chakra healing it's fine. The moment you wake up you can continue from the Chakra where you left at night and finish it. Chakra healing will keep your chakras charged and help you enjoy good health.

Benefits of chakra healing

  • Boost to the immune system
  • Energy and Physical health
  • Ali balance emotionally
  • Mentally peaceful
  • Better relationships
  • Good health
  • Creative self expression
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Health and vitality
  • Confidence

When your chakras are in balance you will feel good, relaxed and happy and when they are unbalanced you'll feel tired, depressed and unhappy. During the day if you are in positive state of mind most of the time, you will experience vitality.

When you are not in a positive state of mind immediately do a 5 to 7 minute chakra healing amd balance yourself so that you can bring back the balance state of mind where you feeling good, relax and happy.

You have to be always aware of your state of mind so that you can be in a emotionally positive state.

Our mind, body and emotions are connected. If we are stressed mentally, we will have negative emotions and we will feel tired. Chakra healing releases stress and you will then have positive feelings and your body will be full of energy and vitality.

Your body is your guide

If I am feeling any lack of energy anytime immediately you must do a 7 chakra healing and balance and energize yourself. If you have to do this two or three times a day, just do it. This is the only body you have so take care of it. Our body can tells us what we need to do. We just need to listen to it.

If you are busy, do it daily & more often!

Sometimes people say that I am so busy I did not get time to do Reiki. This should be a warning sign because if you are very busy then you will have lot more stress than normal and very quickly you will be drained out. You will not be able to function properly mentally and emotionally, there can be lot of problems in life. So if you are busy then you must do your Reiki healing everyday.

Balance and harmony is most important in life

If you are mentally an emotionally balanced you can make lot more money then if you are not in balance. Don't be so busy in making money that you lose your balance.

Choose a job, business or profession that allows you to have balance in life and enjoy each day. Be grateful for the gifts that nature has given us and do not worry too much about the past or the future. Just enjoy the present moment.

Heal your chakras that need most attention

When I do a seven chakra healing for someone I can easily identify the chakras which are blocked to a lesser or greater degree. I instantly come to know the problems a person may be having physically, mentally emotionally or in relationships even without asking anything to that person.

Usually after a chakra healing session I recommend the student to focus on 1 or more chakras based on what I experience during chakra healing. Just by following the recommendations people have experience many changes in their life. Hope this has given you some new ideas for chakra healing and balancing.

Please feel free to share your experience in comments below.

Post by Sachin Bangera

About the Author: Sachin Bangera holds a Masters degree in Psychology and he is a Reiki Grand Master based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is originally from Mumbai. He travels frequently to Delhi, Mumbai, London and many other cities to spread the pure teachings of Sensai Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki.

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Benefits of Reiki Third Degree

Benefits of Reiki Third Degree

Sometime back I wrote about the preparation for Reiki third degree attunement and today I am going to share some of the benefits of Reiki third degree course.

Reiki 3rd degree benefits
  • With the Reiki third degree the practitioner since the journey of continuous spiritual growth.
  • With the opening of the higher Chakras the practitioner is now able to access the limitless potential of Reiki.
  • In the third degree the practitioner develops the ability to heal almost all illnesses know to man. 
  • The Reiki practitioner experiences love, joy, peace, happiness, wisdom and abundance in all areas of life.
  • With regular practice of the techniques of Reiki third degree the practitioner feels completely secured in all situations of life.
  • The Reiki practitioner gains an inner confidence that Reiki will do whatever is necessary to him pass through all of life situations effortlessly.
  • The mysteries of the Universe become available to the Reiki practitioner through meditation.
  • New opportunities for personal growth will present itself to you in various ways.
  • Life situations will change and your life will become more meaningful, giving you more satisfaction, peace and joy.
  • You will be able to manifest things in your life with greater amount of ease and grace. 
  • Your intuitive abilities will be heightened. 
  • You will get deeper insights into any subject that you put your mind upon. 
  • You will get divine guidance to improve every aspect of a life.
  • You will be more intuitive and more creative in conducting healing sessions.
  • Your relationships will go to the next level and you will be able to connect to people easily and the right kind of people who will support you in your spiritual progress will enter your life.
  • The universe will be aligned to your life purpose, of which you will have greater awareness and miracles in your life will be dime a dozen.
  • With the practices of third degree of Reiki will enable you to be in a positive, healthy and happy state of mind, most of the time during the day.
  • You will have greater awareness of the consciousness within from which you will operate your life and create your reality.
  • You will be able to solve multiple problems with one solution.
  • After Reiki 3rd degree attunement the Reiki practitioner is on the path to enlightenment. 

