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Healing Fear with Reiki

Healing Fear with Reiki

Reiki is helpful for people who are having some kind of fear. It can be an irrational fear or a fear coming from a feeling that something bad is going to happen or something else.

It can be a fear which is persistent in life or a fear that gets triggered only in certain situations, like the fear of drowning when at the beach.

Reiki is a very effective in overcoming such fears. Sometime back, one student who came to learn Reiki had such a fear. This student had lost a very near and dear one in his family. 

Reiki for irrational Fear of death

After this event he started having a certain kind of fear that something bad is going happen to him. Wherever is goes, he has this fear that something bad will happen. It may be an accident or may be something bad will happen, he feared.

Even when he is watching television and if there is a scene in which somebody dies, again he will have this kind of irrational fear that something similar will happen to him.

He was deeply connected with the deceased family member. After 3-4 sessions he was feeling much better. He could walk without fear and the negative thoughts reduced considerably.  

Reiki healing for fear of getting married

One girl wanted to get married but had a fear of intimacy. During her Reiki 2 she discovered the source of the fear. It was some event in her childhood where her parents had a big fight. She made some conclusions as a child about marital relationships, which stopped her from getting married.

She was also feeling the fear in the Manipur chakra. I did Reiki healing for about 25 minutes and she could feel the fear dissolving and finally it was gone.

Reiki healing for fear of abandonment

One person wanted Reiki healing for fear of abandonment. During the session she could identify that this fear came from an early childhood experience.

Her parents got separated and she was admitted to a boarding school by her mother. Her mother had to take care of her child and also work for her own survival. But as a child she felt abandoned.

It took several weeks of healing and counseling for the pattern to release. Once a week she would join me for a 1 hour healing session. She was not in a state of mind to learn Reiki so continued with the weekly healing session as she could feel the difference.

She was able to release the feeling of fear from her body and also release the negative feelings associated with several events of her life.

Healing fear of rejection with Reiki

One guy had fear of rejection that was blocking his progress in life. He had faced a failure early in his career as a sales person. He started believing that he is not capable. After the first healing session he decided to learn Reiki.

There were many positive shifts in his personality and by the time he completed the 3 basic levels of Reiki he was a confident man. Looking at the changes in him in such a short span of time, several of his friends came to learn Reiki.

So in such situations when someone as fear of some kind Reiki can help.  When people do Reiki self healing and when a Reiki Master give them Reiki energy during a session, Reiki flows through them and they start to feel relaxed. Positive feelings are developed, their chakras are charged and the fear is dissolved.

How to do Reiki to release fear

Reiki is a spiritual healing that dissolves any such fears. Once you learn Reiki you can invoke Reiki anytime and ask Reiki energy to heal of all fears. By doing your 7 chakra healing with Reiki all the fear dissolve gradually. You feel energized and confident.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner you can download this 7 chakra healing guided meditation audio from our Reiki Telegram group and listen to the audio with stereo headphones.

Do this self chakra healing for 21 days. You will start feeling better from day 1 but its better if you do it for 21 days. Sometimes it is wise to take help of experts when you are not able to come out of the problem yourself.

If you want to receive Reiki distance healing, you can get in tough with me. It will be a paid service that will help you overcome your fear completely. We will also do analysis of the root cause and a releasing session if required.

Now lets look at the benefits of Reiki...

Benefits of Reiki for fear and anxiety

  1.  Reiki balances all the chakras
  2.  Reiki energizes the person
  3.  Our 7 major chakras are balanced 
  4. The endocrines system gets balanced and functions properly
  5.  Reiki is a positive energy so it feels very positive when you do Reiki
  6. Your confidence level increases

Reiki is a very positive energy. Reiki makes you feel really positive and confident. Reiki makes you feel good, that's why people from all over the world are practicing Reiki.

Just a few minutes of a Reiki in the morning gives a very wonderful start of the day. Reiki as such can be practiced anytime during the day.

Even if Reiki is done for five minutes you will feel the difference and get immense benefits. Somebody who has such irrational fears must try Reiki healing by an expert Reiki Master.

The fear will subsides and you gain positive energy. All the negative chemicals that are released in the body due to fear will be dissolved. This is the power of  Reiki.

Releasing session and/ or Distance healing

If you are not sure of the source of the fear you can call me for a paid counseling or therapy session. During this session we will find out the root cause of the problem.

We will also release the patterns that are keeping the fear in place. You will get a recording of the session so that you can play again and release the pattern completely.

Along with this releasing session, a 21 day Reiki distance healing session has helped many people in overcoming and getting rid of various fears.

I am fortunate that I was able to help many people in living a normal life, without any kind of irrational fear. This is my passion and a natural ability, you may call it a gift of God if you wish. It gives me great joy and satisfaction.

Feel free to call or WhatsApp me on +91-9820850475

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