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Spiritual Courses by Zennii Adesara

Spiritual Courses by Zennii Adesara

I'm happy to share that after a break Reiki Master Zennii Adesara has started conducting spiritual courses on Reiki and tarot card reading in Gandhidham, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. She is also conducting these courses online.

Reiki Courses in  in Gandhidham / Online

The word ‘REI’ – means God's wisdom or higher power and ‘KI’ means life force energy. Thus, REIKI is a spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique which helps us to heal at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is healing through universal energy. It helps in stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes healing at all levels. It helps us to balance our main 7 energy centres known as ‘7 Chakras’. When they are balanced, we invite health, happiness and abundance into our lives. 

Reiki Level 1

In Reiki 1st degree you learn to heal yourself and others by ‘laying on’ hands. In Reiki Level one you will: - Learn about Reiki and it's history.  You will get attunement and after that you can start practicing Reiki. Learn to practice Reiki on yourself and others. Get certificate for completion and manual for reference. 

Benefits of Reiki Level 1

You can heal yourself and others. It promotes self-healing. You will feel refreshed after practicing daily. Your 7 chakras will start healing and balancing thus inviting more miracles into life. You can be free of stress by practicing daily. Your aura will start getting cleansed daily thus removing negative energies from your life.  You will feel more relaxed and more positive in life. Your body learns to heal itself. The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.

Reiki Level 2

In Reiki 2nd degree, you learn to heal yourself and others with the help of Reiki Symbols which are helpful for boosting your energy.   In Reiki Level 2 you will: - Learn to heal yourself and others at a physical, emotional and mental Level. Get attunement for practicing Reiki with Symbols. Get certificate for completion of 2nd level and get manual for reference. Learn to practice Reiki with the help of symbols. Learn to heal others from distance.

Benefits of Reiki 2nd Level

After learning 2nd degree, you can heal yourself and others at an emotional and mental  level. You can give distance healing to your loved ones and pets as well. You can heal situations and relationships also. Healing with the help of symbols increases the power of the energy. You can heal anxiety, depression and other emotional and mental problems Your chakras get more healed and balanced as they are charged with symbols. Invite miracles and many more benefits into your life through Reiki. Heal past events so that you can release them which are no longer required.   The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.

Reiki Level 3

In l Reiki evel 3 you learn more symbols which helps you heal yourself and others at holistic level. The healing is done at soul level.   In Reiki level 3 you will: - Enhance your spiritual development as you will be able to heal at all levels.  Learn to heal even your past life karma. You can choose to become a Reiki Healer professionally. Become more aligned with your life purpose. Get attuned with symbols which will boost the energy and learn to heal yourself and others.

Reiki 3rd Degree benefits

It will be more helpful for your spiritual development as you can give healing at all levels. You can also give healing to your past life karma. The reiki practitioner experiences more love, joy and positivity into one’s life. Bring more harmony and miracles into your life. Reiki helps you get aligned with your higher self. You can heal others also at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. You can give healing to situations and relationships. The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.            

Tarot Beginner’s Course Online

Learn to use tarot cards for your own guidance and your loved ones. Do you often feel you predicted something and the same thing happened? Have you completely learned to trust your intuition? Do you know when you meditate daily you can be more aligned with your intuition.   

In this course I will teach you: 

  • To Meditate and connect more with your intuition. 
  • Basic meaning of all cards 78 cards. 
  • How to do you reading with 2 Cards and 3 Cards Spread 
  • How to understand Yes/No answer from Cards. 
  • How to Cleanse your Cards. 

Time Duration 1 Hour 4 – 5 Days   

Once you start connecting daily with your intuition Tarot Reading will be easier for you. 

You can also Become a Professional Tarot Reader after learning Basic Course. 

So, Schedule for Beginner’s Course Now. Original Price Rs.8888 Offer Price Rs.4444. The classes can schedule on 1:1 Basis.  

Contact Zennii Adesara: 9998527120 

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Reiki Principles - How to Practice Gratitude

How I Practice Gratitude

Today I took time to write down some random thoughts on gratitude. What I have realised over the years is that to be happy in life we need to focus on what we have and feel grateful towards all those people and forces that have enabled us to gain all that we have. 