Each degree of Reiki comes to us only by the grace of God. And this is especially so for the third degree of Reiki. When we are developed enough from within, we are automatically guided to the next available third degree course of Reiki.

You will also have the opportunity to register in upcoming 3rd degree courses organized by Nalanda Reiki Center at Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. Just will this form and join our Reiki community!

These matters are of experiential nature so it is not enough to conceptually understand this. We have to go through the experience of attunement, exercises and practices of this degree to realize them.

Reiki is unlimited. The truth is much bigger then us. It is impossible to comprehend it in its entirety. But after the third degree attunement of Reiki we get glimpses of the ultimate reality of the supreme truth.

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Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master and Life Coach. He conducts spiritual courses on weekends. He is the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center. The purpose of Nalanda Reiki Center is to train Reiki Master and together spread Reiki all over India in cities like Delhi, Dubai, Ahmedabad, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Kolhapur, Nagpur, etc.

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Uses of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol

Uses of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol in Reiki

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN) is the third symbol attuned to the student by their Reiki Master in Reiki Level 2.  Also Known as 'Distant Healing Symbol' it is pronounced as 'Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.' 

Besides Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen there are 2 other symbols in the second degree of Reiki, namely Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki. The attunements given during Reiki Level 2, have more power and intensity hence, their use multiplies the healing capacities to tackle different situations expeditiously.

The meaning of  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Let us understand what each word of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen means. Hon means 'the source' or 'the beginning'. Sha means 'illuminating dazzling energy'. Ze means 'to walk in the right direction'. Sho means 'an honest goal' and Nen means 'developing a sense of tranquillity and stability to the subconscious mind.'

HSZSN establishes an alignment between the recipient and the source of energy that is being transmitted through the gap created in the atmosphere.

Where and how to use HSZSN symbol

  • Reiki can travel across time and space and with HSZSN distance is no barrier at all. You can send Reiki to your distant friends or relatives abroad, to nature, entire globe and even beyond.
  • Send HSZSN to the past to heal your old wounds and give you strength to move on with life with a positive approach. 
  • If there had been an event in your past, which you wished could have been different, heal it with HSZSN symbol and you'll be surprised how it affects your present positively.
  • Similarly, HSZSN can be sent to future will store Reiki energy so that you can use it when you actually need it in future. Eg. Sending Reiki before giving a talk will help you to be confident and tackle any unexpected questions easily.
  • There are no particular rules as to how exactly should you send or use distant Reiki. It works on your intention and visualization. Visualize the person being cured, visualize him/her being happy and pain-free.
  • You can send Reiki to many people at once during any natural calamity or unfortunate accident. For eg., those who have suffered an earthquake or even those who are traumatized with a bomb blast. You can randomly visualize people being comforted and receiving strength to bear the loss or pain and just focus on your intention to heal them.
  • It is believed that HSZSN also helps in karma healing and has a direct effect on Root chakra and Sacral chakra. 
  • It gives access to life records of the soul, 'Akashik records' and hence one can heal traumas of past lives as well.

Be open while sending distant Reiki healing as it works on the subtle body like on the chakras or aura of the person and works for the highest good. Have patience as the energies may take while to seep in the physical body.
Just by visualizing the Reiki symbols, the user immediately gets connected to this Universal Life force and all negativity is driven away.

There are infinite possibilities when using Reiki symbols, the only limit is your beliefs! When this mesmerizing energy is at work, the results are just astounding and magnificent and incredible.

If you have any questions, please call or whatsapp me on 09820850475.

Sachin Bangera

Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master and Life Coach. He conducts Reiki courses on weekends. He has trained many students in the Master degree of Reiki. They are now together engaged in spreading Reiki in cities like Delhi, Dubai, Ahmedabad, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Kolhapur, Nagpur, etc.