Monday 2 September 2013

Reiki Healing After Surgery Speeds Up Recovery

Reiki healing goes a long way in reducing pain and accelerating healing post surgery. 

Post surgery, it is normal for people to experience some pain. The reason #Reiki is gaining so much acceptance is because it is an effective way to reduce pain and heal faster. From the very first Reiki session there is a noticeable relief from pain and increase in inner strength.

Reiki After Surgery

Recently an elderly gentleman came to our Reiki center in Ahmedabad to learn Reiki. He had gone through hip replacement surgery. During the practice session I did healing to his left leg.

After 15 minutes of healing I told to walk the see the difference. He has so happy because he could walk more freely. His flexibility had also improved.

Many people feel as though the pain has reduced by 50% or more after 1 or 2 Reiki healing sessions. You have to witness the joy and peace on their face after a couple of sessions. This is what gives me satisfaction and the energy to keep doing Reiki healing.

It sounds miraculous, but the fact is that Reiki restores the natural state of health and energy in any person. Reiki energy reaches where it is need the most and helps the body in healing itself faster.

Reiki also improves the persons mental state. The results are amazing even when distance healing is given for improving relationships or feelings of depression, etc.

Reiki for Healing Surgery

As soon as the Reiki treatment starts the person who is in pain starts experiencing a soothing sensation. Its a kind of subtle, relaxing vibration of health and well-being.

People who have experienced Reiki know how good it feels. Eventually they end up learning Reiki. I encourage everyone to learn Reiki because if each person can take responsibility of their own health and also contribute to others, this planet can be a much better place! Isn't it?

My mission is to have as many people as possible to learn this simple and cost effective technique of Reiki. There is a wide spread acceptance of the fact that Reiki has a balancing effect on the heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, etc.

Any person who is sick or has had a surgery can get back to normal life faster with Reiki healing. That is the reason that hospitals are incorporating Reiki is some form or the other for the benefit of patients.

Many times Doctors and other medical professionals attend my Reiki workshops in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and other cities because they find it useful in healing their clients.

Some Success Stories

Once a Doctor had an auto immune disease due to which he could not walk properly. He was so surprised after the Reiki healing session because the pain had almost disappeared. Now he recommends his patients who have any kind of pain to try Reiki healing.

  • Note: We should always provide Reiki treatment after explaining what Reiki is (Reiki is a spiritual energy of the Universe)

I recommend that everyone in the family should learn Reiki. The benefit of this is that when one family member is in need, others can give Reiki treatment and help them get into balance faster.

Second success story is from a girl from Australia. Delissa learned Reiki level 1, 2 and 3 online in 2015. After her Reiki 1 course she could help a friend who had back pain in just 3 sessions.

After her Reiki level 2 course she could help her sister heal her wounds from a minor surgery. She was giving her 2 sessions a day for about 4-5 days.

If the person in pain gets more Reiki healing & more frequently, he/she will feel better and he/she will recover faster to normal healthy state.

Reiki healing before Surgery makes it even more effective.

If the person undergoing surgery is given Reiki prior to surgery, the person will feel more balanced, positive and relaxed during surgery.

Secondly, when there are more Reiki healers around the person undergoing surgery, doing in person or distance Reiki healing, he or she will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Reiki treatment can go on while the surgery is taking place using Reiki distance healing techniques. Then as soon as surgery is over more hands on Reiki can be given at regular intervals.

Another benefit of Reiki distance healing is that it can be given to the entire team of people involved in the treatment.We can intend that the medical team is divinely guided and the person gets the best treatment possible for quick recovery.

I have done Reiki distance healing for successful surgeries and operations for my clients as well as for family members with very good results.

Benefit of Reiki Healing After Surgery

Many times when Reiki treatment is done after surgery the person can wake up feeling much less pain and will need less pain killers as the Reiki healing continues.

Many Doctors and Nurses are aware of Reiki and they know that Reiki helps in recovery and they can see the improvements on the monitors as compared with people who are not getting Reiki treatment.

There are many Scientific validations on the Internet for Reiki healing, but when people experience it for themselves, their confidence in Reiki increases even more.

Reiki seems magical but it is the natural Universal five force energy that is flowing through people who have cleaned and attuned their chakras. They have allowed themselves to be a channel of Reiki Energy for healing anyone who needs healing.

If you ever get a chance to help someone by giving them Reiki before, during or after surgery to anyone, you can see for yourself how fast people recover to their healthy state with Reiki healing.

If you have had such an experience please share it will all of us by writing a comment below. It will help many people.

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Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master based in Mumbai, India. He travels to various cities in India and abroad for teaching Reiki. He has conducted online Reiki courses for students from more than 25 countries.

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