And if someone wants to be always miserable, then they should focus on all that they don't have and keep cursing the people who they think are preventing them from getting the things that they crave. But that's not me anymore!

Gratitude is a feeling that is intimately related with happiness, and fortunately is something that can be cultivated consciously. 

Just try this simple gratitude exercise

  • Everyday when you get up, write down the five good things in your life for which you feel grateful. 
  • Think of all those people and forces that have contributed to enable you to have those things in life. 
  • Write their names consciously. Then bless them. 
  • You can close your eyes and visualise their faces; if they are places, like your school or temple for example, then visualise those objects; and then consciously send your blessings towards them from your heart.

If you do this exercise for some time, you will start to feel happier and happier day by day. Within a few months time you will start glowing with happiness. 

You will also notice that more often than not, good things are happening to you by serendipity. You are becoming luckier! 

This is so because we live in a loving and caring Universe. God is another popular name for our conscious Universe. 

The Universe loves people who are grateful. 

It is one of the greatest secrets of life. Universe itself revealed this great secret to you today through me. You just need to believe it to be true and do as suggested to realize that it is actually true.

Another related secret to happiness is to focus on what you can do about a situation rather than focussing upon all those things about which you can do nothing. 

For example, you can do nothing to eradicate illiteracy completely from the country or the world. But if you want, you can eradicate illiteracy from the life of one poor child by helping him to study by educating him personally and by then funding his subsequent education. 

Focussing upon the world illiteracy would make you feel powerless and miserable, whereas focussing upon the child that you adopted for education would make you feel wonderful and worthy. So, take responsibility for where you can contribute and stop focussing upon things where you feel powerless.

Feeling grateful for what we have, feeling thankful to those who have contributed to us, cultivating our inner power, and giving back to society for the love and support that we ourselves have received is the way to live happily and constructively. 

Such a lifestyle can truly fulfil us with happiness and meaning.


Friday, 9 October 2020

Keeping Your Spiritual GPS On

Understanding GPS &Your Spiritual GPS

I'm sure you know about GPS (Global Positioning System) and use it often to reach your destination using Google Maps. It is a navigation system which is connected to a satellite and confirms our using our phone's position on a specific geographical location. We often reach our destination using the best route with the help of GPS.

Now, in context to our spiritual journey, our Crown chakra acts as our GPS, guiding us to our ultimate destination. When crown chakra is activated and balanced it is connected to the divine source. It acts as a navigating system for our life.

Role of Reiki for balancing Crown Chakra

When we start Reiki, our 1st step is to activate and balance all our chakras. When we begin Reiki healing, our chakras blocks are removed and simultaneously leads to balancing of our chakras. The channel thus gets clearer and you are more open to receiving Reiki, ultimately leading us to inner peace and harmony we are looking for.

When our Crown chakra is activated and balanced, we get into a state of faith & surrender. What is faith? Strong Belief; Complete Trust. 

What is Surrender? It is allowing ourselves to accept the current situation, whatever it may be. It is a feeling where you are ready to face whatever comes in front of you. Just like it is said, “Go with the Flow”. You actually stop controlling the situation and let it happen on its own.

When you surrender and start becoming aware, you will automatically be connected with the divine source and will start receiving messages through dreams, numbers or continuously seeing or hearing the same messages through different sources.

Faith and Surrender

Whenever I find myself in a dilemma, I ask Reiki and God about it and then surrender to the situation. There have been times when I received messages to have faith, numbers appeared which signified that everything is going to be fine.

Sometimes our conditioned human mind and ego stop us from believing in miracles. Eventually, I listen to my guides and completely surrender to the higher power. The result was more than amazing as I let go of the control. 

It’s not that I felt out of control. But it's that I do not have the need to control. It liberated me. Ultimately my heart just wants to surrender.

When your crown chakra is activated you are connected to the source. When you feel connected you are always guided towards your greatest good. It does not mean that you will not face any problems but you will get the courage to accept the uncertainty. 

You will be in surrender mode and accept the situation and face it with a mindset of “this too shall pass”. Once you surrender to your higher power you will be eventually at the right place and at the right time. That feeling of when, where & how fades away.

