Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Reiki for Chronic Stomach Pain

Reiki for Stomach Pain

Today I want to share with you a Reiki healing success story. One month back I received a call form a young lady who had learnt Reiki more than 10 years back. She wanted to know if she can use Reiki for chronic stomach pain that she was experiencing since many months.

When she had learned Reiki some years back, she had done her Reiki practice for 21 days. After that she had used Reiki on several occasions with good results. But as time passed her Reiki practice was less frequent.

Then she got busy in her career and there was a long gap in her Reiki practice. She had forgotten almost everything.

What was the cause of her stomach pain?

She was having stomach pain since many months. She was not able to sleep properly. She was also experiencing emotional ups and downs. All this was due to stressful relationships.

She was in depression and she was taking lots of medicine. She felt she was experiencing side effect of these medicines in the form of stomach pain.

There was no doubt that she was facing physical health issues. I told her to continue to consult her doctor and continue to take her medicine as per the Doctor's guidance as it is part of the code of ethics for Reiki Masters.

Please note that the cause of the problem was at the mental and emotional level. The ultimate cause can also be at the spiritual level. So she needed healing at spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. I have had many such Reiki healing experiences so I was confident that Reiki will do its magic.

The solution for stomach pain

I suggested her to do a Reiki refresher course and also take Reiki healing. This will enable her to heal faster. Also when we are receive healing even if its is only once a week, sometimes it works wonders as you are doing nothing other than receiving.

She agreed to it and did the Reiki refresher course. We had a long Reiki healing session as well on the same day.

During the course, she shared how she has gone through many ups and downs in her married life in last five years. That experience had drained her emotionally.

She was fighting with all this on her own. It was all caused due to relationship problems. She was very upset and she was also in mild depression. Fortunately she has learnt Reiki. She was getting benefited by Reiki. So during this session she learnt it all over again and started using Reiki for relationship healing as well.

The Result of Reiki healing

I give Reiki for stomach pain for almost one and half hour. The pain reduced considerably. The next day she sent a message on my WhatsApp that she had a very good sleep that night. It was not a disturbed sleep. It was a good sound sleep. I was happy to see her WhatsApp message to convey this.

Then we created a structure for what to do to come out of this problem. I suggested that she has to do Reiki at least 3 times a day on all the chakras and pain areas in this stomach. She agreed to this diligently. After that course she was practicing Reiki everyday.

During the week she gave Reiki self healing to the solar practice chakra and wherever there was pain in the stomach. A lot of pain got relieved in just a few days. Reiki is very simple, wherever there is pain, give Reiki in that part of the body. After one month she shared with me, that the pain she was having had completely gone!!!

So you can see Reiki has really helped her in coming out of these stomach problem and now fortunately these no pain accordingly to her. It's really wonderful to see how Reiki can help in solving such stomach problem.

So anyone his suffering from stomach problem can take inspiration for these success story and then can also apply Reiki for this. I hope these are will be useful for you.


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher

About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Master / Teacher based in Mumbai. He is the founder of
Nalanda Reiki Center. He travels extensively to spread Reiki to cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dubai, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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