Wednesday 26 April 2023

Reiki Distance Healing for Animals

Reiki Distance Healing for Animals

On 6th May 2022 I got a WhatsApp message from a young woman named Sarah from Texas, USA. She had a beloved cat named Luna. 

Luna had been sick for several days, and despite several trips to the vet and various medications, she wasn't getting any better. Sarah was feeling helpless and worried about her furry friend whom she loved dearly.

She had experienced Reiki before so she her friend who was a Reiki Practitioner if she knows any Reiki distance healer. Her friend told her “my teacher Sachin Bangera is a renowned expert in Reiki distance healing”. 

In this way Sarah came to know about me. Sarah had heard about Reiki before and had also experienced benefits of Reiki healing when she had sinus problem. So she decided to start Reiki long distance healing and see if Reiki could help Luna.

As you know I am a Reiki Grand Master based in Mumbai and I have been practicing for many years. I have helped many people and animals to heal using the power of Reiki distance healing. So I was happy to help Sarah and Luna and scheduled a distance healing session every morning and evening for the next 21 days.

Before the Reiki distance healing session, I asked Sarah to share a photo and some basic details about Luna's condition and then started sending the Reiki energy to Luna. 

I could feel the energy blockages in Luna's body, which were causing the illness. I worked to remove these blockages and continued to channel the Reiki healing energy into Luna.

After the session, Sarah noticed a remarkable change in Luna's condition. In just 3 days her cat was more active, eating well, and seemed to be in better spirits. 

Over the next few days, Luna continued to improve, and Sarah knew that Sachin's Reiki distance healing had played a crucial role in her cat's recovery in less than a month..

Reiki distance healing is a form of energy healing that can be done remotely. A trained practitioner, uses the Universal energy of Reiki to balance and align the energy of the person or animal receiving the healing. This can help to release blockages and promote healing in the body and mind.

The benefits of Reiki distance healing include reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, promoting relaxation, boosting the immune system, and aiding in physical and emotional healing. 

Reiki can also be used to treat a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

In Sarah's case, Reiki distance healing had helped to heal her beloved cat, Luna. Sarah was grateful for her friend who recommended me for Reiki healing. 

She told me “Sachin, your expertise in Reiki is truly a blessing, and I would recommend you to anyone who needed Reiki healing for animals near me, the way my friend did.” 

Those were her kind words. In my heart I know that I am just a Reiki channel. It is the Reiki energy that heals us! 

I think anyone can learn Reiki and do Reiki for animals. You don’t have to be an animal Reiki practitioner to give Reiki healing for cats and dogs you own. 

If you know the original Usui Reiki, you can do Reiki on humans and pets. Only if you have not learnt Reiki then you have to take the help of someone who does animal Reiki healing like me. 

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About the author:

Sachin Bangera


Sachin Bangera is one of the seniormost Reiki Grandmasters in Mumbai. He is the founder of Nalanda Wellness and has inspired thousands of people in activating their natural healing abilities with the help of Reiki. 

He and his team of teachers who teach Reiki online and offline in more than 40 countries of the world. He travels extensively and conducts Meditation Retreats in many beautiful locations.

You can connect with him on WhatsApp on +91-9820850475

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