How I Overcame Anxiety

There was a time when I used to be anxious all the time even for the smallest things. Even during my exams, I used to get so anxious that I would end up not eating anything until I gave the exam. I used to get so nervous that I forgot what I had prepared. But I eventually learned that my anxiety would only create havoc.

I then started meditating before going to my exams which helped me keep faith in myself and the higher power; eventually things started turning out in my favor in every way. I started receiving messages through various channels like dreams, numbers, and feathers. 

"When you are in a receptive state and listen, you will receive the perfect message which will lead you to your highest good."

Thus, when your GPS is connected and on, you will always be guided to the greatest good and be in a more abundant and loving vibration.

How to practice Surrender?

Surrendering is not as easy as it sounds. It's not a one-day job. But you learn by practicing it every day. 
  • To surrender, first we must accept that not everything can be solved by us or not every fight is to be fought on our own. 
  • We can always ask for help from the higher power. But only saying that ‘I SURRENDER’ is not enough. We have to get into that vibration also. 
  • We always have this tendency to solve everything on our own. We always want to control things as per our needs and as per our circumstances. But we don’t know that the divine source knows what’s best for us. 
  • Free will is necessary for the divine to help us. You get when you ask. 
  • Ask divine for guidance and their intervention in any situation you feel you are unable to solve or go through and then wait for your highest good to be delivered to you.
  • Surrendering is also asking for divine to work on your behalf. It works the same way your mobile works. You type the destination you want to reach and your GPS will take you there. 
  • You trust the voice which is asking you to take turns on the road which are unknown. This is also the same. 
  • You will be taken to your destination in the best possible way even though you don’t know the path to your destination.

So always keep your GPS on and take turns according to the guidance received. Sometimes you may face traffic or a bad road but that will also make you a good driver.

About Reiki Master Zeny Adesara
WhatsApp 9998527120

Zeny Adesara is a Reiki Master and a Tarot Card Reader who hails from Gandhidham. A CA inter by profession, her passion for healing and helping individuals propelled her journey into becoming a professional Reiki healer. She has been practising Reiki for over 10 years. 

Reiki Energy has helped her rediscover her true sense of inner harmony and balance and she wishes to help others achieve the same. As a Reiki Master she aspires to empower every individual with the power to heal themselves and bring about a positive change in their lives. 

She also conducts online classes for learning Reiki. You may reach her on whatsapp 9998527120 / Instagram @zeny1122

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Reiki in São Paulo Brazil

Reiki em São Paulo, Brazil

My name is Lucineia, I currently live in São Paulo, Brazil.  I lived 16 years in Europe and in the last few years I worked in Public Relations in Ibiza.

I felt that something was missing in my life. I had a void inside me, until I found my way by Reiki. 

The first message I received in Reiki, was through a vision of a non-human Being.  So I started my search, to try to understand what my mission here ... I continue this endless search... how can I be useful to help the planet ascend ....

Balancing and Evolving with Reiki

Reiki for me was a game changer, where I found myself, I went through a difficult process to let go of who I thought I was, and wake up to my new self.  
It is the meeting of the universal energy that is constantly around us, with the individual energy of each one of us that balances us.  

Because of its capacity to revitalize the human being, Reiki is indicated for several purposes. Reiki is helpful to overcome pain, reducing stress and anxiety, eliminating toxins, promoting emotional and hormonal balance.

Curso de reiki em São Paulo, Brazil

The practice of Reiki has provided me calmness and tranquility. I have helped people in regaining their self-control and overcoming symptoms of mental illnesses such as panic syndrome and depression.

Reiki has also help my clients in strengthening their autoimmune system. These are some of the reasons why Reiki is more in demand in São Paulo, Brazil

Reiki facilitates the flow of divine energy, bringing us closer to what we already are: spiritual beings.

Doing Reiki, whether in consultation or as a practitioner, helps to balance our physical and mental health, as well as our emotions.  We found peace of mind!

Doing Reiki only reminds us of who we really are: immortal beings of light.

How has been your experience with Reiki? Will you share your experiences with me?

Terapia Reiki em São Paulo, Brazil

If you need Reiki treatment in São Paulo, you can get in tough with me. My Instagram is reiki_1408

Reiki Centro Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

My address: Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Those who wish to experience Reiki treatment can contact me! 

