Saturday 28 September 2013

Reiki for Good Sleep

How to Use Reiki for Better Sleep?

As you know, Reiki can be used for a variety of purposes. This includes using Reiki for good sleep at night. In fact, many people feel sleepy while doing Reiki self treatment. Most people even when someone is giving Reiki treatment to them. In this observation lies the secret of getting good sleep, isn't it?

You enter a deeper level of the mind as soon as Reiki energy starts flowing through you. For this reason I recommend my students to do the morning Reiki self treatment in a sitting position. Even at any other time of the day you should do Reiki while sitting on a chair or on yoga mat.

At night you can do Reiki while you are on the bed. You many not be able to complete all the Reiki hand positions. You may fall asleep in the middle of your Reiki self treatment. That's absolutely fine!

If you didn't fell asleep after completing the self treatment just relax! Just continue relaxing in the most comfortable hand position and continue to give Reiki. If you have problem with sleep it will take a few sessions for your body and mind to learn to fall asleep wile Reiki is turned on in sleeping position.

Healing the underlying cause of Insomia

Once Catherine a Reiki fan from England contacted me for Reiki distance healing. She was having disturbed sleep since many days. She had tried Reiki earlier so she trusted that Reiki will work again. As we progressed with the healing she was getting better sleep. In our interactions I discovered that the root cause of the problem for her job situation.

I realized that she is going to need the healing till she gets a better job. But finding a new job was going to take time. So I suggested her to learn Reiki so that she can heal herself and also use Reiki for her other goals.  I assured her that I will be available to guide her always. I also told her that I will do distance healing if at any point she feels that she can not handle the situation by herself. I tried to empower her in this way.

After learning Reiki she was not only able to help herself sleep better but over the next 6 months she got a much better job and her life situations had changed a lot for the better. She could just fall asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

With practice your mind learns to fall asleep as soon as you start your Reiki self treatment on bed. When this starts to happen you might miss out on your night self treatment if you are unable to do it in the morning.

If you are doing Reiki for personal or spiritual growth you might want to complete your self treatment in sitting position and then continue giving Reiki in sleeping position till you fall asleep. This brings us to another question:

Is it OK to fall asleep during Reiki?

First of all as I said earlier, it is normal to fall asleep during Reiki especially when you are in sleeping position on your bed.

  • If you are doing Reiki for self growth then you must do Reiki in sitting position in the morning and your night Reiki session is a bonus.
  • If you don't get time in morning or during the day, you can do Reiki in sitting position at night so that you do not fall asleep. You might feel sleepy but its unlikely you will enter deep sleep in sitting position. Once you complete your daily sadhana (spiritual practice) you can go to sleep.
  • If you are doing Reiki for good sleep then you can do Reiki in sleeping position and fall asleep while doing Reiki. This sleep will be deep and relaxing.

Another Success Story from Ohio

Marilyn is one of my student who did my Mudra therapy course online. After completing the course she sent me an email to share with me the problem of insomnia. She was finding it difficult to fall asleep and she had tried many things to solve this problem.

She tried to keep personal busy during the day so that she could have a good sleep at night. She had started a business from home to achieve this goal. The cause of the problem was depression and keeping herself busy was helping her a lot. But she felt that there was scope for improvement. She was feeling tired exhausted and irritable during the day because of lack of restful sleep.

After she started her journey in Reiki she started to see her life from a different perspective. She started to feel more balanced calm and peaceful within. She was giving Reiki to the third eye chakra everyday for 15 minutes in the morning and before going to sleep. After three months she shared with me that her sleep patterns has changed dramatically.

Some people experience a shortening of their sleep time when they start doing Reiki regularly. This is because the body relaxes deeply during Reiki so you need less sleep to feel refreshed and energized.

This is good news for people who want to do more in life as it gives them more time to accomplish their goals or to progress further on the spiritual path by spending the time available in doing more sadhana.

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About the Author: +Sachin Bangera

Sachin holds a Masters degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology. He is a certified Master Coach, a Reiki Master and an expert Reiki distance healer. He is committed to spreading Reiki and create health, wealth and happiness for everyone he comes in contact with. His mission is to spread Reiki to 1 million people each year through his blog, workshops and team of Reiki Teachers.

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