Wednesday 2 September 2015

Reiki and Stress Management

Does Reiki relieve stress?

Friends, before I say anything on Reiki and stress, I must admit that am writing a new post on this Reiki blog after a very long time. I have been traveling extensively. Last month I was in Lonavala. Now I am back in my office, finishing some pending work. On this weekend again I'll be busy taking Reiki courses in Mumbai.

The reason I took this topic is because I have noticed, in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc. many students want to know how to reduce stress, besides other benefits of Reiki. It could be because life is hectic in big cities. People are in a mad rush. There is traffic, responsibilities, deadline and what not? Thank god there is Reiki...!

Watch this video.... 

Actually, Reiki and stress management go hand in hand. The moment we 'On' Reiki, Reiki energizes our cells, tissues, muscles and recharges our entire body.

You can feel the effect of Reiki on stress. At times it feel as if hot steam is evaporating from my body. You can feel the nerves relaxing. You can feel the waves of Reiki energy flowing through you like a river. It's a beautiful feeling. That's why I love Reiki.

How does Reiki reduce stress? 

You see, stress is stored on our body and it makes our body stiff. Reiki just washes away the stress by recharging and relaxing our body. That is the reason almost everyone reports feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a Reiki session or Reiki self healing.

You must use Reiki to reduce stress daily. Don't let the stress accumulate. I keep track of how I am feeling thorough the day. The moment I feel stress accumulating, I take a Reiki break. I get connected with Reiki.

How do you know when to start using Reiki for stress relief?

When you start feeling stiff, tired, fatigued or foggy, just do Reiki. When that ease is missing, when you find yourself getting irritated, frustrated or angry. That's the time to take a 5 minute dip in Reiki.

Many students report just after a few days of Reiki practice they they are feeling better, lighter. Just last week one of my student came for the second degree Reiki course, and there was visible difference on her face. She is a Senior Manager in a leading private sector bank.

You can imagine how much pressure she has to manage. But she said she is able to handle everything with more ease and less stress every since her Reiki first degree attunement.

One other thing she mentioned was a miracle she experienced. See, I have worked in a corporate environment and we know there are people waiting to put you down. She had a colleague like that.

After going through Reiki crystal healing course she charged a crystal with Reiki energy for positive energy at work and surprisingly the first person to ask her 'what's that?' was the same guy who was a source of stress and anxiety for her.

She kept her calm and told him 'It's a gift from someone.' Miraculously, after that he stopped troubling her.

Learn Reiki for Stress Management

Now coming back to the topic of Reiki for stress reduction, I must say that you must learn Reiki to reduce stress because stress is a cause of many other diseases.

Now, if you have not learnt Reiki and you still have a question, 'Does Reiki relieve stress?' then I invite you to learn Reiki because unless you swim in Reiki you wont know what it feels like.

Reiki has many benefits, once you learn Reiki, you can use Reiki for stress reduction, healing, meditation, goal achievement, helping someone, etc. The list is endless.

My last word on this topic of Reiki and stress relief. Reiki and stress are both opposites. When you are doing Reiki, stress will go. They can not exist together. Where there is Reiki, there is no stress. So use Reiki to reduce stress and enjoy life.

If you are a Reiki practitioner and if you have used Reiki for stress relief, please share your experience in the comments section below...

If you have any other question or if you want to learn Reiki online on zoom, please feel free to email me or WhatsApp me on 9820850475. 


+Sachin Bangera
Reiki Master / Teacher
Nalanda Reiki Center

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