My Instagram is reiki_1408

Reiki in São Paulo Brazil

About Lucineia:

Lucineia is a certified Reiki level 3A Practitioner who is doing Reiki treatments in São Paulo, Brazil. She has education from Brazil and worked in a corporate job in Europe. She loves travelling and has travelled to many countries.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Reiki Master from Mumbai - Sujata Ghosh


My Reiki Journey

Namaste! I am Sujata Ghosh. I am grateful to the Universe for giving me the opportunity to share my Reiki journey on this Reiki blog. I am a Reiki Master based in Mumbai. Today I would like to share with you my spiritual journey in Reiki and my story of how I became a Reiki Master in Mumbai.

My association with Reiki started when I was in Nagpur doing my B. Tech in Electronics and staying in a hostel. I came to know about Reiki from a friend from Ranchi. She told me the benefits of Reiki and how it teaches a person to love and accept oneself. 

I am thankful to her as if she would not have shared, I would not have begun this journey probably. This is the reason I share about Reiki with everyone I come across.

After completing my graduation from Nagpur college, when I was 21 years old, I came home in summer and luckily there was a Reiki workshop in the training center at my father’s office in NTPC Korba. 

My Reiki Level 1 Course and benefits I got

I learnt the first degree from Mrs Amita Singh from Jamshedpur. My parents also learned the Reiki first degree course along with me. I practiced Reiki on myself for the first 21 days and felt satisfied and relaxed.

I continued by Reiki practice and could feel a tingling sensation while giving Reiki to myself. Due to my Reiki practice I got many things that I wanted in life. 

  • I successfully completing my management course from XISS Ranchi 
  • I got a corporate job in Bangalore in 2001.
  • Reiki helped me in changing myself as a person. 
  • I was very impulsive, impatient and I used to lose my temper very often. These things started reducing significantly with my daily Reiki practice. 
  • I used to be anxious about my career. Reiki helped me in reducing anxiety to a large extent. 
  • After a year, I got married at the age of 23 and moved to London.

I was blessed with a daughter Shruti, within three years of marriage and life was quite good. We moved back to India, Kolkata by 2007. I used to keep a diary of gratitude and list all the things which I was thankful for. I wanted to do the second level of Reiki but due to life events I could not proceed further.

I kept on writing a wish list and the area where I needed to work on myself. That helped a lot in coping in a new environment of Kolkata.

I was blessed with my son, Shrinjit, and then slowly things again came back to a new normal. And again we had to moved to Mumbai as my husband’s career progressed. My husband, Sudipta, was working with PwC in Data and analytics.

Finally I did my Reiki Level 2

When I came to the commerce capital of India, I was disturbed with the frantic pace of the people in Mumbai. They were so unconscious of their behavior. During this time I did my second degree from Reiki Grandmaster Mrs. Anjani a senior teacher at Nalanda Reiki Center. It was very very soothing for me to be back in touch with Reiki. 

After learning the second degree I started sending Reiki to my parents who were in Kolkata. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and she had to go for chemotherapy. I continued sending her a lot of Reiki and she started to regain her strength both physically and mentally in an year. 

Reiki second degree course helped me in contributing to my mother even though she was away from me. I am so thankful for this I cant explain.

Other accomplishments from Reiki 2

I continued to practice Reiki Second degree techniques for various things. 

  • I started becoming calmer and started accepting myself as well as the people of Mumbai. 
  • I was getting much peaceful sleep every night. 
  • Reiki second degree helped me to changed my perspective of life
  • I started to accept my past failures in Career as I could not grow much in the Corporate world 
  • I started forgiving those who were not nice to me. 
  • I made a list of people who were in my thoughts. I started sending Reiki, asking for forgiveness if I had hurt them unknowingly or forgiving them if they had done or said anything wrong. 
  • I started sending Reiki to my daughter and improved a lot in her academics. 
  • I wrote all my worries and desires on a piece of paper and gave Reiki to the paper. Most of my desires have come true. 
  • We love to travel a lot and so we traveled to a lot of beautiful places with family.
I reminded myself that Reiki is not just for fulfilling the wishes. Reiki is mainly for improving oneself for evolution of our soul.

I started to tell a few of my friends about the benefits of Reiki and how it is helping me to improve myself and my surroundings. I could let go of anxiety for small stuff. My anger had evaporated. I started to thank even the people who were not good to me, for making me realize how much work has to be done on myself. 

