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Uses of Dai Ko Myo in Reiki Healing

Uses of Dai Ko Myo in Reiki Healing

Dai Ko Myo is the fourth Reiki symbol to which you are attuned during the 3rd Degree of Reiki also known as Reiki Level 3A. It is also known as the "Master" symbol. Lets look at the uses of Dai Ko Myo in Reiki Healing.

Dai Ko Myo is a powerful symbol. It is said that Dai Ko Myo has the power of all the symbols of Reiki level 2, Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Why Dai Ko Myo is so powerful?

Because Dai Ko Myo heals you at the Spiritual level. Spiritual level is the highest level. We are spiritual beings, isn't it? So with its immense vibrational frequency, Dai Ko Myo enhances the healing of the soul.

When you are healed at the soul or spiritual level, there are positive effects at the mental and physical levels as well. So when you do spiritual level healing many other problems get solved.

Let me share with you one case study...

Some months back Sharvari approached me for Reiki distance healing for getting a job. After talking to her over the phone, I had understood that she needs healing at spiritual level.

I could see that job was her main priority. But other than that she had other goals. She wanted to get married. Get rid of a person who was troubling her in the neighborhood. Spend more time with her parents.

I told her to WhatsApp me the outcomes she wanted from the healing. Specifically, I told her to mention the kind of job she was looking for. In addition to that, I told her to mention her other goals in life.

As the healing progressed, day by day she was feeling more in charge. She got a new job in her home town so she could give more time to family. The migraine headache which she had not even mentioned to me, disappeared! In the second month she found her soul mate. 

So many things got solved which the spiritual healing she received.

The Meaning of Dai Ko Myo

Dai means great, Ko means glossy and Myo means bright light. Thus, Dai Ko Myo means 'Great Shining Light' or 'Great Enlightenment.'

Whatever we have gone through in the past or whatever we are going through in present, is the result of our karma. Since the effects of karma comes at various stages of life.

  • Some results come when you are young
  • Some results come after you get married 
  • Some results come after you have children. 
 So it is better if a person is attuned to Reiki level 3 as early in life as possible.
Using Dai Ko Myo along with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen you can help heal the karma at the soul level. This brings many positive change in the life of the 3rd degree practitioner of Reiki.

Dai Ko Myo increases the energy flow through the body and therefore it is a great immune energizer. It increases your immunity and helps to keep diseases at bay.

Dai Ko Myo almost works like a 'Homeopathic medicine' which removes the disease from the roots, without any side effects. It works at a subtle spiritual level, clearing the aura and chakras from all the blockages.

In the 3rd degree of Reiki we realize our divinity and our connection to everything and who we really are! It brings us on the correct path and closer to our purpose of life.

Dai Ko Myo strengthens the psychic and intuitive powers of the Reiki practitioner.

When we use Dai Ko Myo during Reiki healing, it brings greater and more positive outcomes. Dai Ko Myo is very effective for healing couple relationships and maintaining harmony in your family.

Dai Ko Myo can draw away negative energies from your home, workplace and from yourself too. Draw it on your chakras or on your family and friends to keep them safe.

How to charge your crystals with Dai Ko Myo

First take the crystal / stone in your left hand, cover it with your right hand and invoke Reiki. Draw Dai Ko Myo with your third eye and repeat Dai Ko Myo in your mind thrice.

Pray in mind 'all the negativity form this crystal has been removed and now I charge it for ______ (anything you are charging it for health, wealth happiness etc.)'.

Use it on the medications to reduce or nullify their side effects.

Reiki level 3

How to use Dai Ko Myo in emergency

Some situations require instant energy. For Eg.if you see an animal injured on the road while you are traveling, just imagine or say or draw  Dai Ko Myo and simply say 'Let it be healed and be pain-free.' It is not compulsory to elaborate as Reiki works for the highest good.

When you read about any calamity in the newspaper, just close your eyes, wave the magic wand (your hand) and say the incantation 'Dai Ko Myo' and make a wish. Reiki will understand your intention and then you just allow the Reiki magic to happen.

It may occur in infinite ways... maybe those struck by the disaster will get help in some unknown ways, maybe their pain reduces or something which we cannot even imagine, because the universe has boundless energies to offer!

Dai Ko Myo is used by Reiki Masters to attune symbols in their students. It enters through the crown chakra during the Reiki attunement. It reconnects us to the divinity which is undoubtedly present in all of us, which connects us to God.

Hence this symbol gives us immense powers which we can use not only for ourselves but for others and the world at large. Those who are attuned to the 3rd degree of Reiki are able to manifest whatever they want faster due to their powerful connection to the Universe.

If you have any questions, if you want to be attuned or re-attuned to Dai Ko Myo Symbol please call or WhatsApp me on 09820850475.

Sachin Bangera

Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master and Life Coach. He conducts Reiki courses in Mumbai on weekends. He has trained many students in the Master degree of Reiki. They are now together engaged in spreading Reiki in cities like Delhi, Dubai, Ahmedabad, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Kolhapur, Nagpur, etc. He has conducted Reiki training online for students from more than 25 countries. His online Mudra Therapy course has more that 2300 students from 104 countries.

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