With the blessing of Reiki we moved to our own house in Andheri, Mumbai. It is a dream come true for many people to have their own house in Mumbai. My children were both enjoying their school here. I was very grateful for the good things I had attracted in my life and was constantly focused on keeping myself happy.

My Reiki Level 3 Course experience

I was eager to learn the third degree as I wanted to get the maximum benefits from Reiki. I wanted to feel connected with the universe too. Learning the third degree of Reiki was quite satisfying for me. I could feel slight sensation on my head, while I was getting attuned by my Reiki Grandmaster Mrs. Anjani from Nalanda Reiki Center.

I started practicing much more than before. After Reiki third degree course I started attracting more good things in my life. I joined a yoga class here and started attending full moon mediation sessions. My children made a lot of friends here and they were much happier in this new house.

I started expressing gratitude to all my family members, the nature, the Sun, the Moon, the stars and all the living creatures on this planet. I started to give Reiki to my food, clothes, house, plants and especially water. I came to know about water memory and started paying attention to the most vital of the five elements with which we all are made up of. 

I started reading and watching a lot of spiritual stuff to improve my knowledge. I started keeping a journal for noting down my wishes and handed it over to the universe to help me in achieving them or guide me for the best thing to do. 

I was able to manage my emotional ups and downs better. My desire of owning a house here came true. My children were going to school by bus that became a blessing as they not only started to enjoy that but also it taught them to be independent and responsible. Overall it helped me in stabilizing my mind to a large extent.

Becoming a Reiki Master and experience of teaching

It attracted some positive people around me and made me realize the importance of self-realization. I had a feeling that I want to be a Reiki Master and spread Reiki awareness to as many people as possible. I was very motivated for the Reiki Master / Teacher level (3B).

I had a informal discussion with my Teacher and after few days I did my Master Degree in Reiki from Reiki Grandmaster Sachin Bangera, the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center. The experience was unique during Master degree attunement. I could feel the sensation behind my back and on top of my head. It was very relaxing. 

Once I became a certified Usui Reiki Master I started to teach Reiki to my friends who came to know from word of mouth that I teach Reiki. It was very satisfying to pass on the technique and channelizing them to Reiki Energy. I have been working on my self-improvement as well as those surrounding me.

I have also taught Reiki to students. After teaching Reiki to a few college students I felt very satisfied. I was myself feeling very calm and in tune with the universe while giving attunement.

My Ongoing Spiritual Journey Ahead

I am working on myself on how to deal with various people without getting affected and also to minimize social comparisons, especially on social media on our lives. I committed for my daughter’s bright future and I am constantly focusing on only the good things in life. 

I am thankful to the materialistic place like Mumbai for making me more and more inclined towards Reiki. The negativity of the place pushed me to go deeper within me and it has been a wonderful journey since then.

I regularly do meditation now and watch lots of spiritual videos by Sadhguru and Sister Shivani. I give Reiki to my food, while cooking and eating and serving, to water, while drinking or giving others or storing and things that I touch and sit upon. 

Whenever things are not going right or there is disturbance in the atmosphere, I give Reiki to all the corners of my home and ceiling too. I regularly read books on self improvement like parenting, inner engineering, power of subconscious mind, etc. 

I maintain a journal of happy memories and savoir the reminiscence of travel. I play some relaxing music while cooking. I try to focus on myself rather than trying to change the surroundings or the people around me. 

I am working towards being calm and stable in all situations. I have realized that this whole experience of life is slowly morphing me into a more conscious being.

I am now residing in Oberoi Splendor complex in Andheri East, Mumbai. 

My contact details:

  • WhatsApp Number 9867422003
  • Mail id sujatasudipta1@gmail.com   
  • Instagram id sujataghoshreiki

Those who wish to learn Reiki can contact me!

Reiki Master Sujata Ghosh

About Reiki Master Sujata Ghosh:

Sujata Ghosh holds a B Tech Degree in Electronics. She is a certified Reiki Master who is teaching Reiki in Mumbai. She has also completed her management course from XISS Ranchi and worked in a corporate job in Bangalore. She loves travelling and has travelled to many countries with her family.